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Municipal officials and employees
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Records relating to Jessie and Tom Griffiths

  • ACC 2021/30
  • Temporary
  • 1940-1970

Box 1) Photo albums, memorabilia and visitor book while Jessie was Lord Mayor of Norwich and Sheriff. Also her notes on Norfolk Dialects.

Box 2) Collection of items Tom worked on throughout his life. Letters of thanks from organisations and councils who had commissioned his work.

Tom Griffiths; 1901-1990; artist; Norwich, Norfolk

Oaths and Declarations of Corporate Officers

Has the wording of the oaths officers took and that of the declarations. It also includes how the Mayor making ceremony is conducted. Indicating in what order the Mayor, Recorder and Mayor-elect process and what oaths the Mayor-elect must take. Also the manner of swearing the Mayor. The oaths and declarations swear loyalty to the King, which have been crossed out and replaced with Queen in a number of oaths. The Oath of Alleigiance and Supremacy are to Queen Victoria by name. The oaths included in the volume are:

Oath of Allegiance (cross through with marginal note that it has been repealed)
Oath of Supremacy (cross through with marginal note that it has been repealed)
Declaration of Fidelity by a Quaker
Affirmation of a Quaker upon his being made a Freeman
Freemans Oath
Common Council Mans Oath
Aldermans Oath
Common Council Man's oath on choosing the Mayor
Mayors Oath
Mayors Oath as Clerk of the Market
Recorders Oath
Town Clerks Oath
Serjeants Oath
Deputy Clerk of the Markets Oath
Sacrament [?] carmerar [?]
Eastgate Oath
Southgate Oath
Constables Oath (a pencil annotation adds superintendent of police)
Leet Oath
Coal Metters Oath
Corn Metters Oath
Oath of the officer for the enquiry, surveying and punishment of offences committed upon the waters
Coroner's Oath
Justice of the Peace Oath

Declaration of officers in Pursuance of Act of Parliament 9th; Geo 4th; C17 (passed on 9th May 1828)
Declaration that I do profess the Roman Catholic Religion, including the oath of abjuration (cross through with marginal note that it has been repealed)

Ten oaths of allegiance and supremacy are written and signed, two are left blank. These are either undated or range from 1865-1867.
An edited meter's oath is also recorded and signed.

Estates papers

Hiring agreement by Francis Chestney for house and premises occupied by Widow Cornwell (unlocated), he to act as gamekeeper and farm bailiff, 1793; Heydon estate rentals, some showing mortgages etc. charged on the estate, 1805, 1823, and undated; and declaration by T. Trench Berney that Richardson the Heydon agent had not, contrary to rumour, countenanced threshing machinery breaking during recent riots, 1831.

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