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Autographs and letters of prominent East Anglians, with newspaper cuttings, and biographical sketches about the same.

Lucy Aggs of Norwich
Two letters from Miss Aggs and advertisement for books and portraits including one of Miss Aggs, c 1854.
John Aiken, doctor and writer of Norfolk
Letter to Joseph Cooper Walker enclosing a recent book of Aiken's, 1804, and biographical sketch from the 'Yarmouth Independent', 1922.
Earls of Albemarle
Appointment of proxy by George, 3rd Earl to Charles Rockingham, 1769; two letters of 6th Earl re Norwich Triennial Music Festival, 1856 and 1859, with letter to mayor re withdrawal of troops from Norwich, 1866.
Baron Edward Alderson (1787-1847) judge
Excerpts from two letters, one of 1852, and obituary notices, 1857, 1858.
James Alderson, doctor
Autograph, nd.
Robert Anderson (1826-1831) recorder of Norwich
Letter, 1825, and removal order of Ann Ellis, passed from Norwich St Michael at Thorn to Diss, signed by Alderson, 1817.
John Alexander, minister
Autograph, 1858.
Joseph Ames
Letter from Ames re publication of book, [19th century].
Thomas Amyot FRS, FSA, (1750-1850)
Letters during his secretaryship to the Minister for War and Colonies concerning the appointment of the Deputy Under Master to the British Governemnt in Suriman, 1806, and obituary notices, 1850, 1851.
William Amhurst Tyssen Amherst (1835-1909) High Sheriff
Correspondence re visit of Prince and Princess of Wales to Norwich, 1866.
John Julius Angerstein (1735-1823) merchant and philanthropist
Letter re voting at elections, 1817.
Sir Edward Astley of Melton Constable
Letter re pictures, 1780.
Sir Jacob Astley of Melton Constable (1756-1817)
Letter to Mr Burleigh re estates, 1769, and re Land Commissioners, nd.
Sarah Austin (daughter of John Taylor, founder of the Octagon Chapel)
Letters, ? 1857.
Richard MacKenzie Bacon (1775-1844) proprietor and editor of the 'Norwich Mercury'
Letters from Bacon, 1823-1833, and obituary, 1844.
Richard Noverre Bacon (1798-1884) editor of the 'Norwich Mercury'
Letters from Bacon, 1836-1847, autograph, 1853, newspaper report of Bacon's funeral, 1884, and obituary, 1884.
Sir William Bagge, MP for West Norfolk 1837-1857, 1865-1880.
Business letters, one dated 1871.
Samuel Baker (1821-1893) traveller
Letter from Baker, 1868.
Edward Bankes L.L.B., prebendary of Norwich
Part of letter re his move to Norwich, 1821.
E.H. Barker, classical scholar.
Letters from Barker, 1833-1834.
Professor P. Barlow FRS (1776-1862), mathematician, physicist, optician
Letters to Mr Martin of Norwich re telescope, 1837, and to Mr Stock re thesis on great change in the seasons, 1851.
With pencil sketch of Barlow, nd, and obituary, 1862.
Frederick Henry Barnnett of Bury St Edmunds
Part of letter re Pate family genealogy, 1555-1643, dated 1824.
Edmund Bartell of Swannington
Letter to Roger Kerrison, 1830.
Bernard Barton (1784-1849) poet
Letter from Barton, 1847.
Lord Bayning
Letter from Bayning re Charlotte Wright, made an outpatient of the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, 1848.
Richard Beatniffe (1740-1818) bookseller, topographer
Letter from Beatniffe, 1818.
Sir William Beechey (1753-1839) painter
Autograph, nd, and letters of his son and grandson, both named Vincent, re genealogical enquiries.
Sir Thomas Beevor (?1753-1820) of Hethel
Letter from Beevor, 1799.
Sir Julius Benedict (1804-1885) musician, conductor and composer obituaries and photographs, 1885.
Lord George Bentinck (1802-1848) M.P. for King's Lynn.
Newspaper cuttings re his life and political career, 1846, 1848. Letter from G. Bentinck, MP for West Norfolk, 1857.
Elizabeth Bentley
Autograph album entry, nd.
Sir Edward Berry (1768-1831) Rear-Admiral
Letter, 1815, and newspaper account of his life, nd.
William Bexfield (1824-1853) composer
Letter, post 1835, and programme for 'Israel Restored' by Bexfield, performed at St Andrew's Hall, Norwich, 1851.
Sir Samuel Bignold (1791-1875) Founder of Norwich Insurance Office, later Norwich Union.
Letter, 1841, and printed obituary, 1875.
James Bird (1788-1839) Suffolk poet
Letter, 1827.
Sir Edward Birbeck M.P. (b. 1838)
2 letters, 1879 and 1880, and cuttings re Birbeck's career from The 'Fish Trades Gazette', 1886, and 'Vanity Fair', 1885.
Francis Blaikie (1771-1857) agriculturalist, agent of Coke of Holkham Autograph, nd, and obituary, 1857.
J.H. Blake of Great Yarmouth
Letter, 1880.
Sir John P. Boileau FRS (1794-1869) archeologist
Letter, 1864, and obituary, 1869. With letter of Francis Boileau (John's son), 1892.
General Sir Arthur Borton (1814-1893) Governor of Malta
Copy of entry in 'Dad's Knightage', 1888, with letter of Borton's, 1890, and obituary, 1893.
Charles Boutell (1812-1877) archeologist
3 letters, 1851, 1863.
Dr Robert Brady (d 1700) physician to Charles II and James II
Letter, 1684.
E. Cobham Brewer of Norwich, son of J.S. Brewer, historical writer
Letter, 1848.
Robert Britiffe, MP, Recorder of Norwich, 1737
Letter, 1722.
Sir James Brooke, rajah of Sarawak
Letter to Longe, sent from Labuan, 1850; letter, Longe to Fitch enclosing above letter for Fitch's collection, 1858; report on expedition against headhunters by the rajah in 'The Standard', 1901.
Dr Zachariah Buck (1798-1879) composer, organist at Norwich Cathedral
Letters re Norwich Festival, one 1856, others nd, and newspaper reports of Buck's retirement, 1877, and of his death, 1879.
John Hobart, 2nd Earl of Buckingham (1723-1793) Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland and ambassador to Russia.
Letter, 1783.
John Bulwer of Heydon Hall
Letter enclosing pass list for Classical Tripos at Cambridge University, 1840, with pages from Blomfield's 'Norfolk' including illustrations of monuments to the Bulwer family.
George Burges, rector of Halvergate
Letter, nd.
Henry Burroughes MP (1791-1872)
Letter re withdrawal of the 'Birmingham Bill' from the Commons, 1845.
Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton (1786-1845) philanthropist
Letters, 1828, 1845, and letter from Hannah Buxton, 1829.
Benjamin Bond Cabbell, Sheriff of Norwich, 1854
Letter re Norwich Triennial Music Festival, 1856.
George A. Carthew (1807-1882) Norfolk antiquary
Letter, nd.
Lord Chadworth
Autograph, 1756, and letter, nd.
George Henry Christie of Framingham Manor
Letters, 1880-1881, and newspaper cutting re presentation to Christie on his 70th birthday, 1881.
James Christie, Junior (1773-1831) auctioneer and antiquary
Letter to Seth Stevenson, antiquary, proprietor of the Norfolk Chronicle re his work on the Farce of Aristophanes and the coins of Macedonia, 1828.
Sir Charles M. Clarke, M.D. (1782-1857), physician to Queen Adelaide
Letter, 1830, and biographical sketch, nd.
Dr Samuel Clarke (1684-1750), theological writer and congregational minister.
Letter to Revd Philip Doddridge re demonstration re the effect of electricity, 1746.
Thomas Clarkson
Note, nd.
John Cleveland (1613-1658) cavalier poet
Petition by Cleveland to the Lord Protector during Cleveland's imprisonment in Yarmouth Gaol, [c 1655], printed, nd.
William Cobbett (1762-1835) essayist, politician and agriculturist
Autograph, nd; biographical notes, nd; letter from Susan Cobbett, William's daughter, 1880; copy of the notice of Susan's death in the 'Daily News', 1889.
Richard Cobbold (1797-1877) novelist.
Letter, 1863.
Henry Coke (1827-1916) and Katherine Coke (d 1920)
Letters re participation of Henry in the Norwich Festival, 1863.
Thomas William Coke, Earl of Leicester
Letter, nd.
John William Colenso (1814-1883) Bishop of Batal
Banker's order, 1853; newspaper cutting of letter from Colenso appealing for missionaries for Natal, 1853; biographical sketch printed, [post 1866]; newspaper obituary, [1883].
Jeremiah James Colman (1830-1898)
Letters, 1872, 1875 and portrait print, nd.
Sir Astley Cooper (1768-1841) surgeon
Letters, 1827, 1835.
Charles Cooper of Norwich
Letters, one 1807, one nd.
Henry Cooper (d 1824) of Norwich
Letters, 1815, 1824 and one undated re Emms's case.
John Fletcher Cooper (b 1779) astrologer
Apprenticeship indenture, Thomas son of Thomas Burch and Henry Read, shipsmaster of Great Yarmouth (witnessed by Cooper), 1812; letters of Cooper, 1836, 1843; horoscope of child born 1820, [? 1841]; biographical notes.
Robert Cooper (1800-1836) engraver
Letter re Dr Hunter's sketch, 1837, and biographical sketch, nd.
Clement Corbet L.L.D. (d 1652) Vicar-General of Norwich
Autograph (part of grant of probate), c1625; biographical sketch, [19th century]; watercolour of monument to John and Jane Corbet in Sprowston Church, painted by 'J.L.', 1788.
Miles Corbet (d.1662) regicide
Letter from Corbet, Abraham Burrell, Samuel Luke, Anthony Irby, William Marsham and Edward Rosseter to the Standing Committees for the city and county of Norwich re payment of soldiers, 1646; printed copy of order to execute Charles I including Corbet's signature, nd; printed etching of monument to John and Jane Corbet in Sprowston Church by J.S. Colman, 1815.
Family tree of Marquises of Cornwallis, 1603-1825, from the 'Gentleman's Magazine', 1826. nd.
John Sell Cotman (1782-1842) and John Crome (1768-1821) landscape painters
Letter of Cotman, reporting death of Mrs Miles to her mother, 1832; letter to Johnso enclosing previous letter, 1913; Miles's family tree showing connection with Cotman, [? 1913], letter of introduction by John Crome to J. French of Winso; sketch, nd.
Revd George Crabbe, antiquary
Letters, 1863, 1883.
Revd J. Crompton (d. 1878) nonconformist minister
Newspaper cutting from 'Norwich Chronicle' re testimonial presented to Crompton, 1852, with letters, 1867, 1877.
Revd T. Crompton, curate of Yarmouth
Letter, nd.
John Green Crosse (1790-1850) surgeon to Norfolk and Norwich Hospital
Letter to Governor of the Norwich City Court of Guardians re vaccination of the poor, 1844, with obituaries, 1850.
Dr William Crotch (1775-1847) composer
Letter re fees for 'Palestine', 1828.
J.G. Cullum, Suffolk author
Letter, 1824.
Donald Dalrymple, MP (d 1873)
Letter, nd, and newspaper report of sermon at Dalrymple's funeral, 1873.
H.E. Dawes, painter and engraver
Letters, 1836, 1839.
Elisha De Hague, town clerk of Norwich, 1792-1826
Letter, 1816
R.G. Denny of the Norfolk and Norwich Museum
Letter, 1843.
Sarah Digby, sister of Frances Brooke (1724-1789) authoress
Letter of Sarah, proposing reissue of her sister's works, 1808; printed description of the two sisters by Dr Johnson, nd; biographical sketches about Frances, [late c 19th-c 20th century].
Arthur Richard Wellesley, Marquis of Douro
Letters, 1845, 1852; letter from the 2nd Duke of Wellington recommending Mr Adams as a sculptor and discussing petition, 1852; cutting from the 'Daily Press' re the statue of Wellington by Adams in Norwich, 1902.
John Henry Druery, author
Letters, 1847, 1867.
Maharajah Dhuleep Singh (1838-1893) of Elveden Hall nr Thetford
Letter, 1881; autograph, nd; and newspaper cuttings re the Maharajah, including pictures of the same, 1846, 1856, 1864, 1886, 1893.
Lady Eastlake (née Elizabeth Rigby)
Letters, 1838, 1863; newspaper cutting 'Personal Reminiscence of Lady Eastlake', [late 19th century]; letter of Sir Charles Eastlake, 1859.
Thomas Eaton, photographer
Letter, 1853.
M. Edwards, engraver
Letter, nd.
William Enfield (1741-1797) nonconformist minister and writer
Letter re illustrations to his book and enquiring re publication of a future work, 1782, with four newspaper cuttings re Enfield's life.
Sir John Fenn (1739-1794) antiquary
Letter re research into Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, with comments on the political and military situation in Britain and the economic situation in Norwich, 1793, with three newspaper cuttings re the publication of Fenn's books, c 1787.
William Firth of Crostwick Cottage
Letter to his son, George, 1835, with obituary of Revd Dr Frederick Field, 1885, and photograph of Field's study, 1880.
William R. Fisher of Great Yarmouth
Letter, 1844.
Sir Martin Folkes (1690-1754) antiquary and man of science
Letter from Joseph Daner and Folkes, 1730.
Robert Forby (1759-1825) philologist
Autograph, 1805,
William Foster
Autograph, 1778.
William Freeman (d. 1877) mayor and alderman of Norwich
Letters, 18476, 1869, 1870, 1874; postmarked envelope (no stamp), 1874; Freeman's calling card, nd.
Josiah French, lay vicar of St George's Chapel, Windsor
Letters, 1847, 1850, and obituary from 'The Gentleman's Magazine', 1850.
Sir Henry Bartle Frere (1815-1884) statesman, Chief Commissioner of Scinde, Governor of Bombay
Biographical notes and portrait, c 1867-1877; letters of William Frere, 1818, Revd Temple Frere re inspection of a girls' school, 1830; E. Frere re dispute over land called 'Scotchmere', 1831; J.H. Frere nd, H. Frere at Army Pay Office, Whitehall, [19th century]; obituary of Captain J. Frere R.N., 1864; article on scale of Paston letters, believed to belong to the Frere family, nd.
Thomas Gent of Yarmouth
Letter, 1818.
Revd Richard Gooch (d 1873) Rector of Frostenden, Suffolk
Letter, c 1825, and biographical notes, nd.
Harvey Goodwin D.D. (1818-1891) Bishop of Carlisle
Letters, 1871, 1876; newspaper reports of his death, 1891; obituary and portrait, [c 1891].
Edward Meyrick Goulburn (1818-1879) Dean of Norwich
Autograph, 1849; letters, 1873, 1882-1884; biographical notes.
Augustus, 3rd Duke of Grafton (1735-1811)
Letter addressed to 'your Royal Highness' asking that the author's son be ordered home, 1794, and newspaper report on a fire at Euston Hall, 1902.
Charles Green, author
Letter offering his collection of fossils and antiquities to the Norwich Museum, 1843.
Revd F.L. Green of St Mary's College, Oscott
Letter, 1844.
James Grigor (1818-1848) botanist
Letter from R. Robins re discovery of two rock specimens, forwarded by Grigor to N. Fitch, 1840.

Robert Brady; ? 1627-1700; historian, court physician; Denver, Norfolk, and Caius College, Cambridge, Cambridgshire

MS autobiography of John Secker, a Norfolk sailor, covering the years 1730-1755.

Defective at beginning and 12 leaves cut out at back. Secker was born at Swafield (co. Norfolk) and lived in 1745-1746 in Yarmouth, from where also he frequently sailed. He sailed in a great variety of English and foreign merchant vessels often to Europe but also to North and South America and India. Inc. descriptions and sketches of places visited, glimpse of George II in 1732, refs. to Commodore Anson the circumnavigator and Massa Bell a female dissenting preacher, descriptions of sojourns in prisons at Dunkirk and Lima and chase by the Press-gang in the Yarmouth Rows.

John Secker; 1716-1795; Quaker mariner; Swafield, Norfolk

Copy of two letters re events in India

One from Robert Clive, at Calcutta, to a relative referring to 'the Grand Revolution affected in this part of the world by the forces under my Command' and the other by an unknown person describing battle near Cossimbagar, compensation offered by Jaffer Alley Cawn, and privileges extracted by the East India Company.

Robert Clive; 1725-1774; 1st Baron Clive of Plassey

Correspondence, notes on the family, drafts of addresses to be given, etc.

Letter from Richard Taylor, Norwich, to his son Philip in Nantwich, Cheshire, announcing Dr John Taylor's death, 1761; letter from Margaret Taylor welcoming her new daughter-in-law en route from Ireland, 1774; printed playbill for 'Caractacus' performed by Palgrave School, 1782; list of Mrs Barbauld's pupils (at Palgrave) giving ages and parents' names, 1785; letter from P.M. Taylor describing Palgrave and Mrs Barbauld's schoolhouse where he had been a pupil 68 years before and referring to centenary of Octagon Chapel in Norwich, 1856; address that he intended to give on same occasion; notes on Taylor family history, 1687-1826; 19th-century copy of poem of 1746 by Richard Taylor and hymn sung at opening of Octagon Chapel, Norwich, 1756; and used as a wrapper, a printed translation of a Makrotta Address to Captain Meadows Taylor, deputy commissioner, Darasco District, India, (son of P.M. Taylor of Dublin), 1857.

John Taylor; 1694-1761; unitarian divine; Norwich, Norfolk

In folder labelled 'Plans and Views in India', belonging to Dalling family.

Chart of Rio de Guasacualcos, 1765; printed map of city and environs of Seringapatnam, 1775 (2 copies); plan of River St John's, Nicaragua, from the castle to the harbour by John Campbell, 1780; plan of St John's harbour taken by order of Sir John Dalling, 1780; route of a detachment from Bengal under the command of Col. Thomas Dean Pearse, surveyed by Captain Patrick Douglas, from Midnapore to Madapollam, 1781 (6 maps); plan of lines at Wollut, 1783; a draft of the march of the Southern Army under the command of Col. William Fullarton to reduce forts of Polygautcherry and Coimbator by John Byres, 1783; plan of Madura with projects for its better defence by John Byres 1784; plan of fort and pettah at Arcot, by Daniel Jennings 1784; exploration (Fort Augusta), plans of lines and forts, nd; plan of H.Q. of central cantonment Wallajahbad commanded by Gen. Lt. John Dalling, 1786; route of Anthony Saddler from Mangalore to Cudapanatam on embassy to Nabob Teepu; Sulta route of Col. Humberston's army Calicut to Palacachery; plan of central provinces of the Carnatic showing frontiers, barriers, depots and lines of communication necessary for its defence, nd; printed map of Delhi and its environs, [mid 19th century]; map of Essequito River, nd; plan of new cantonment called Wallajabad, nd; the Leper Corn Island near the Musquito Shore drawn by Lt. Campbell, nd; view of tank at the New Gate in Trichinapoly, nd.

Dalling family; 1440-1987; Norfolk

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