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Case Record of John Kerrison

Name: John Kerrison; Age: 1859; Gender: Male; Occupation: Labourer; Residence: Warham; Religion: ; Education: ; Martial Status: Married; No. of Children: ; Admission Photo: N; Notes Prior to Admission: : Classification: ; Outcome: Discharged; Photo on Discharge: ; Notes:

Box 40 Slides

Earsham Otter Trust slides
Otter release 1983 R. Blackbourne, Trust pens etc. 1992
Earsham Centre
Early photos Earsham Centre
OT- Otters, release pens
Otters ?Earsham
River Thet release 1984
OT staff/pens 1976, 1982, + Short-clawed otter 1985
Bowes originals: deer,ponies, pens, buildings 1996/97
Visitor centre
Kate and cubs Jun 1978, Apr 1979
Animals and others
1D trained Reindeer, snow, Alan Howard
2D Polecats, Ibex Dec 1985, Common Seal, Stone Curlew, wild Rabbit
3D Lynx, Roe Deer breeding group, Wisent, European Bison, Stork, European Lynx, Red Fox, Scops Owl
4D Glaven (boat
5D Common Dolphin Bay of Biscay Sep 1985
6D Views ?where
7D Sheep pens, Vale Mouse, Oct 98
8D Muntjac Deer, Artic Fox (summer), Common Seal and pup, Red Deer, Chinese Water Deer
9D Mixed slides ? Scotland
10D Pink Feet Geese Holthome? 95
11D Roe Deer kids, Badgers in set, Brown Bear, Island pool, Reindeer, Barbary Ape, European Wolf
12D Polecats
13D Lynx & 3 cubs
14D Single slide of River Farm
Driving Reindeer, Cornwall 1985
Various animals 1 & 2
Deer, Lynx
Dolphin, Cornwall
Barnacle Geese, Mar 99
Deer, Pygmy Goats
Pygmy Goats, Rabbits & Guinea Pig village
Fallow hinds
Trout pool, Reindeer 1959
Model farm 1991
Babay Stone Curlews, hnad-rearing Ibis 1984
Model farm play area
Badgers, Marmots, Night Herons
Large slides of animals

Deposition of Luke Cossey/Cossee in defamation cause against Gilbert Freeman

Abstract: Master Blowfield v. Freemen. Examined 7 May 1663. Robert Blowfield is the rector of Thorpe and Gilbert was a parishioner there. In Assize week at the Castle at Norwich, Freeman was produced as a witness against Blowfield in a trial between the latter and a Mr Adams. After the trail, Blowfield and Freeman exchanged angry words in the castle yard.

Deposition includes: Freeman to Blowfield, '…for the stockes are fitter for you then ye Pulpett.'

Deposition of in tithe cause against Aldred v Hopton

Abstract: Volume includes extracts on this page from the court roll of the Manor of Wenhaston Grange of the abbot. Being the first court of the Revd Father John Goodwyn, Abbot of the Monastery of the BVM of Sibton held 26 March 12 Hen VIII [1521], evidencing the granting by the lord of 20a of meadow in Wenhaston. Also lists homage members.

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