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Journal of John Wodehouse containing his impressions on three summer holiday journeys

Summer 1838: he travels from London to Antwerp ('very clean town - magnificent cathedral'); Aix-la-Chapelle; Cologne; Coblenz; and through Germany into Switzerland; Summer 1839: he leaves Eton [school] and travels through France to Geneva. His impressions of Geneva are recorded in French; Summer 1840: he tours Wales ('went up a mountain to see a copper mine, which is curious but hardly repays the labour of ascending the hill').

Continuation of Henry's journal

Beginning in January, in Rome, he then goes on to Naples, visiting Pompeii, Paestum and Herculaneum ('went underground with mutton candles in hand - and saw nothing worth seeing'). He then heads northwards on his way home and the journal ends in April 1824 when he is in Bologna. This volume of the journal also includes the financial accounts for the entire trip.

Journal by Henry Wodehouse describing his European tour

He travels through France (including Paris) and Switzerland into Italy. He records impressions of Turin; Genoa; Pisa ('the leaning tower stands 14 feet out of the perpendicular and the effect is curious - saw the sun set in the Mediterranean from its summit - Pisa has a great appearance of poverty'); Livorno; Florence ('Entered the Cathedral imposing only from its size ... in one part singing for a dead Priest in another a curious procession of candles and lamps for the restoration of a sick person - several other churches, nothing wonderful inside or out'); Rome. In Rome he visited the usual sites ('saw St Peters !!! and was struck dumb with wonder') including the Vatican and the Colosseum. He is still in Rome in January 1824 when the journal ends.

Writings of Philip Woodehouse

Mainly of Sir Nicholas Bacon's Boethius with Mr J. Hobarts 'emendations' of the same but also a latin verse by Philip Woodehouse, 27 Dec 1630, and another dated 4 Feb 1633/34. Other entries include 'Upon my brother: Sir J. Cotton's essay in prose vs Aristotle's division of humanity'.

Book of poetry

In seventeenth century hand. Includes long poem on the Wodehouse family tree; notes on coats of arms; 'An intended epitaph upon Sir Philip Wodehouse ye elder'; 'A Memorial of Old Kimberley Hall in ye Parke now demolished'; with other poems on similar themes. Some of the poems are dated to the period 1650-1660.

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