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Estate maps

This group of maps seem to be kept as part of a discrete series, rather than from the individual client collections, so have been catalogued as a group. Each plan has been individually lettered (see below). The relevant estate is highlighted in colour.

A) Folded OS map of estates in Little Dunham , nd [early 20th C].
B) Folded OS map, Caister Old Hall estates, early to mid 20th C.
C) Folded OS map of Letheringsett Estate, 1920-30s.
D) Folded OS plan, Melton and Marlingford estates [Evans-Lombe] , mid 20th
E) Folded OS map, Colman estates, 25 in to 1 mile, shows J & C Colman and Reckitt & Colman property around Bracondale and Whittlingham, Norwich.
F) Folded OS map, Gt Witchingham, Aldeford, and Swannington estates.
G) Folded OS map, Easton and Honingham estates, J.M. Wrampton, nd [mid 20th C].
H) Folded plan of the Letheringsett estate, nd [early 20thc].
I) Map of Norwich estates and J & J Colman, poor photocopy, Nov 1959.
J)Folded map of Heydon estate, coloured, 6 inch to 1 mile.
K) Coloured and annotated. Iridge New estate, OS map, 1948, Langridge & Freeman, Chartered surveyors, Tunbridge Wells.
L) 2 folded OS maps for Honingham, second ed c 1908,
M) Folded OS map of the Sennowe estate, nr Gt Ryburgh.
N) Folded plan of Ingham Hall and Manor House estates [Robert Gurney], on 6 in to 1 mile, 1908.
O) Folded plan 'SN Evans-Lombe Melton estate shooting, vicarages and churches circled, 6 in to 1 mile, 2nd ed, c. 1906.
P) Folded OS based map of the Heydon estate, ealy 20th C.
Q) Folded plan of Broome Place estate on OS 6 in to 1 mile sheet, 1906.
R) Colman estates in Trowse on 6 in to 1 mile OS map, early 20th C.

General correspondence

Inc. printed circulars; 1874-1875, inc. sale particular of land at Hunworth and Edgefield 1871; 1883-1885 inc. cottage rentals, Stody estate accounts, sale particular of 1885 of farm at Field Dalling; 1885; 1886-1887, inc. game vouchers, Aylsham National Schools balance sheets; 1886, inc. Aylsham Church restoration account, Erpingham parish accounts, specification for addition to Oulton School; 1890, inc. sporting correspondence and game vouchers; 1900; 1901.

William Loftus, Stiffkey, with draft from Neville.

Neville's draft contains comments on the opposition to the Townshend interest in Norfolk and at Yarmouth and mechanisation of agriculture, also allegations that his letters were intercepted in 1793. Loftus' replies are non-committal.

John Ramey, Yarmouth (Neville's landlord).

Undated notes making tea appointment, with Lord and Lady Home, and sending Neville dog Pompey - 'he is a good dog'; letters re new steps to Scratby Hall, examination of the house by an architect, and use of the house on Neville's leaving it.

Francis Sykes, Yarmouth. (an artist).

Financial transactions, 1771. With promissory note signed by Neville undertaking to pay Sykes £60 for value received 1770, with endorsement by Neville 'I was obliged to pay this for wch. I never had any value'.

Windham and Batt Papers

  • MC 19
  • Fondo
  • 1540-1954

Col. R.C. Batt was an executor and residuary legatee of F.H.L.B. Windham; the bulk of this collection consists of Windham family title deeds, and manor court books and papers of former Windham manors.

Windham family; 1440-1987; Norfolk

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