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Holkham Hall Household Account

  • MC 2494
  • Fonds
  • 1655

Lacks heading or title, and may originally have been a section of a larger account. Identified with certainty as relating to Holkham by Christine Hiskey, archivist at Holkham Hall, from the names of Edmund Wise, steward, and other servants.

Coke family; 13th century-21st century; Earl of Leicester

Norfolk County election, addresses, squibs, details of the poll, etc.

MC 3243/72/1 Song: 'Twas in the Land of Dumplings, nd [?1802]
MC 3243/72/2 Song: Britannia's Triumph: in praise of T.W. Coke and referring to recent death of 5th duke of Bedford (1765-1802), nd [1802]
MC 3243/72/3 An appeal to the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of Norfolk in support of Sir Jacob Astley who has been traduced and vilified, nd
MC 3243/72/4a-b Address to the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of Norfolk by T.W. Coke supporting character of Sir Jacob Astley which has been aspersed, nd (2 papers)
MC 3243/72/5 Address to the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of Norfolk by Jacob Henry Astley defending himself against reports reflecting on his private character, nd
MC 3243/72/6-7 Address to the Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of Norfolk by Thomas William Coke, Norwich, 12 July 1802 (2 copies, 1 with date cut off
MC 3243/72/8 Oh, Phaon, listen, and redress her wrongs! Addressed to 'Richard' urging him to take back his wife but not to enter parliament. This is presumably addressed to Sir Jacob Henry Astley who stood for Norfolk in 1802, nd [1802]
MC 3243/72/9 Notice that William Windham will stand for county of Norfolk, Col. Wodehouse having relinquished his pretentions, nd [1802]
MC 3243/72/10 'The Weather-Cock', verses supporting Windham [mentions posible invasion], printed by Stevenson & Matchett, Norwich, single sheet, nd
MC 3243/72/11 Notice to Gentlemen, Clergy, and Freeholders of Norfolk: Mr Windham having withdrawn his pretensions, John Wodehouse offers himself again, Norwich, 11 July 1802
MC 3243/72/12 Verses: A Norfolk Freeholder to a Freeman of Norwich in support of Wodehouse, nd
MC 3243/72/13 Song: 'Tho' Purple fade and Pink should die away, Frappe Forte to Wodehouse, shall endure the day', nd
MC 3243/72/14 Song: The Retreat of Wodehouse, nd
MC 3243/72/15 Norfolk Election, Notice to Freeholders: on the eighth day of this instant July Colonel Wodehouse, by hand bills offered to come forward as a candidate ... On the tenth day of the same month Colonel Wodehouse changes his mind ... On the eleventh day of this month Colonel Woodhouse, regardless of his former resignation offers himself as a candidate ... nd [1802]
MC 3243/72/16-17 Lines: 'By Authority, To be read in all Churches and Chapels'; printed by Payne, Norwich - mocking Wodehouse. 2 copies, one mounted, nd
MC 3243/72/18 Notice by Sir Jacob Astley that he sincerely wishes to afford every freeholder an opportunity to vote, nd
MC 3243/72/19 Notice of state of poll for Coke and Astley, the latter has a majority of 40 votes over Col. Wodehouse, a number which the continued exertions of his Friends may easily overcome, nd
MC 3243/72/20 Notice to Friends of Sir Jacob Astley and Mr Coke to attend poll, nd
MC 3243/72/21-29 Norfolk Election: state of the poll showing votes cast, 14-20 July 1802 (9 papers).
The dominant figure in the county elections was Thomas William Coke of Holkham, a whig with almost unlimited funds. In 1802 he supported as his partner Sir Jacob Astley, defending him against rumours about his marital affairs. They were opposed by Windham and Wodehouse.

Francis Russell; 1765-1802; politician; Woburn, Bedfordshire

Norfolk Election pamphlets, and squibs including material attacking William Henry Coke of Holkham

Coke's influence over elections was gradually resisted and although he was able to keep his seat as county member he was no longer to secure the election of a fellow whig as his partner.
MC 3243/73/1 Song intended to be sung at the presentation of the Norfolk Vase to Thomas William Coke Esq., 23 July 1804
MC 3243/73/2 Song Sung at Lynn, the 23rd of July 1804 being the day appointed by the Norfolk Agriculturists, to demonstrate their gratitude to, and esteem for the most liberal landlord and laudable patron, T. W. Coke Esq., printed by Pigge, Lynn; verso: direction to Mrs Money, Rainham, Norfolk, 23 July 1804
MC 3243/73/3 Proclamation by 'Thomas William [Coke], Perpetual Dictator': printed by Bacon, Cockey Lane, Norwich, c 1806
MC 3243/73/4 Norfolk Election, Resolution at a meeting of the Friends of the Rt Hon W. Windham and T. W. Coke Esq held at the Queen's Head in Holborn, to appoint a Committee to manage their election, so far as relates to votes resident in London, Westminster and Vicinity, printed in Norwich, by Stevenson & Matchett, 1806
MC 3243/73/5 Mr Coke's Influence, Extract from the speech of the late Rt Hon Wm. Windham, on return of that Gentleman with Mr Coke in 1806, printed by Barker, Dereham Barker, c 1806
MC 3243/73/6 'Song. Sons of Norfolk blithe and free, fill your glasses brimmers, Spite of my good lord Castlereagh, Our County sends no Trimmers' [Astley and Coke have naught to fear, etc.] nd
MC 3243/73/7 Poem: To Tommy Tyrannical [i.e. Coke], against the candidature of Roger Le Flatt [Edward Roger Pratt]; printed by John Berry, Bethel Street, nd [1817]
MC 3243/73/8 Poem: Wodehouse and Loyalty, nd [? 1820s]
MC 3243/73/9 Extract from the Standard of Saturday October 16th 1830. 'Mr Coke, of Norfolk is charged with having pronounced the following atrocious and most false libel on the Father of his Present Majesty ... This scandalous offence was not committed in the corner but at the Mayor's Feast, at Lynn, on the 29th ult; printed by Berry, Chettleburgh's Court, 1830
MC 3243/73/10 'The H[o]lk[ha]m Tragedy', Shakespearean skit about losses by T.W. Coke's candidates in 1835 election; printed by Sloman, Great Yarmouth, nd [1835].

Thomas William Coke; 1752-1842; 1st Earl of Leicester, agriculturalist