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Three bound classbooks for Aviation Cadet Class 44C containing personnel photographs. Some of the photographs are autographed. Frederick Army Airfield, Oklahoma, was officially activated on 23 September 1942 as an advanced training school to train airmen as crew members on aeroplanes including Flying Fortresses, Liberators, Marauders, Mitchells and Havocs.

Auction Sale Particulars/Posters

This is mainly a collection of bidding copies annotated with bidding prices, purchasers' names, memoranda of withdrawal and special conditions. Some however have not been marked up and it is possible that these are merely file copies. The annotated memoranda often include the Fielding's assessment of the market value of the property in code. The code used is as follows:

L=1, M=2, N=3, R=4, A=5, E=6, I=7, O=8, U=9 and Z=O.

Where the particulars include photographs and/or plans this is noted in the list. Many in this collection are in poster or handbill form and some few are merely press-cuttings mounted on postcards recording the results of auctions.

Framed photographs taken by Dr Hugh Welch Diamond, acquired by Thomas Damant Eaton

Includes photographs of mental health patients. Also includes photographs, possibly of Thomas Damant Eaton's sons, Thomas Ray Eaton (1826-1867) and William Ray Eaton (1827-1915), as well as a photograph of the Count de Montizon.

Dr Hugh Welch Diamond; 1809-1886; photographer, pharmacist, asylum superintendent, psychiatrist; Norwich, Norfolk, and Soho, London, and Maidstone, Kent, Surrey, Twickenham, London

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