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Bury St Edmunds Abbey charter

An original or contemporary copy of the charter of liberties granted by King Cnut to monks of Bury St Edmunds, c 1021.
The main text is in Latin, followed by the names of the King and the witnesses to the grant. Under the list of witnesses is a condensed translation of the text in Anglo-Saxon.

Harrod reference: Ae 34

Binder's waste removed from Erasmus's 'Paraphrases' when the volume was repaired by V.R. Stockley in 1931

Comprises one page and part of a second page of proofs from William Tyndale's 'The Practice of Prelates', printed by Anthony Scolokes and William Seres, 1548; an end paper containing pen trials, with a strip of parchment attached; and a second separate strip of parchment. Both pieces of parchment were used to attach pages into the binding, but were originally part of a commentary on the Epistles of St Paul, nd [11th century].

Bury St Edmunds Abbey charter

Copy or forgery of a charter of King Hardecnut to the monks of Bury St Edmunds, c.1040.
The style of the document and its handwriting are of the 12th century not the 11th century. Such forgeries became quite common in medieval monastic houses as the value and convenience of documentary proof of rights and privileges came to be recognised.

Harrod reference: Ae 35.

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