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Dereham St Nicholas Junior School Additional

  • ACC 2014/131
  • Temporary
  • 1958-2013

Box 1
William B. Lyon, Headmaster, Pictorial Record of Dereham National School, 1957-1958.
Scrapbooks, 1975 and 1988.
Folder of photographs, undated [c 1970-c 1980].
Aerial photographs of Dereham and area around school, undated [late 20th century].
Competition certificates, c 1990-c 2000.
Orders of service, undated [c 1980-c 2000].
Architectural plans, undated [late 20th century].

Box 2
Photograph albums of school activities, c 1990 (2 albums, briefly indexed at back).
Year and group photographs, 2000-2013.

Box 3
Miscellaneous photographs: school play/assembly, nd [? 1970s-1980s]; staff photograph, nd [? 1970s-1980s]; drama club with Mr Strugnell, 1984; opening of new library including Mr Strugnell, Mrs Saunders and pupil library monitors, 1984 (photograph Norwich Mercury); cricket tournament teams, 2004-2005; Margaret Cawkwell's retirement party, Jul 2010 (printouts of photographs only); pupils, whole school, taken from above in playground with teachers and staff, nd [? 1990s-2010]; two unidentified formal group photographs, nd [? 1990s-2010]; informal/unpublished school activities in classrooms and pupil's working etc., nd [? 1990s-2010, ACCESS RESTRICTED until 01/01/2025].

Class, team and group photographs, with occasional formal photographs of activities: 1985-1986, 1988. 1989 and 1992-1994 (1 folder); 1995-1999 (5 folders, Tempest Photographs).

Box 4
Class, team and group photographs, with occasional formal photographs of activities: 2000-2009 (10 folders, Tempest Photographs).

Papers relating to Woodgate Estate of Robert John Woods Purdy and other Aylsham material

Woodgate estate Aylsham

'Woodgate' envelope: two copies of sale particulars 1920 Aylsham Apr 24 with plan for 6 farms 757 acres, one copy annotated for lot 6 sold to Ed de Grey Seaman for £2300, the other 'Mrs T W Purdy'; consent for overhead electric line 1934; letter re deeds 1995. (large envelope) 1920-1995

'Very old maps and plans re Woodgate' envelope: tracing of plan, coloured, with key to colouring lady Suffield, Jn Middleton, Anne Smythe, James Soame, Lord Orford, Rev S Pitman (unfit for production); tracing, foed, of Plan of Estates in Aylsham, 49cm 71cm, showing 51 plots with acreage and field names inc Woodgate house, stack yard and 'bath', nd but see field book of 1831 of Henry Soame in ACC 2016/157 Lot 1385 (envelope with 2 plans on tracing paper), 19th cent, 1831

Reference key to vicarial and rectorial tithes payable on Robert John Woods Purdy Woodgate estate 510 acres (1 paper) nd [post 1870]

Schedule of docs relating to Spa Farm Aylsham belonging to RJWP in mortgage to Philip Candler Shepheard of Gayton for £5000: 1801 admission of Barbara Bell; 1856 Samuel Pitman; May 1867 Pitman mortgage to Jn Postle; July 1867 Pitman mortgage to Charles Atkinson; Pitman to Hy Hooke and Thos Hanworth; Rackham; mortgage paid off 1878, absolute surrender Oct 31 1878 Samuel Pitman to RJWP and land in Vicarage Manor) (1 paper) 1878

Schedule of documents of estate at Aylsham belonging to RJW Purdy in mortgage to Wm Forster of Blickling for £5000: As to part late Soame: Vicarage Manor 1776 Dec admiss of S, J & H Soame; 1804 S Soame to Henry Soame; 1833 George Soame adm; 1847 Indent 1.Wm Earl Lytton Bulwer S Pitman etc 2. S Pitman etc 4. George Soame; Ay Lancaster manor: admiss G Soame; 1847 George S to William Repton, Jebediah Barcham & Cook Fuller; etc 1850s Thomas Copeman 1853 mortgage to W Barnard Cook; 1856 (both manors) T Copeman to R Woods who was admitted; As to part late Pitmans Ayl Lanc: 1873 mortgage paid (Jn Postle) Pitman to RJWP admitted and 1878 mortgage to Forster (1 paper) 1878

Letter from Wm Forster for mortgage (ie RJW Purdy lent Forster £2000 on security of Forster's Bacton property deeds) (1 letter) Jan 1872 (small item placed in modern envelope for safety)

Envelope and letter from Theodore Marsh of Cawston Rectory advising Purdy on setting his new sundial and inviting him over to see his own. [see photograph of Marsh in Part 42] (1 envelope and letter) Oct 1872

Specification for building a lodge at Aylsham for RJWP for £150 from Fred Culley (1 paper) 1882 (small item placed in modern envelope for safety)

Letter from WM Foster Aylsham asking for £100 underpaid on Wickes purchase (1 letter) 24 May 1895 (small item placed in modern envelope for safety)

Lease T Purdy esq of Wood Norton Hall solicitor to Lt Col T W Purdy of Aylsham solicitor, for Woodgate House and 33 acres for 21 years at £100 pa. T Purdy had property under settlement Aug 1938 (1 parchment) September 1938

Abstract of title to freehold estate at Woodgate Aylsham starts 1863 ends 1922 (1 paper) 1938

Supplemental abstract of title to Aylsham estate in Ayl Vicarage manor of TW Purdy starts 1873 ends enfranchisement 1920 (1 paper) 1938

Envelope of abstracts of title of Thos Woods Purdy to Woodgate and Stonegate estate at Aylsham (1863-1920) 1967 (2 copies); supplemental abstract to Woodgate Farm (1942-1961) 1965 (re railway); supplemental abstract to estate of TWP at Aylsham (1922) 1965; supplemental abstract to freehold site Woodgate house etc (1938-1960) 1966 (2 copies) (1 large envelope) 1965-1967

Sale particulars for the farming and dairy implements of Woodgate Farm. Auctioneer Plumbly of Felmingham. Two copies One printed with some pencil annotations against the livestock section; the other marked with all prices Two copies 1902

A small sketch of the now submerged location of the original bath in Woodgate House's Bath Meadow. The mound and later spring and small bath just to the south are shown, together with a section of the soil composition of the layers of the mound. Reverse is printed sale notice at St Gregory's Church School Norwich, dated 8th December 1891.
[This may help to date the second stage of etending the lake, possibly at around this date.] (1 paper) nd [c 1891]

Three card mounted photographs:
Photograph of a lady on horse outside Woodgate House's front door. A baby is held by an older woman. The horsewoman is almost certainly Ada, wife of RJWP, and the baby one of their two sons, probably their first. The older woman matches the one in another family photo dating from 1867 to 1871, almost certainly Ada's mother Ann Cook of Thwaite. The likely date of this photo is 1872-3 if of the first son or 1874 if of the second. The doorway is slightly changed from the original that RJWP stood in front of in another family photo of 1867-71, showing that the evolution from the original doorway to the present one happened in two stages between his arrival in about 1864 and photographs of the house of about 1890.
Photograph of Woodgate Lake after its first etension but before the later etension shown on the sketch above. Probably dates from the very early 1870s and the lack of undergrowth at the edges of the Lake show the work had only just been completed. A man is standing up sculling a small boat on the Lake, with a woman lounging under her parasol.
Photograph of Woodgate House from the field to the south-west showing the very newly created ha-ha wall at this corner of the garden grounds. A woman stands in the doorway which shows the interim brickwork above the door itself. The house and all the buildings to the rear have been completely modernised. [
The three photographs are all produced in the same format with keyline with identical mounts and with similar levels of foing. They date from 1872-3 or at latest 1874.
[ Given the close connection to WJ Finch, the Aylsham photographer from about 1870, they are almost certainly taken by him.] (3 photographs), 1870s.

Coloured photograph of Woodgate gardens with notes re trees on reverse. The 100ft Wellingtonia, on left foreground, died after drought of 1976 and felled in 1982 when 120 rings were counted (1 photograph) nd [c1893]

Two photographs of Millgate House, Aylsham. [Tom Purdy jnr born at Millgate House 1909] (2 photographs) nd (c1900; c 1920s)

Photograph of interior of Woodgate house by B[erney] Seymour of Commercial Rd Aylsham [fl 1890-1920] (1 photograph) nd [c 1900]

Photograph of Nona Purdy nee Hunt and ?visiting family at Woodgate, by Dawson of Norwich (1 photograph) nd [c 1910]

Mounted photograph of shooting group [probably on Woodgate estate with ? RJWP 5th from right] (1 photograph) nd [c 1910]

Estimate and sketch for lawn tennis court for TW Purdy by Barker of Aylsham (1 paper) May 1910

Envelope re installation of electric supply and lighting at Woodgate House by A Pank & Son Norwich (with quote from E & C Gates of Norwich) (1 envelope) 1922

Letter to Col Thomas Purdy from Walter Rye with advisory notes and photographic eamples of panelling being redone at Woodgate House (1 envelope) 1926

Envelope of letters and estimates for work at Woodgate in the library and renewing bathroom and lavatory, J W Palmer of Aylsham (1 envelope) 1935-1936

Items clipped together: envelope addressed to TWP; notes re farm implements and furniture sold at auction (signed by H Hagon) at North Walsham; note of two addresses in Africa (1 file) nd

Typed inventory and condition of contents of Woodgate House (1 paper) Feb 1949.

Papers relating to Woodgate Estate of Robert John Woods Purdy and other Aylsham material

Aylsham: other properties and papers
Copy of Terrier of the Parsonage house and glebe lands belonging to the Impropriation of Aylsham and also how the partable lands of the vicar (Mr Jonathan Wrench) and Mr Thomas Coulson the Impropriator are divided. (Details the acreages in each close on two Soames farms near Cawston Road and Cawston Heath and how they are split) (1 paper) Aug 1720
Land tax assessment for Aylsham 1737 (with 1737 assessment for Burgh next Aylsham folded inside) (2 papers) 1737
Sketch 'A Plan of Parsonage Land situate in Aylsham ... belonging to the Parish of Buxton ... taken 1793' with key to fields. Shows cottages and lands owned by Buxton parish poor trustees. [The original has not yet been found.] Pencil on tracing paper. Watermarked 1884 (small item placed in modern envelope for safety)

Printed pages of Aylsham section of 1792 Universal British Directory (small item placed in modern envelope for safety) (Printed paper) 1792

Marriage settlement for Thomas Soame gent, a son of Samuel Soame gent of Aylsham, with Elizabeth Gay of Aylsham spinster. Samuel settles a messuage on road to Cawston and c 76 acres [now Sankence Lodge farm] (1 parchment) Nov 1724

Aylsham parish bounds, signed by Wm Repton (1 booklet) nd (watermarked 1806)

List of Aylsham population, for the census, listing head of household, numbers and ages of members and location of houses, compiled by William Morris, assistant overseer. [A second copy is in the Aylsham Town Archives and was published as Aylsham in 1821 by the Aylsham Local History Society in 1997.] (1 booklet) May 1821

Letter from G E ?Cain, Jesus College Cambridge to his college fellow Revd R A Rackham at Rackham's being presented with living of Whatfield rectory (1 letter) Oct 1832

Terrier of lands, as required by Poor Law Commissioners: Aylsham parish property for the use of the poor (inc Church rate land) with names of tenants and charity trustees. (Shows Cressy charity: the workhouse rented by the union (£68 pa) in 1836 but unoccupied 1837, pt occupied by Wade and Mash 1838, one cottage & garden built by Edw Platten his for life one cottage and garden. All Ayl Lancaster copyhold. Four cottages on hill called Alms yard supposed freehold. Porters & Snellings charity - three cottages adj Mr Wickes land (Ayl Wood copyhold). Town meadow (used for church rate); Town Houses (4 and shop) near the Anchor, supposed freehold.
[cf to C/GP 1 494 Union terrier for Aylsham parish entry; in both, property descriptions have been muddled between bequests] (1 volume) Mich 1836-Mich 1838

Cpt lease of Stonegate Farm and 96 acres for 12 years at £180 from Rev Robert Alfred Rackham of Suffolk to John Chapman of Aylsham. With tracing plan of lands and valuation notes inc Buxton poor land (not in lease). [now Stonegate Farm but not including Abbey Farm] (1 parchment) July 1860

Map of land at Aylsham occupied by Mr Richard Clarke [Spa Farm] surveyed by Wm Mileham of Aylsham with printed coloured key with 18 plots; abuttal Warnes execs .
[see Part 20 for larger version of same map] (1 rolled map) 1861

Sale particular of farming stock at Spa Farm Aylsham for RJW Purdy (1 paper) Oct 1898

Photograph of full stagecoach outside the Black Boys with 'Garner' sign on the inn. Note on reverse says Henry Garner landlord there 1865-74 (1 photograph) nd c 1874 (small item placed in modern envelope for safety)

Newscutting re vipers (Aylsham) BB Sapwell (1 newscutting) 1891 (small item placed in modern envelope for safety)

Small sketch showing a very small section of railway line, with a building. A road and a line 'produced from approach to Blickling Hall' give measurements, possibly for footpath change. [Location possibly near Middleton's Dole, Aylsham.]. Scale 12 inches to a mile. (tracing paper) nd (small item placed in modern envelope for safety)

Letter from Frederick Duleep Singh to RJW Purdy re unveiling of tablet to Christopher Layer in Aylsham (1 letter) 1908 (small item placed in modern envelope for safety)

Auction notice for household sale at Vicar Street, Wymondham, property of T A Rackham esq, annotated with sale prices. [Thomas Alfred Rackham died in summer 1912; his mother was Elizabeth Ann Saunders of Aylsham and father Rev Robert A Rackham had sold Stonegate farm in Aylsham to Robert Woods c 1867] (1 poster) Aug 1912

Schedule of Aylsham tithe rent charges 1921 and certificate of rentcharge (2 papers) Dec 1921

Sealed certificates of Aylsham tithe rentcharge, 31 Dec 1921 (annotated J E R Vicarial and Rectorial) 16 May 1922, 31 May 1922, 31 Dec 1922 (annotated TWP), 31 Dec 1923 (annotated Copeman: Butterfield garden and Mrs Edward. All impropriator.) See Part 23 (1-5) for altered apportionments. (5 parchments) 1921-1923

Aylsham Conservative Association: bundle of accounts and posters re fetes at Woodgate (1 bundle) 1928-1931

Envelope of cheques for expenses of Woodgate fetes 1927 and 1928 (1 envelope) Aug 1927-Aug 1928

Notice of assessment for drainage rates Spratts Green Farm, Aylsham (1 paper) 1931

Papers re T A Rackham estate legacy of timber to Purdy (1 envelope) 1933

Development value claim for 'John Soames mill stackwood close' (1 paper) 1950 (small item placed in modern envelope for safety)

Draft letter to 'John' re work at Spratts Green bungalow and application to the RDC for a grant. Written on paper dated Jan 1956 (1 paper) nd (c 1956)

Notes re rent of Spratts Green by Sq Leader G Churton Knowles (up to Aug 1956) and Fl Lt J M Preston June 1957 (1 file of papers) 1956-57

Plan and elevation of proposed Bull House for Mr Monk Cawston Road Aylsham by Hodgekiss & Son (Plan; tracing paper) nd [20th century]

Photograph of William Forster, solicitor in Market Place (1 photograph) nd [pre 1906]

Photographs of Rev Samuel Shepheard, vicar of Calthorpe, later RC chapel Aylsham and William Forster in churchyard (Mounted photos) nd [pre 1906]

Notes of exchequer bill 1669 re Fawcett and Purdy re vicarage tithes in Aylsham. Wm Purdy was farmer and miller in Aylsham. (1 paper) nd [modern] (small item placed in modern envelope for safety)

Tax letter re Purdy and Holley solicitors partnership to be deemed continuous through 1979 changes (1 letter) 1979 (small item placed in modern envelope for safety).

Boulderson tenancy of Woodgate House, Aylsham

Four small photograph albums, all similar sized photos c2 inches x2 inches

  1. annotated Beatrice E Cross from Nurse Bennett July 1911. Most being taken in front of Woodgate House with staff and dogs, horses
  2. Woodgate (maids, dogs, children, car, bicycles) plus London and Ingworth Church at end
  3. Staff, gamekeeper, children, staff wedding with car, service men
    4.Annotated Beatrice E Cross from Nurse Bennett May 1912. starts with Heath Farm, Westwick Arch, but then staff in front of Woodgate House, car, dogs, wedding, Norwich cattle market, Cromer Pier, Yarmouth

Letter to [RJW d1916 or T] Purdy from ?JM Glubb (former Aylsham curate) from Woodgate House re Mrs Boulderson. Glubb, Sir Elliot Colvin and Col Colvin 'view the prospect of Mrs Bouldersons having to quit Woodgate with the greatest apprehension ... she is an old lady [with] a weak heart ... all her later recollections of her husband are so connected with this place and ...she has told me that he is in some way very near to her here. We all of us think the shock and the worry of finding a new home might have a very serious & perhaps a fatal effect on her, in fact break her heart.' Glubb adds that they are 'not influenced by any selfish feelings' concerning the potential loss of their shooting at Woodgate.
Inventory of household furniture at Woodgate House belonging to RJW Purdy for occupation of house by Mrs Boulderson. By Walter Wm Wade . (Not including plate, linen or wine in cellar). Loose insert account of Wade for left over items after sale.

Inventory of household furniture at Woodgate House belonging to RJW Purdy for occupation of house by Mrs Boulderson. By Walter Wm Wade. (Not including plate, linen or wine in cellar). Loose insert account of Wade for left over items after sale. 12 April 1916 (1 volume)

Envelope (dated 1953) of photographs labelled 'send to Boulderson relatives sometime': photos (not Woodgate, possibly Westwick?) c. 1900

Foulsham estate

Wrapper packet (tied string,) 'Docs of title re Foulsham estates of Thomas Woods Purdy (and Foulsham, Bintry Foxley sold by Purdy to Geoff Ernest Dewing; and an estate at Bintry Foxley and Billingford. Sold by Purdy to Mr Ed de Grey Seaman' NB This information is not inside, only early deeds re purchase and adm of R Woods to Girlings farm 1833-35, sale freehold & copyhold Savory to R Woods 1841 and grazing land at Guestwick 1864 (1 packet in wrapper) 1833-1920

Schedule of documents of estate in Foulsham belonging to Thos Woods Purdy '1909': 1 The Mill House and paddock and pt Hudsons farm (Hill, Cook, Woods, Purdy) 2. Pt Hudsons farm (Gurney, Cook, Chamberlain, Purdy) 3. Messuage and paddock in Market Place Foulsham occ by Herbert Woodhouse (Back, Thorn, Atmore, Waller, TW Purdy - Susanna E Purdy) 4. Cottage and pightle on Guist Road Foulsham and meadow in Bintry Road (Hall, Beckesfield , Ford, S E Purdy) 1 paper 1716-1875

Fire insurance policy for John Berwick farmer (with Norwich Union) for messuage dairy offices etc and personal goods ; and cottage occ by T Allen lab. (1 paper) 1808 with annotation 1816

Valuation of Foulsham (houses and lands) Occupiers names alphabetical, starting Quarles Mrs £3 [Ivy House] Includes Jn Berwick £230 (1 booklet) 1814

Letter to Mrs Berwick from ?R Wells of Fakenham re the removal of his or her 'charge' Miss Berwick. Annotated with list of school books and linens. [Susan Berwick was 14] (1 paper) 14 Dec 1814

Foulsham Reference book by Thos Bradfield, 27 named plots, inc Mr Berwick [see map in Part 9] (1 volume) 1821

Letter to Miss Susan Berwick Foulsham from E Wickes of Cley [apparently a suitor but Susan married Robert Purdy in 1837] 1 paper [in modern envelope with other items] 1828

A note to Miss S Berwick Foulsham from J B Berney clerk MA [perhaps a valentine?] 1 paper [in modern envelope with other items] nd 1820s

Letter to John Berwick of Foulsham from John Mills Tompson, with signed resolution to raise a subscription for Berwick, noting that he does not need the money (£33) but his friends (including R Woods and the Girlings) wished to 'assuage the anguish of a generous heart [that he must feel] at the temporary triumph of a litigious character .' 2 papers [in modern envelope with other items] Aug-Sept 1821

Envelope RJW Purdy of Ivy House Foulsham: detailed account bill from R W Parmeter to Robert Woods covering 1844, pd 1847, re will, Foulsham conveyances, travel to London etc; marriage licence of RJ Purdy /Berwick 1837 forwarded by a clergyman who thought he would be interested 1911 (envelope of items) 1837-1911

Bundle in red tape: papers relating to Robert Woods (d 1870) legacies (many people and charities -Hosp, Blind - £1000 to Mrs Landymore and her children) and copy admission Aylsham Vicarage manor of Robert Woods of Thurgarton on surrender of Thomas Copeman for £218 10s (part of £2518 10s) for 1 ac Mary's Beck, 1 ac formerly known as Rumps = Barnards Meadow and the Grove Close 1856; inc letters from RJW Purdy, May-Sept 1870 he wrote to Parmeter in Aylsham from The Hill House Foulsham [Robert Woods died there 1870]and expenses paid out 1869-1870. Letter from Thos Copeman of Cromer to Parmeter re R Woods legacies; mentions a feebreach & ends 'I always told Robert Woods to leave me something handsome I suppose he took a different and less correct view'. (1 bundle) 1856-1907

Probate of Jn Berwick late of Foulsham farmer (1 parchment) 27 June 1840

Probate of Mr Robert Woods late of Erpingham farmer made 1806 pr 1818 Mary wife [father of Robert Woods of Thurgarton, estate owner] (1 parchment) 1818

Probate of Sarah Ann Purdy spinster [sister of RJ Purdy] April 1877 and papers re her estate (1 parchment and envelopes of papers) 1877

Probate of will and codicil of Susannah Purdy widow [nee Berwick, widow of RJ Purdy] and probate papers (1 parchment and papers) 1883-1923

Letters of admin of Susan[nah] Eliz Purdy of Ivy House Foulsham spinster to her brother RJW Purdy 16 Jan 1906; admission to manor of Lutons for RJWP 1906 and envelope of probate papers (2 parchments and papers) 1906

Admission to house in Market Place in manor of Foulsham and leasehold lands in same by Thos Woods Purdy on surrender of RJ Woods (1 parchment) Dec 1908
Bundle in grey wrapper: parchment deeds relating to Moor Farm Wood Norton estate inc:
Sept 16 1725 Mrs Jane Athill's lease and release (marriage settlement) widow of John Athill of Wood Dalling to marry Mr Nathaniel Holmes; estate at Wood Norton and Guestwick to trustees Mr Ebenezer Springall and Ben Seel (delivery witnessed by Martha and James Athill)
Probate of will of Mr John Athill of Wood Dalling 20 Sept 1718; 1719 admission of Jane Athill to lands in meadow called Doolingcross in Wood Norton; Deeds re two farmhouses (36a and 55a) in Wood Norton and Guestwick (Nathaniel Holmes, Jn Baker, sale to Wm Hipkins of Cley 1766 (1 bundle) 1718-1766

Letter to [RJWP] from Richard Burton, Perth Tasmania Australia. Thanks him for letter (came about 1867); Sorry to hear of Mr Purdy's death [1865]. He is 66 and remembers Foulsham and Mr Berwick but not the name Hill House. [in modern envelope with other items] 20 Oct 1885

Plan of Foulsham Street by David Johnson shows drains in main street and connections to stream from the Unicorn and chapel. 'Wire netting Purdys trout confirmed here' noted on stream. (waxed paper) June 1913

Account of RJWP with Thomas Blythe builder of Foulsham for work at 'Mr Holleys house' at 'Mrs Girlings' at 'Ivy House' at 'Brickyard cottage' at 'Woodhouses' (papers) 1913-1914

Tithe redemption certificate for c195 acres of T W Purdy in Foulsham (1 paper) 1921
Papers re enfranchisement of copyhold land Thos Woods Purdy: 1921 in Manor of Twyford; 1935 in Foulsham Dulencross and Lutons (land in Highfield and other places =c 20 acres; mess in Market Place (occ Alfred Gibbs); mess called Seamans with shop (occ Arthur Woodhouse); 1 acre in Lutons (2 papers) 1921-1935. (for deeds re Seamans, see also ACC 2015/244 part 6).

Notice of listing of Church Farmhouse, Foulsham (1 paper) 1952

Letter re tithe redemption and sketch tracing of field next to brick works (shows Mill Hill farm and Sneck Lane) (1 paper 1 tracing) 1959

Envelope 'Church Farm Foulsham Old Deeds':

1908 Conveyance from RJWP to TW Purdy of trust Foulsham lands (under Susanna Purdy will 1883) inc Church Farm, house in Market Place, brickyard, Moor farm Wood Norton.
1913 TW Purdy 3 acres land occ by Palmer
1916 Oct Letters of admin re RJWP to Ada Purdy
1918 Sale particular for arable land of Mrs Wayman and conveyance to TW Purdy
1920s manorial admissions for Col T W Purdy
1923, 1938, 1951 Trustee appts and vesting deed re 1908 marriage settlement Mrs & Mrs TW Purdy (1938 has full schedule - Mill House, Church Farm House, Ivy house and another messuage in Market Place (same OS no), messuage on Hindolveston Rd, closes on Wood Norton Road, grazing land, Brickyard) [see OS Map of Foulsham marked up with estate for this settlement in Map Box 1]
1940 Conveyance by TW Purdy to NCC of small piece land for Police Station.
1942-1959 death certificates of trustees Rev George Hunt Holley, Havard Bridgwater, Jn Shepheard
(1 envelope of docs) 1906-1965

Envelope 'Church Farm' (modern hand) : Abstract of title 1963 (1908-1963 starts with marriage of Thomas Woods Purdy and Nona Hunt, details of lands inc sale of lands in Foulsham to Meanley 1938, NCC 1940, St Faiths & Ayl RDC 1950-1951, lands in Wood Norton Guestwick to Sec of State for Air 1951- 52); Abstract 1965 (1908- 1963); Abstract 1967 (1918-1963 for 8 acres OS nos 456 & 429 2 copies)
Agreement for sale of Church Farm Cottage Thomas Purdy of Aylsham to Mrs Brenda Alice Morgan of Harrow , with plan [site to north of Church Farm, on opposite side of road] Jan 1963
Correspondence re title deeds for Ivy House, Church Farm, the old Brickyard and Milking Close 1974
(1 envelope of docs) 1963-1974

Bundle re Andrews property [Paradise farm now Westfield farm]:
Probate of John Andrews of Weston gent, Sept 1743 pr 1750 with legacy receipts: leaves all property to nephew Christopher Andrews of Weston gent with six cash legacies
Inclosure notice to Jn Andrew Girling allotting him 35 acres, 8 acres and 4 acres in Bintry and Twyford 1797
Land tax redemption certificate J A Girling for 2 messuages c140 acres in Foulsham Bintry & Foxley Mar 1799
Acquittance of legacy of £800 to children of Mrs Mary Shepherd by will of Christopher Andrews dated 1766 (charged on Foulsham estate left him by Jn Andrews) and paid by Jn Andrews Girling , Christopher's heir (grandson, called nephew in will) Oct 1799
coloured plan ' Foulsham estate the property of John Andrews Girling 1832'. Paper on linen. Copied by Robert Pratt Norwich. With key 23 plots 112 acres. With pencil notes totals 169 acres. [Paradise Farm now Westfield farm] cf 18th cent plan in ACC 2015/244 part 4
Particulars of estate of Foulsham Bintry & Foxley belonging to executors of Jn Andrews Girling esq nd (watermarked 1832). Details manorial fines for messuage, 4 shops in Foulsham; land in Foulsham Dulencross; wasted mess in Bintry Christchurch; land in Twyford Swanton and in Twyford Southall. Total of 169 acres.
Admission (Manor of Foulsham) of Robert Woods by purchase from executors of Jn A Girling to several pieces of land, 4 shops in the Market Place and a moiety of a messuage Nov 1834
label 'Foulsham late Girling'
[see NRO, MC 94/1, 537x3 Diary of John Girling of Foulsham]
(1 bundle of docs inc folded linen plan) 1743-1834

Mounted photograph of Westfield farm [death of Robert Woods, owner since 1834] Photograph [in modern envelope with other items] nd c 1870

Packet of papers re loans from Robert Woods of Aylmerton and Thurgarton to his niece Louisa Wortley of Suffield (£1500 in 1854); Lady Sophia Windham asks him for payment of £100 to her immediately; with letter 'in case of death' to Earl Jermyn of Ickworth to repay Woods the £150, 1839. She also asks him to borrow £800 for a lady in great distress (1856-1858) with letters from Sophia re Windham family worries (inc one from Torquay). Her note was refused by bank in 1857 and he asks for money as soon as possible. Various notes in hand for sums owed; credit note for £2000, 1857; receipts for payments of £500 by Robert Woods 1854 to family members. (1 packet) 1839-1858

Robert John Woods Purdy of Foulsham and Aylsham (d 1916): Mannington and Wolterton

RJWP author copy of Mannington Hall, N&N Arch Soc Vol xiv pp321-328 [1901] printers set with original photos, OS map inserted and authors ms index notes, sketches of arms on fireplaces. Letter from Charles Tomes (tenant of Mannington Hall) to Purdy challenging the Paston-Lumnor tree that Purdy has used. With mounted copies of Mannington map used in article [wrongly dated 1565, see See You in Court: the Potts family of Mannington, Norfolk 1584-1737, Vaughan-Lewis W & M, 2009 App2 p589 for correct dating of map to 1595] 1901

Draft notes for article, 1900

Letter from Fred Johnson of Gt Yarmouth re Dodge family and Potts of Mannington and correcting Purdy on dates, Jul 1902.

Mannington Hall and its Owners, Charles S Tomes [rare]. Updates and expands Purdy's article, 1916.

Mounted photograph of Mannington Hall taken before removal of single storey addition and temple, c. 1890.

Sale catalogue of contents of Wolterton Hall, late of Horatio Lord Orford, 1859.

Envelope re drafts of Latin inscription offered to the 5th Earl of Orford for Wolterton Hall after restoration Composed by C H Garland, Matthew Vaughan of Haileybury College Hertford and Tom Purdy. Noted that Garland's was selected. (in later envelope) 1903.

Copy of [Itteringham] tithe apportionment giving owners, occupiers etc but no rentcharges. With small paper re Lady Suffield's three fields next to [Wolterton] Park. [It appears that small slices of the three fields, that the Blickling estate had earlier bought up from the Robins family of Itteringham, were desired by the Walpoles. See Good Neighbours: Itteringham, Norfolk in the 18th Century, William and Maggie Vaughan-Lewis, 2010.] Watermark ed 1840
See letters Orford to RJWP 21 April 1898, 24 Feb 1908 re same issue.

Bundle of letters, mainly between RJWP and Robert Walpole 5th Earl of Orford : re shared archaeological interests; shooting and fishing inc trip together to Norway (with some from Mrs Ada Purdy to RJWP) July 1890. 1873-1911 (1 artificial bundle):

25 Nov 1873 To R Purdy esq Aylsham from ?F Walpole at Langley Park Norwich
I have thought a very great deal over your case and do not know what to advise you. A case would do you no good, nor do I think, would a correspondence. It is very vexatious.

Two letters in one envelope from Ada Purdy of Woodgate House Aylsham to her husband Robert J W Purdy staying in Bergen Norway with Robert and Mrs Walpole
3 July 1890
Dearest Robert, hope you have arrived safely in my thoughts all day long. Details her activities on the estate and her visits to Orton's farm, Lake's farm and Wones cottage; the White house [Thwaite].Their man Witham and on farm, Doughty; made strawberry jam, discusses sheep, bullock, hay and haystacks. Herbert and Edith helping her; Jane and Jack discussed. Expect Tom to have his enlarged tonsil taken off after the holiday at Southwold. Invited to Caister by Mrs Dick [Morton] and Maria Morton. Going to see the Walpole's little daughter on Saturday. Hope Mr Walpole is better. had a card from Tom who is first in the [Greek] grammar paper. Going to Wolterton to see Jane.
6 July 1890
Rode to Wolterton on Friday; rainfall measurement; affect on crops; Payne from the Spa says gale blew a chimney onto the roof of the old house and rain came into his bedroom. Slap put on an oil cloth. Will go with Herbert and decide. Going to Caister. Had invite to stay with Ellen Purdy at Tivetshall but impossible. Hall drove her to Burgh Hall where Walpole's little daughter was well and had enjoyed day at Waborne and the sea. Discusses Jack's trouble and Mrs Money. Mr Forster says he should not give her a penny.

Two letters in one envelope
10 July 1890
Hope he is catching salmon. Herbert and she went to see farm house chimney at the Spa; when repaired need not be so high (cost less and not too heavy for the old house) but have another look when Slap has scaffolding up. Went to Burgh to see little girl very well and merry. Fred Ives is going to live at Itteringham. Ld Orford has agreed to repair Thwaite Hall for Major Farmar with new floors in the bedrooms. Herbert said Orford must build him a cottage for a man if the Major takes the Hall. Jane brought Lizzie to spend a few days with Ada.
small faded photo of two men sitting outside timber building with fish. [Walpole and Purdy?]
13 July 1890
Thank you a thousand times for long and delightful letter with sketch of view from window. Hope Mr Walpole will look a little stronger. Mr Sapwell was obliged to turn over a haystack. Herbert drove her to the Spa again. Slap had taken down but not as bad as thought. Will put two pots on the flues so will be almost as high as before but no new bricks needed. Hope you will not think the chimney now spoils the look of the old house. Discusses livestock prices and grass cutting. His subscription to the Foulsham Horticultural Show is due. Going to Southwold tomorrow (day trip) to get lodgings. Shall go to see little girl at Burgh this week; [Dr] Morton saw her recently. Called at the Union to invite children to tea if it's dry on Thursday.

Two letters in one envelope
17 July 1890
The little girl was not very well this morning (probably just the hot weather and her teeth). Dr Morton has been over this evening -nothing wrong but he will go again tomorrow. The nurse at Burgh will send for me if she is worse and Dr Morton will send a telegram to Lady Walpole. Union children here despite rain, rather trying. Have taken rooms at Swan Hotel in Southwold- I think dear Tom will like the place. Had a lovely day on the Broads in Tuesday. Alfred and Fred Doughty have been shooting all over the place; told Wones to send them to her but only Fred came. Gave him a lecture not to shoot any more rabbits. Alfred is worse shooting at hours when he should be working - he frightened Emily dreadfully as he shot near her cottage. I shall go to him tomorrow if he does not come.
19 July 1890
More rain; sale of livestock; Alfred Doughty did not come so she drove up to the farm and told him to show more respect. Mrs Walpole's little girl much better. Lizzie rode to Wolterton to see her mother. Jack's case is on Monday and is with City cases so unfortunately a city jury. Invite from Sir Alfred Jodrell to supper after fireworks on 31st but refused as dear Tom comes home then.

Letters to RJWP at Woodgate House Aylsham from Robert H Walpole, 5th Earl of Orford (from 1895)
Three letters in one envelope:
11 June 1890 Carlton Club
Re ticket for Purdy for steamer. Will not need fishing wading stockings. W has waders, brogues and woollen stockings.
3 August 1890 from Norfjordeid Norway (on Burgh Hall, Aylsham paper)
Glad to hear of Purdy's safe arrival. On voyage he met the Emperor. Thank you for the boots. Talks of fishing since Purdy left. Hope to be back at Burgh by 19th
13 August 1890 from same
Thanks for going over to see the child at Burgh . Mrs W thanks for sending word of the baby. Leaving Bergen on Saturday.

13 Jan 1891 (in wrong envelope) from Grosvenor Square London thanking him for congratulations of birth of son on 9th at 15 Grosvenor Sq. Asks Purdy to put announcement in the Chronicle for him as he does not have address . My uncle seems very pleased at the result.

21 Dec 1893 Washington USA
Been to New York; disappointing, has unfinished look about it. Describes Pineville Kentucky (has a share in a mine) - a lynch town where they shoot each other and get mad drunk. Going to spend winter in Florida. Then California and north to see father-in-law's railways (he has got into British Columbia with them now).

18 Aug 1894 from 192 Broadway New York (no envelope)
Sorry to have missed the Arch Society visit, it must have been interesting. Discusses his travel and shooting plans. Everyone seems to have suffered from the late depression. We saw little of the riots but were delayed at St Pauls for ten days till we could get passes by the only line that did not strike, the workers have had a severe lesson that will do them good I think, strikes for sympathy seem to be overdoing things rather.......we are all well, our nurse is going as she does not suit us and we send her home; she refuses a place with my sister-in-law £48 a year to look after one baby and to travel to England at the end of a year; when we return we shall want a nursery - premises for my little girl. Mrs Walpole wishes to be remembered most kindly to Mrs Purdy.

14 October 1894 Spokane Falls Washington (envelope)
Shooting and travels. Horse fell and he was bad for a few days. Sorry to hear about Purdy's accident. Coming home via New York.
(black edged from here)
[1894] Dec 10 from Robert Walpole 37 Green St Park Lane [now 5th Earl of Orford]
My uncle's funeral is to be at Mannington at 11 o'clock on Wednesday [Horatio 4th Earl of Orford]

18 Jan 1895 (in envelope from Villa Allegria Cannes France
Have been here for two weeks -rain, snow and frost. Have been terribly dull here and am anxious to get home again. shall start next week for London. Mr Horace has sent me some of the Wolterton pictures which is kind of him. I also bought some armour and weapons and sent them to Mannington. You must come over and see them when I come down. I have heard nothing regarding the audits yet. Is not the man at the Saracens going to lease, I hear he only amuses himself but daresay it is not the case...Some people have been down to Wolterton to make an estimate for doing it up but I shall not know the result till I return home; funds are not at all plentiful and I fear it is far worse than I had thought. Most of the harm seems to have taken place during the last few years. Did you hear that my uncle's personalty was over £360,000? Of course my cousin gets the money and I get the worry, the government gets £94,000 which is a sin.
My cousin would not buy Mannington which I offered him; I have no sort of affection for the place, it is such bad taste and it is not comfortable and also too small for anything I want it for. I imagine there are some trout in the moat; if not I shall put some in but do not know how to catch them.
Who is going to buy Oxnead? it will require a lot to put it in order if they mean to live there.

11 Feb 1895 (in envelope) from 37 Green St Park Lane London: thanks for birds shot by Mr Tom; hear that a brother of the keeper Ayton fined for poaching which fine was paid by Davidson at Mannington- shews what a pretty lot of rogues they are in that part. Col Walpole will have told you of the splendid house he has bought in London; we are hoping he will not overdo things as £10,000 a year is not unlimited. I wish weather was fine so we could get down to Mannington but London seems the best place this weather. I am to see the baby tomorrow- my wife says it is a poor emaciated little thing.

28 Feb 1895 37 Green Street Park Lane
Thanks for welcome letter and duck and snipe. Sent former to Lady Dorothy as she has done several things for me of late. Sorry to hear of Mr Ives being ill, I wrote him a note. I have been prostrated with influenza - eating nothing. Have Chapman but he does not seem to do me good. We talk of going to Bournemouth for a short time and then to Norfolk but are uncertain. ..I have often wished to go to Hickling Broad but have never done so. I am glad you found Williamson about, he has been very ill..... I am clearing up a little at Mannington, the dirt of ages has accumulated and I wish if cleared away. I wonder if the moat has frozen. I do wish I could get down but everyone is against it and it is draughty. Remember Lady Orford most kindly to Mrs Purdy

18 May 1895 from 37 Green Street (no envelope)
Has been very unwell -done nothing and been in bed. Going to Brighton for a week; hoping to get to Norfolk soon. Grateful for the trout. Lady Orford and little girl are flourishing.

19 Jan 1896 Hotel des Anglais Nice
Went to Cannes to see my mother. It is very kind of you to put up our little girl I'm sure she will be very happy and I hope not give much trouble

29 March 1896 SS Cecile Athens (on Metropole Chicago paper)
My little girl was so pleased with her visit and full of your kindness; we both feel she was as safe as at home with us. He is much better. Been to Constantinople. Going to Venice, Nice and home.

12 April 1896 Yacht Cecile Venice
Venice is a paradise. Thanks for going to Mannington. Hope to be home in a months time.

20 Jan 1897 Carlton Club London
Ask Purdy to come for walk on Sunday when W is home. Mr Spurrell does not seem to care about Waborne (is letting it in summer months which he should not).

2 Feb 1897
W had letter from Sir Francis Boileau re electing T Purdy to the Norfolk Club; will have to wait until he has served his articles. Money has decided to take young Porett's farm. Hope to see you Sunday.

1897 Six letters in one envelope:
5 April 1897 from William's Hotel Macroom Ireland
Discusses arms of Peter Lombard and Woods. Came to Ireland 20 years ago but age and whiskey have killed off most of my friends. Asked Mr Lane the publisher to come to Mannington when I return. I shall show him Chittings Book. He says he will bring out a cheap edition of Horace Walpole's letters.
16 April 1897 from same
Discusses fishing.
3 May 1897 from London
Home from fishing; shall have to trust to the mere and the moat for trout when I come. Lady Orford and my little girl very well
25 June 1897 36 Bruton St
Sorry to have missed Mrs Purdy but glad she had good view of the procession. They also saw the Illuminations (such a crowd). Going to Naval Review tomorrow. Not home until at least mid July.
2 July 1897 36 Bruton St London
Cannot go to the Arch Society meeting on 7th & 8th, asks Purdy to find someone to take notes about Burnham Norton Priory and churches. I hear that the childrens fete I gave at Wolterton went off well. Poor Sir F Boileau is laid up at Welbeck St; I have been to sit with him several times The doctors say it is not serious but he must lay up for sometime.
5 July 1897 same
Going to Court Ball on 8th; just been to Weald Hall Essex fine old Tudor house. Probably going to Scotland. Hope Mrs Purdy and your son are flourishing.

Three letters in one envelope:
19 Nov 1897 Owsden Hall Newmarket
Had good shoot here, just leaving for home, invite to come over on Sunday
2 Dec 1897 36 Bruton Street
Hear gale left his mill at Waborne partly destroyed; not worth putting it in order for the rent he gets. Invite to shoot. Just off to a picture sale. Heard that Col Walpole will not be made bankrupt.
6 Dec 1897 Carlton Club
Bad news from Burnham; both my sea walls were broken away and the Norton and Overy marshes flooded. I have 30 men working and have bought up railway sleepers to make a temporary bank before spring tides. I thought the mill was bad but this is far worse. My cousin says Mr [Walter] Rye is very rash in some of his statements. Col Walpole is to pay in full (and not be a bankrupt) I am told he is rather pleased with the whole business and likes to see his name in the paper.

17 March 1898 Carlton Club (envelope)
About to leave the country; do not like letting the house but Mr Brand wants house and shooting for five months; is a rich man with no family so will agree. Purdy offered to do anything for him while away; asks him to write to him to 'make a link to the old house I am very fond of'. War likely between Russia and Japan; editor of the Times has asked him to send any news. Lady Walpole keeps to her bed.

7 April 1898 SS Malacca Aden
Another 15 days at sea before we get to Penang. Lady Walpole quite well and recovered from her accident (walking without a stick). Life on board. Capt is a Norfolk man; also on board Mr Taylor MP for SE Norfolk. Brand will live at Mannington during shooting season; found out all about him in London -seems to be popular. Has asked Christies to bid for picture of Bishop Scamler.

Four letters in one envelope:
24 May 1898 Grand Hotel Yokohama
Describes Japan. Thanks Purdy for his kindness to his little girl. Hopes Mrs Purdy and Mr Tom are well. Happy with his tenants at Mannington and Waborne.
21 July 1898 same
Details of Japan. Thanks Purdys for going to see the little girl- is looking forward to seeing her soon. Wished he had heard about land sale as would have bought anything that cut into Blickling near the lake of the Robins' house and land. How I dislike the idea of Mannington being occupied by strangers; I said [they could stay] a few days longer than the season but they have made it nearly a month.
I hope Mr Shepheard is better.
13 Aug 1898 c/o Corbin Spokane Washington
Found my little girl [Dolly] and Miss Craven here - looking well. Took her to swim in baths in the river. Let me know about the Roman road and if you find the old road runs by the ford.
8 Sept 1898 Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel Yellowstone National Park
Very interested in the find at Mannington, when I looked at where they were digging it all seemed natural and I had no idea anything would turn up. Has the Library at Norwich suffered very much from the fire and are many of the books burnt? Wonders why the sale of small Windham properties did not come off.

2 Sept 1898 c/o D Corbin, Spokane Washington (envelope The Grand Hotel Yokohama Japan)
Been on duck shoot in Corbin's private car. Lady Walpole and little girl staying at her brother's house; planning trip to Idaho for big game. Father-in- law has done well by selling his railways. At home, Mr Sheppard and Dr Roper have died; the Canon of Aylsham has behaved in narrow minded way. Asks if any news of Col Walpole. Little girl is very well and brown from sun. Walpole grudges the people living at Mannington and shall miss the English shooting- there is no place like Norfolk.

6 Oct 1898 same (no envelope)
More duck shooting. Has new Kodak and sends Purdy two photos. Is going to Wyoming in few days. Read about Mr Spurrell's accident; asks Purdy to say how sorry he is. Thinking of doing up one of the houses at Waborne and shooting there next year (have given tenants notice re shooting). Mr Harmsworth [Rector of Itteringham] fished at Wolterton and caught 16 ½ lb pike. Lady Walpole went to New York today in father's car- takes five days to get there.

11 Nov 1898 from c/o of D Corbin, Spokane Washington US (in envelope)
Pleased to hear from you. Been disappointed in going to Wyoming as I was thrown over by my mother-in-law when I had made all the preparations and then the snow came and so I had to give it up this year.... had four days dangerous climbing in the snow and ice at Mission Mountain in Montana . His plans for travel across Canada; to visit Lady Orford's cousin in New Hampshire; go to Kentucky to see about his coal mine.... I am glad you have been to Mannington, the shooting seems to have been pretty fair considering the year and I believe there are plenty of pheasants. Heartily sick of being away from home.

12 Jan 1899 Carlton Club Pall Mall (in envelope)
Arrived after rough passage and are at Bruton Street. Shot a wild boar just before leaving America. I am so sorry that Mannington is let till the 5th of next month but we shall come home as soon as we can after that. I am trying to find out about the sale of the land I think by Abel Heath, I mean the land sold by the late Lord that was bought by the Blickling people, could you tell me what year it was sold, how much for and who was employed in the sale

25 Jan 1899 Carlton Club
Re shooting: has let the Wolterton seat to Mr Alfred Price but shall have Burnham and 6000 acres and shoot lightly. Col Walpole's furniture in London is to be sold on Thursday; he has sold the house, amongst other things is some of the old family tapestry and my late Uncles Views by Constable he was so fond of. Hope to come home on 11th. Glad to hear of Mr Ives. Lady Walpole set off for Paris with her mother. Mr Vade Walpole writing a short history of the family in the Genealogical Magazine over several months.

3 Feb 1899 Carlton Club (envelope)
Shall be glad to see Purdy on Sunday. Gives shooting totals. Has put a keeper in at Burnham and begun a new farm house for Mr Tom Mack. has mislaid names of lawyers who sold Abel Heath, could Purdy let him know again. Sorry to hear about Mr Spurrell -unlucky.

14 May 1900 Villa Allegria Cannes (envelope)
Arrived to find poor mother very bad and doctor with little hope but she is already a little better (was lonely). Doctor a nice Englishman. Walpole will stay with her. Lady Walpole returns to Mannington today.

4 May 1900 36 Bruton Street London
Been busy on a committee in the House of Lords. Visiting in Kent. Missing Archaeological meetings. Thinks he has a tenant for Burnham. With two cheques on Aylsham bank dated Sept 1900 for Mr Rudd and Messr Barwell & Sons.

24 May 1900 from Villa Allegria Cannes (envelope)
I do not wish to sell the advowson (want £3000 for it) I do not find livings are any good to me, they are rather doubtful property but I like to own those near where I live. Is thinking of spending £2000 on Waborne but not clear where to begin. Mother is progressing but very weak so staying longer with her.

30 May 1900 from Villa Allegria Cannes France (in envelope)
I am always so interested in what goes on at home and it is so kind of you to write. My mother is going on well and the doctor says I may take her home in ten days

8 April 1901 Naples
Eyes very bad; doctor ar Cannes did no good so will go to famous oculist at Wiesbaden after Rome. Describes travels. Lady Walpole wishes to go to Paris he wishes to go home. I have built a strong room at Mannington.

21 April 1901 Wiesbaden Germany (in envelope)
The oculist says he can cure me if I am under his care for four to five weeks. I only use one eye now - the Grand Duke Michael of Russia told me at Cannes to 'go straight to Pagenstecher at Wiesbaden and tell him I told you to come, he cured me and he can cure you if anyone can', he is the man the Queen sent for. [Hermann Pagenstecher 1844-1932]

25 April 1901 Weisbaden Germany [in envelope]
Glad General Bulwer was elected President. Purdy lucky his cycle accident not worse. Mr Forster is unwell. Mr Crundall is forming a company to develop his property at Waborne and wants Walpole to join him.

30 April 1901 from Wiesbaden [Germany] (in envelope)
....I do hope they catch [the dog poisoners at Aylsham] - it seems such a cowardly thing to poison people's dogs in such an underhand way. Has bought a centrepiece in silver of an old ship. My eyes seem much the same. a confabulation of doctors in the hotel today.

9 June 1901 Wiesbaden (envelope)
Not been allowed to read or write and eyes painful from hot treatment but can now go out with dark glasses. Interested in Purdy's account of the map; would more show if properly photographed to decipher more names. [Mannington 1595 map] Lady Walpole settled in London

17 June 1901 Wiesbaden [envelope]
Eyes going well. Burgh Hall is on market. Crundall has started 'by mistake' laying pipes on land W sold him (but is not yet paid for). He will stop the work and suggests legal counsel.

23 June 1901 Wiesbaden [in envelope]
Re Crundall wells being sunk diverting water from other users. Professor says he can leave in a few days. Interested in Purdy's pamphlet on moats.

15 July 1902 from Bruton Street (in envelope)addressed to Purdy at The Beeches Aylsham
re publishing Chitting's book. Shooting in Yorkshire in August. Coronation will only an hour - the music is to be cut out. With times of [Society] visit to Holt on Aug 21.

21 July 1902 from 36 Bruton Street London (no envelope)
Please do as you suggest about Chittings book. re trout in moat. Coming home today but have to be back for the coronation on 9th. It is to be quite a quiet affair and the king will be carried from his carriage to the Abbey and back. I hear there are some young partridge to be seen When do you think the harvest will begin? Was asked to spend the day at Strawberry Hill but was not well enough to go.

26 July 1902
Carlton Club Pall Mall (no envelope)
Hope to see you before long ; I am alright again. We go today to Cassiobury Park (Lord Essex). I hear Col Walpole came over and Warner drove him over to see Saxthorpe, cannot see how he is in camp I thought he had retired. I made a bid for some lead pipes sold at a sale at Chediston Hall, Suffolk, they went for £200 my bid was only half that. I hear well of the partridge. I am afraid King is to have Blickling, they will only let for one year I hear now and Mr [?]an does not care about so short a time.

Aug 1905 Postcard from Norway

24 Feb 1908 from Grand Hotel St Moritz-Dorf
Lady Orford and their daughter taking skating lessons. Walpole has had notice to quit the Blickling land he hires next to the Appletree [close] and the Park; seems very discourteous and un-neighbourly - I believe we had had it since the Hobart's bought it from the Robins.[Itteringham land] Do you think it is vital to my shooting?

29 Feb 1908
Leaving for London on Tuesday. Hoping to retain the shooting land from Blickling. Mentions Tomes who was refused the Blickling [Hall] shooting.

24 Dec 1908 to RJWP at Ivy House Foulsham from Wolterton (in envelope)
Christmas wishes and a duck from the lake. Will you come over to shoot Mossimere on the 30th? We meet there at 11 o'clock.

11 Oct 1910 to Ivy House Foulsham from 307 Seventh Avenue Spokane USA
Re travels; have been to Canada off to Los Angeles and California and then to New Zealand (until Jan 18) then via Marseilles and home in March. This is a fine country for making money but I would not live here for anything. The farmer will not grow sugar beet for us.

6 Nov 1910 Hotel Metropole Santa Catalina California to Ivy House Foulsham (in envelope)
Re fishing for tuna and shooting. San Francisco foggy and disappointing. Auckland will be hot. Mr Smith tells me he has pruned up the cedars again. Poor Mr Case I saw a short account of the tragedy in the Times.

9 Jan [1911] from 'camped on Kuratau River Lake Taupo New Zealand'
Re fishing, hot weather.

Robert John Woods Purdy of Foulsham and Aylsham (d 1916): General Antiquarian Interest

Envelope of early notes, poems and 'entertainments' ; (one verse is addressed to Miss Purdy at Egmere; this may all be early Purdy family) nd [watermarks 1807-1831]

Folder of antiquarian notes and letters re range of subjects, places and families inc from Col Bulwer of Quebec house E Dereham 1888-1905; Francis Dix of Norwich re Dix family and Wickmere 1895; Rev Geo H Holley Chesterfield 1899; S Pitman re the Coulson/Bell families at Oulton and Aylsham, referring to 'the old Tudor house the remains of which you are now owner of' [Spa Farm]; Charles Tomes of Mannington Hall with Grimes pedigree nd. Also 18thc notes from Matlaske manor court re Britiffe (1672-1718); printed sermon on death of R Woolterton surgeon by James Spilling (annotated that RW lived in Samson and Hercules house); mounted pencil drawing of interior of Coleby church nd; ink sketch of Acle Bridge as Christmas card from S F Howitt 1898. 1866-1911

RJWP envelope of his antiquarian papers inc Hautbois Magna in NNAS vol Xvi pp147-152, 1907; a Short Account of typical Norfolk Houses inc Blickling ts, nd; a sheet re Wolterton Hall, nd c 1907. 1907.

Letter from W Gladstone from Harley St (on paper headed 11 Carlton House Terrace London) to Lady Lothian, marked private and confidential; he sends her a copy that 'may interest' her after their conversation but begs her not to speak of it until he has seen her, 29 April 1880.

Photograph of Revd Theodore Marsh of Cawston ('brother of Charles of Sall) nd [late 19th century]

Envelope with two letters re Roman roads in Norfolk J J Raven and Augustus Legge, 1898.

Envelope and list of royal photo cards intended as present, nd [late 19th century].

Photograph of Blakeney 1586 map, mounted by Parker of Blakeney, nd.

Miscellaneous sketch maps, nd:
Two small sketch maps showing a section of river and canals, possibly the Bure at Brampton. Ink and colour. Tracing paper stuck on card. nd
An undated small sketch of dwellings, buildings, a spring, ponds and pencil suggested location of ?earlier moats. [Location not known, it does not seem to match Woodgate House.] Acreages given in ink Paper. nd
Tracing of fields with ?tithe numbers. [Possibly Foulsham] Rolled on blotting paper nd
Tracing and paper copy of fields (possibly Foulsham) rolled with two reduced photos of Mannington estate maps (1595 and 1742 pt) in paper annotated with field acreages. nd

Copy of Norfolk Chronicle Vol II NO 60 Sat 26 May 1770
(nothing annotated; some local items eg robbery at Reepham and re estate of T Carrison, receiver is Thos Quarles of Foulsham)

Description of five coins Henry VII to James I., nd

Sealed warrant for Primrose League divisional council in North Norfolk. (in postal tube addressed to Sir Kenneth Kemp, King St Norwich), Nov 1887

RJWP Letters re coastal erosion and reclamation, 1902-1912

Modern envelope of embossed letterheadings, some remaining on papers, others removed and collected in small 19thc envelopes, one addressed to 'Mr Robert Purdie of Thurgarton'. This could date from 1860-61 when RJWP was living with his uncle Robert Woods at Thurgarton. 19th century.

Three photographs of a ruined church and workmen, nd [19th century]
[possibly Wells church hit by lightening 1878?]

Photograph of ruined church [Weybourne church and Priory Ruins?] nd [late 19th century]

Postcard of roof carving [possibly Cawston] nd

Packet of postcards of Institute of the Sisters of Mary & Joseph at Grammont, Belgium in original envelope, nd [c 1910].

Photocopy re Burgh by Aylsham and connection with Plantagenet kings, nd [20th century].

Foulsham estate

Deeds re Ivy House Foulsham- paper wrapper 'house at Foulsham copyhold of manor of Foulsham' pencil ' Ivy House' inc abstract of title for Robert Quarles Dench 1818-1860 for sale to R Woods, wills, death certificates, admissions to Manor of Foulsham for two messuages and shop in Market Place and moiety of messuage lying at east of previous messuage. [Ivy House and Hill House]. Also 1822 deed relates to other Foulsham properties of Quarles. (1 bundle) 1822-1865

Photograph (2 copies) of Foulsham showing Ivy House (far right), The Bull (centre), The Ship (on left with sign) (2 photographs) nd [late 19th century]

Photograph of house [Virginia House] corner of Guist Rd/ Hindolveston Road opposite Church Cottage (1 photograph) nd [late 19th century] (Susan Elizabeth Purdy was admitted to both the Hill House/Ivy house package and to the 'messuage formerly known as Seamans' in Foulsham in Oct 1873. (Three fine houses on opposite sides of the main road.) Seamans is Virginia house. The deeds for Seamans are in ACC 2015/244 Part 3 and Part 6.)

String bundle re Geo Cook, grazing land in Long Furlong at Foulsham with probate of Thos Cook of Oulton pr 1826 (1 bundle) 1787-1920

Paper wrapper bundle ' Church Farm Foulsham Thos Woods Purdy marriage settlement' inc schedules and all deeds inc probates for Church Farm from 1779 (Back, Gardiner, Sharp, Jn Berwick 1808, 1809 pt Archer) and Moor Farm, Wood Norton (1800-1885) (1 bundle) 1779-1909

Tied envelope S.E. Purdy decd Mill Hill Farm Foulsham' Leasehold of manor of Foulsham Geo Cook to Robert Woods 1802. Cock Bush pightle, Long Furlong. Abstract from 1715. (1 packet) 1784-1827

Robert John Woods Purdy additional

Diary of Susan Purdy nee Berwick of Foulsham, mother of RJWP. Leather bound volume 1869

Transcript of diary of 1869 [prior to RJWP's marriage and move to Aylsham] Paper typescript 20th century

Diary of Susan Purdy of Foulsham, unmarried sister of RJWP .(Her mother 'Mrs Purdy', died in 1883). Leather bound volume 1882

Photograph of Robert John Woods Purdy by F Treble Norwich Photograph c 1880

Photograph of Ada Maria Purdy (nee Cook) by F Treble Norwich Photograph c 1880

Photograph of dog with hare, taken and hand coloured by Walter Juan Finch, Red Lion St Aylsham. Photograph nd [c 1870s]

Photograph of Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society visit to Blackfriars Hall Norwich. (The Society visited Blackfriars in 1886, 1887, 1911 and 1925 but it was excavated by Percy Nash in 1910 and published in 1911. He appears to be on front left holding copy of his plan. RJW Purdy is in second half row down, fourth from left , next to clergyman. His friend Walter Rye and his wife may be seated in front row.) Photograph 1911.

Business records of Mann Egerton & Co. Ltd, car dealers, coachworkers, manufacturers and electrical engineers

  • ACC 2016/61
  • Temporary
  • c 1899-1991

Includes Mann Egerton (ME) board minutes, 1905-1946, 1968-1973, AGM minutes, 1914-1970, GNC Mann & Co. minutes, 1905-07, memorandum of association and early partnership agreements, cash book and ledgers, 1905-06 and nd, trading and profit/loss accounts, 1910-1956, directors' salary registers, 1917-1938, minutes, letter book and ledgers of subsidiary companies, Botwoods, and Johnson, 1905-1913 and nd, licence registration record and refund books, 1940-1950s, aircraft delivery records, 1919, aircraft employees' weekly wages records, 1914, album of aircraft types manufactured by ME, c1919, in-house company magazines, The News Bulletin, 1930-1939, The Link, 1958-1966, 1970-1980, and the Newsman, 1987-1991, catalogues, advertising and other printed matter from ME, subsidiary companies and car manufacturers (Austin, etc.), nd, 1920-1960s, files of photographs, arranged by subject matter (cars of various types, board directors, other staff, furniture, garages and company premises, social events, etc.) and guard books of press cuttings, 1932-1973.

Box 1 - Files of breakdown truck conversions 1940s-1950s; subsidiary company's printed brochures and letter-headings.
Box 2 - Photo album of Mann Egerton designed WW1 aircraft; files of photographs of Bentley cars 1930s-1940s.
Box 3 - Early partnership deed 1902, agreements to 1920s-1966 and memorandum of association 1905; cash book 1904-1905.
Box 4 - 75th anniversary correspondence and memoranda, with company handbooks 1973.
Box 5 - File of photographs of ME built WW1 aircraft c 1919.
Box 6 - Misc. photos and catalogues of ME-built ambulances and other vehicles 1920s-1930s; files of articles re ME WW1 aircraft production.
Box 7 -File of photos and catalogues of ME-built wooden furniture for schools and institutions 1920s-1980.
Box 8 - Correspondence, memoranda and bulletins re ME company history.
Box 9 - File of press cuttings, memoranda and correspondence re 90th anniversary in 1989 and after 1980-2009.
Box 10 - ME Board minutes 1938-1940, 1968-1973 (access restricted until 1 Jan 2024.); GNC Mann & Co private ledger 1905-1907.
Box 11 - ME letter book 1903-1906; Botwoods ledger 1910-1913; survey of ME premises in Norwich, Ipswich, London and elsewhere, with plans and photographs of premises pasted in, 1948.
Box 12 - Photographs of ME directors, social events and exhibitions, 1975-1978; file of printed ME letter-heads and forms.
Box 13 - Photo albums of ME coachwork 1930s; and of the 75th anniversary 1973.
Box 14 - ME profit/loss accounts 1903 and trading accounts 1910-1956; publicity brochures, handbills and letter-heads.
Box 15 - Directors private salaries ledger 1917-1938; Board of directors' minutes 1942-1946.
Box 16 - Photos of ME sold cars (other than Rolls Royce and Bentley) c 1900-1930s; photos of early ME partners and of motor show trade stands c 1920s-1930s.
Box 17 - Austin car catalogues 1934-1955; file of photos of ME premises 1907-1930s; files of photos of Botwoods premises and products including a catalogue of non-motorised carriages nd [late 19th C].
Box 18 - Guardbook of press cuttings 1963-1973; mounted, large-format photos of a motor exhibition nd [mid-late 20th C].
Box 19 - Glass negative slides c 1910s of ME sold cars, early customers and their cars; in-house journal, 'ME News Bulletin' (unbound copies) 1930-1939.
Box 20 - Board of directors' minutes 1926-1930; licence and registration record book 1938-1940; licence refund register 1939-1961.
Box 21 - Aircraft delivery records 1919-1920; album of photos of ME aircraft types.
Box 22 - Licence and registration record books, 1950s-1950s; aircraft employees salaries accounts 1914-1927; bound copies of company in-house journals, 'ME News Bulletin' 1930-1939 and of 'The Link' 1958-1966.
Box 23 - Glass slide photos of early cars and showrooms c 1900; AGM minutes 1914-1970 with index to the minutes 1913-1919; car cost book 1922.
Box 24 - Board of directors' minutes 1905-1923.
Box 25 - Board of directors' minutes 1930-1938, 1940-1942.
Box 26 - Guardbook of press cuttings 1932-1962.
Box 27 - Large-format photos nd [mid-late 20th C]; in-house magazine, 'Newsman' 1987-1991.
Box 28 - 'The Link' in-house journal 1970-1980; miscellaneous photos.
Box 29 - File of large-format photos, subjects A-M (cars, showrooms, early employees).
Box 30 - File of large-format photos, subjects N-Z (cars, showrooms, early employees).
Box 31 - Album of photos of ME designed breakdown trucks/ambulances conversions 1940s-1950s.
Box 32 - Printed catalogues, engineering and garage services.
Box 33 - Photos of ME coachwork on Rolls Royce cars c 1907-1920.
Box 34 - Printed catalogues and dealers agreements 1920s-1940s.
Box 35 - Subsidiary companies ; Botwoods Ltd AGM minutes 1911-1972 and ledger 1916-1920; WH Johnson & Son Ltd minutes 1919-1972.
Box 36 - Photos of ME board directors and Head Office staff, captioned but undated [c 1966-1980s] and of presentations to staff, exhibitions and social events 1979-1985.

Mann Egerton & Co. Ltd; 1905-; car dealers, coachworkers, manufacturers and electrical engineers; Norwich, Norfolk

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