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Apprenticeship: William Cornish to John Taylor, marinerApprenticeship: William Peele to John Morris, merchantApprenticeship: John Mauser to Joseph CobbApprenticeship: David Mason to Thomas Martin, merchant

Page 107

Apprenticeship: Henry Goosh to Joseph Baker, pullymakerApprenticeship: Joseph Bemash to Thomas Clifton, marinerApprenticeship: John Settle to Thomas Adkin, merchant

Page 108

Apprenticeship: George Cousons to Samuel Errington, ropemakerApprenticeship: James Wood to John Andrews, merchantApprenticeship: John Browne to William Swan, mariner

Page 113

Apprenticeship: John Oliver to Michael Scott, marinerApprenticeship: Thomas Morris to John Morris, merchantApprenticeship: Godfrey Garney to Thomas Reeve, anchorsmith

Page 118

Apprenticeship: Samuel Bean to John Barnby, marinerApprenticeship: James Smithson to Isaac Spilman, merchant - accepted in 1742 but only recorded in 1744Apprenticeship: William Jermy to Thomas Manning, joynerApprenticeship: William Godfrey to Matt...

Page 121

Apprenticeship: Samuel Browne to Pacy Goddle, joynerApprenticeship: Boyde to Benjamin Sayers [unfinished entry]Apprenticeship: James Smithson assigned to John Ramey. Assigned from Isaac Spilman, merchant, dated 5 April 1742Apprenticeship: Thomas W...

Page 126

Apprenticeship: Stephen Abbot to William PalmerApprenticeship: Robert Corg to John Fisher, merchantApprenticeship: John Neave to John Burton jnr, joynerApprenticeship: William Steward jnr to Thomas Whitton, brazierApprenticeship: Clayton Love to G...

Page 127

Apprenticeship: James Farrington to Robert Thompson and wifeApprenticeship: John Jones Martin to Samuel Killett, merchantApprenticeship: Francis Linch to Spencer Lane, marinerApprenticeship: Edward Fediman to Benjamin Sayer

Page 134

Apprenticeship: Robert Walker to Charles Le Grys, merchantApprenticeship: Andrew Taylor to Charles Le Grys, merchantApprenticeship: James Albird to Francis SayersApprenticeship: John Austin to John Witchingham, baker

Page 137

Apprenticeship: Thomas Dawson to John Reepe, gentApprenticeship: Thomas Moore to John Barnby, marinerApprenticeship: Thomas Steward to John Cabon and Samuel BallsApprenticeship: John Wilson to Thomas Kett, twinespinnerApprenticeship: Jasper Bartho...

Page 138

Apprenticeship: William Jackson to Thomas Adkin, merchantApprenticeship: Joshua Palmer jnr to John Cabon and Samuel Balls, shipwrightsApprenticeship: Thomas Mialls to William Sayers, marinerApprenticeship: James Dale to Thomas Kett, twinespinnerAp...

Page 139

Apprenticeship: John Reed to Nicholas Clarke, marinerApprenticeship: Robert Wilson to Thomas Hurry jnr, marinerApprenticeship: William Worship to Robert Ferrier, gentApprenticeship: Thomas Watts to John Ives, mariner

Page 143

Apprenticeship: Thomas Richardson to John Wright, cooperApprenticeship: John Bidwhistle to Reynold Barrett, marinerApprenticeship: William Smith to John Ramey, gentApprenticeship: George Augustus Burgess to John Morris, merchant

Page 146

Apprenticeship: Edward Hall to Joseph Cobb, ship carpenterApprenticeship: Simon Bendy to Bracey Taylor, gentApprenticeship: Edward Jex to Samuel Errington and George Errington, ropemakersApprenticeship: William Kinge to Timothy Cooper and Godfrey ...

Page 148

Apprenticeship: Alfred Joseph Plummer to John Fowler, sailmakerApprenticeship: William Fulcher to Matthew Kett, marinerApprenticeship: John Spooner jnr to John Mash, merchantApprenticeship: Arthur Rye to William Browne jnr, merchant

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