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Part Soldiers
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Page 102

Apprenticeship: John Springall to John Parsons, grocerApprenticeship: William Miles to James Sayers, marinerApprenticeship: Thomas Little to James Sayers, mariner

Page 103

Apprenticeship: Jonathan Rettee to Henry Cooper, marinerApprenticeship: William Sherwood to John Royall, marinerApprenticeship: John Norfor to John Norfor, ropemakerApprenticeship: Richard Sillis to Samuel Errington

Page 104

Apprenticeship: Thomas Cooke to Robert Lankaster, shipwrightApprenticeship: Matthew Thompson to Joseph Cobb, shipwrightApprenticeship: Samuel Thomas to John Barnby, marinerApprenticeship: John Hawes to Robert Ellys, gardiner

Page 105

Apprenticeship: John Laston to Edward Wilcock, marinerApprenticeship: James Mason to Charles Ingram, sailmakerApprenticeship: Aaron Hall to William Clifton, marinerApprenticeship: Robert Meadows to John Ward, mariner

Page 106

Apprenticeship: William Cornish to John Taylor, marinerApprenticeship: William Peele to John Morris, merchantApprenticeship: John Mauser to Joseph CobbApprenticeship: David Mason to Thomas Martin, merchant

Page 107

Apprenticeship: Henry Goosh to Joseph Baker, pullymakerApprenticeship: Joseph Bemash to Thomas Clifton, marinerApprenticeship: John Settle to Thomas Adkin, merchant

Page 108

Apprenticeship: George Cousons to Samuel Errington, ropemakerApprenticeship: James Wood to John Andrews, merchantApprenticeship: John Browne to William Swan, mariner

Page 109

Apprenticeship: Robert Crafts to Simon Fish, marinerApprenticeship: William Rogers to John Chamberline, marinerApprenticeship: Charles Burrell to William Browne, surgeonApprenticeship: George Lindley to Robert Lankaster, shipwright

Page 110

Apprenticeship: Uriah Hearn to Leonard Taylor, sailmakerApprenticeship: Christopher Cork to Nathaniel Fish, marinerApprenticeship: Robert Riseborow to James Moore, marinerApprenticeship: John Kittredge to William Browne esq.

Page 111

Apprenticeship: John Balls to James Dalling, mastmakerApprenticeship: Samuel Pagett to William Haw, ropemakerApprenticeship: John Springall to William Nicholls, marinerApprenticeship: William Durrant to Samuel Lewis, cordwainerApprenticeship: Thom...

Page 112

Apprenticeship: John Robinson assigned to John Clarke, cooper. Taken over from William Oldman, deceased, started 24 Nov 1737Apprenticeship: Robert Burdett to Barry Love esq.Apprenticeship: William Garth to Thomas Hurry, mariner

Page 113

Apprenticeship: John Oliver to Michael Scott, marinerApprenticeship: Thomas Morris to John Morris, merchantApprenticeship: Godfrey Garney to Thomas Reeve, anchorsmith

Page 114

Apprenticeship: John Crosskill to Jacob Swallows, marinerApprenticeship: William Welsh to John Ives, marinerApprenticeship: Charles Bishop to John Harris, mariner

Page 115

Apprenticeship: William Darby to Nathaniel Symonds, limeburnerApprenticeship: Richard Whiley to Francis Seaman, marinerApprenticeship: Samuel Hitch to James Winn, marinerApprenticeship: John Softley to James Winn, mariner

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