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Rolfe Family Papers
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Personal Papers

Edmund Rolfe (1700-1774), 1710-1756; Edmund Rolfe (1738-1817), 1663-1829; Catherine Francis Rolfe (c 1771-1837), 1792-1829; Strickland Charles Edward Neville Rolfe (1789-1852), 1814-1889; Charles Fawcett Neville Rolfe. (1815-1869), 1834-1877; Henry Fawcett Neville Rolfe (1817-1842), 1834-1841; Martha Holt Neville Rolfe (1818-1863), 1837-1878; Eustace Neville Rolfe (1845-1908), Late 18th century-1962; Ernest Neville Rolfe (1847-1909), 1862; Charles William Neville Rolfe (1851-1932), 1877-1888; Amy Neville Rolfe (1868-1964), 1868-1900; Ivy Neville Rolfe (1869-1892), 1889-1891; Robert William Theodore Gunther (1869-1940), 1894-1920; A.E. Gunther, 1903-1985; Arthur Neville-Rolfe, 1915-1918; Books and Publications, 1599-1924; Photographs, 1840-1908; Miscellaneous family papers and genealogical notes, 16th century-1945.

Rolfe Family Papers

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  • 1558-nd [2014]

Personal Papers
Miscellaneous Family Papers and Genealogical Notes
Maps and Plans
Black Family of Heacham

Ingleby family; 1558-nd [2014]; Heacham, Norfolk

Screw bound cover entitled Family Records, C.F. Neville Rolfe.

Map of Heacham with the property of Edmund Rolfe numbered, early 19th century
Copies of the 'General Evening Post' (London), 17-19 Nov. 1785, and 'John Bull', 22 May 1841 with announcements of family marriages; copy of ,The Times', 22 June 1815, including news of the battle of Waterloo; print of Dawson Turner, 1816; drawing of the Kempster Pippin or Blenheim Orange (apple), 1822.
Judges' opinion of statutes in force against conventicles, 1669; directions for convicting persons taken in conventicles (printed), 1682; proclamation for calling a Parliament (printed) and address of the Norfolk Grand Jury to the King, 1688; the 'London Gazette', 27-31 Dec. 1688; 'the King's Reasons (with some Reflections upon them') printed, [1689 or later].
Writ to sheriff to discover what damage William Randall has suffered in an action of debt against Richard Chambers. Parties possibly of Bawburgh, 1706.
Bond to perform covenants. Mary Smith of Littleport, Ely, spinster, and James Marsingill of Wisbech, Ely, merchant, to James Flierden of King's Lynn, merchant, in £2,300, 1720. Signed by Edmund Rolfe, sen. and jun.
Contemporary Rolfe family memoranda starting with the marriage of Francis son of Henry Rolfe, 1639-1741 (MS 1)
Inscription on the grave stone of Thomasanne wife of William Rolfe and Anne their daughter who died in 1694. Written by William Rolfe. (MS 2)
Draft articles of agreement between Francis Boteler of St Andrew's Holborne, Middx., esq., Thomas Boteler of King's Lynn, gent., his brother, Mary Johnson of St Andrew's Holborne, widow, their mother, and Edmund Rolfe of King's Lynn, gent. Concerning the manor of Branches alias Tilney Steads with 376 acres in Wiggenhall St Mary Magdalen and St Peter and Watlington, the manor of Newhall with 407 acres in Tilney and Islington and the manor of Tittleshall alias Titteshall otherwise Trusbutts with the manor house and property in Runcton Holme and Thorpland, which property Francis, Thomas and Edmund hold as joint tenants or tenants in common and in which Mary Johnson is entitled to dower. 1718. With promissory note from Edmund Rolfe to Francis Boteler, 1718. (MS 5)
Transcripts of Walpole letters, 1711-1756.
Numbers of descendents of Edmund Rolfe and list of Francis and Sarah Boteler's eleven children. (MSS 14-16)
Contemporary list of the children of Edmund Rolfe and Elizabeth Scott married 1675 to 1691 with later note of daughters' married names. (MS 17)
Rolfe family trees, 18th cent.; family epitaphs.
Rolfe family tree covering 1560-1908; notes by F.J. Carus-Wilson, 1892, and about the Carus-Wilson, 1919. /24-26
Birth certificate of William Chapman at Woodford, Essex, 1792.
Edmund Rolfe in account with Messrs. Croft, 1773.
Lease for a year. Edmund Rolfe of Heacham, esq., to Hutton Perkins and Edward Smith. Of all his property in King's Lynn, Gaywood, Grimston, Gaytonthorpe, West Walton, Wiggenhall St Peter, West Winch, Tottenhill, Watlington, West Dereham, Wereham, Snettisham, Heacham, Holme next the Sea and Ringstead. To take a release upon trusts. 23 June 1742. /29
Part of bargain and sale by the executors of John Blagrave to Elisha Biscoe of residue of term of 101 years 3 months, granted by Elisha to John. Re coach houses and stable, 1771; assignment by Edward Hall Johnson to Catherine Johnson, both of North Shields, Northumberland, of his share of a legacy of £400 bequeathed on trust by Edward Hall of Whitley, Northumberland. As security for a loan of £30. 1813.
Memor: Various. Recipes for medicine for men and livestock, shoe blacking, whitewash etc., late 18th cent. (MS 25)
Cash book of Edmund Rolfe, senior, 1764-1766.
Photocopy of letter from Lord Nelson to Revd Mr Priestly, 8 March 1801 (on microfilm MF/RO 653/5).
Photocopy of entry in the policy register of the Sun Insurance Office re Edmund Rolfe and his Heacham property, dated 24 April 1736; with letter, 1935.
(End of screw bound cover)

Dawson Turner; 1775-1858; banker, botanist, art and manuscript collector, antiquary; North Walsham and Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Rolfe family records.

Miscellaneous documents from the collection of S.C.E. Neville Rolfe including inter alia:
Copies of acts for the better observation of the Lord's Day, for confirming augmentations to small vicaracies and curacies and for taking away the writ De Haeretico Comburendo (printed) 1677. /8
Lives of 5 people with Norfolk connections executed for robbery and smuggling between 1687 and 1751 (printed). /7
The 'Suffolk Mercury' or 'Bury Post', 1 Nov. 1731, and the 'Ipswich Journal', 12 June 1784. /6
Request for vote by Wodehouse and de Grey, 1767./4
Printed account of Suffolk being pp 241-260 from a larger book. 18th cent. /11
East prospect of the town of Leostoff (printed) 18th cent. /11
Elegiac Stanzas inscribed to the memory of Mary Ann, the deceased wife of Robert Bacon (printed) 1813. /9
Map of sites of religious houses in Norfolk before the dissolution by R. Taylor (printed) 1834. /1
Letters to Revd N. Rolfe including appeal for a new church at Brookfield, Kentish Town, Middlx. 1841/2. /2
Miscellaneous portraits. /10

Pedigree of the Rolfe family of Heacham

A note inside the volume states that it was originally arranged by Strickland C.E. Neville and was enlarged by Eustace Neville-Rolfe who added many documents and other notes. It is thought that most of the handwriting in the volume, which was bound later in 1914, is that of Eustace.

The volume includes paintings of family members copied from 18th- and 19th-century portraits; detailed family pedigree, illustrated by coloured coats of arms; letters regarding the promotion of Henry Fawcett Neville-Rolfe and his appointment as mate on the North Star, 1841; family letters, baptism certificates and papers, 18th and 19th century; documents relating to Edmund Rolfe, comprising a pass to travel through France to Switzerland to study, 1759, freeman's certificate, 1775, and appointment as Deputy Lieutenant of Norfolk, 1778; correspondence and printed material relating to Pocahontas, 19th and 20th century; typescript copy of a letter from Francis Rolfe on how he kept the King's Lynn charters from Oliver Cromwell from an original dated 4 February 1677 and notes on cure for the bite of a mad dog, 1790.

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