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Enclosure award

Printed extracts from the enclosure award for East and West Poringland, Framingham Earl, Framingham Pigot, Bixley, Arminghall, Stoke Holy Cross and Caister St Edmund (made under an act of 40 George III) and giving parish boundaries, roads and allotments to Surveyors of the Highways and trustees of the poor. Incomplete.

Deopham and Hackford

Award: 1814. Map: 1814, 1 inch: 8 chains, 50 by 83. Includes exchanges of land in Hingham and Morley. Surveyor: John Browne of Norwich. Act: 1812.

Drayton, Bawburgh and Hellesdon

Award: 1813. Maps (3): Drayton, 1813, n.s., 74 by 90; Bawburgh, 1813, n.s., 71 by 99; Hellesdon, 1813, n.s., 75 by 88. Surveyors: John Glegg and Robert Pratt of Norwich. Act: 1811.

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