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Charter of 5 Henry V being an inspeximus of charters of 1 and 5 Henry IV

Dated at Porchester, 5 Henry V. Citing the many strifes and dissentions as to the government of the city, the king commanded that the citizens and commonalty should elect twenty-four fellow citizens as Aldermen for life, and also sixty other citizens for a Common Council of the City, and that the mayor, sheriffs and common councillors be elected annually according to the Composition agreed in 1415, and also that the twenty-four aldermen be confirmed in office each year unless reasonable cause is shown for their removal.
Witnesses: the Venerable Fathers H[enry] Archbishop of Canterbury Primate of All England, 'our dear uncle' H[enry] Bishop of Winchester 'our Chancellor' and Thomas Bishop of Durham, Thomas Duke of Clarence, John Duke of Bedford, Humphrey Duke of Gloucester 'our most dear brothers', Thomas Duke of Exeter 'our most dear uncle', Edmund Earl of March, John Earl of Huntingdon, Richard Earl of Warwick, and Thomas Earl of Salisbury 'our kinsmen', Henry FitzHugh 'our Treasurer', Walter Hungerford Steward of 'our household', Master Henry Ware Keeper of 'our' Privy Seal, and others.
Includes finely penned decorated initial, 'H' and other capitals on the top line of text. Marginal annotations occur in both English and Latin in a 16th-century hand. A footnote reads, 'By the king himself and for 100 marks paid into the hanaper'. Also given is the name of the clerk, 'Gaunstede'. Blomefield's initials appear under the seal fold.

Inspeximus by royal letters patent of 3 Edward VI of an earlier inspeximus of 19 Henry VII and letters patents of 17 and 30 Henry VIII

Dated at Westminster, 3 Edward VI. Includes a large initial, 'E' decorated with strapwork and a line-drawing portrait of a young King Edward enthroned and with the legend, 'Vivat Rex' above. Along the top line of text are bold and 'textura quadrata' letters. Other decorative symbols above the text are obscured by dirt. There are 17th-century marginal annotations. Blomefield's crossed circle sign is in the top-left corner and also on the seal fold between the seal cord stitches. Footnotes read, 'For £15 paid into the hanaper' and ,' By the king himself'.

Records of Tasburgh United Charities

  • MC 3292
  • Fondo
  • 1778-1941

Poor's Land (aka Town Land or Feoffment Charity):
Release of Tasburgh Town Lands between Robert Browne and Thomas Beevor, and others, 1778
Abuttals of Tasburgh Feoffment Lands nd [? c 1827]
Lease and Release of Tasburgh town Land in Trust between William Warren and Revd. Ellis Burroughes, Frederick Paul Irby, Frederick William Irby, Revd Geoge Preston, Isaac Preston, Isaac Jermy Preston, and others, 1828
Order of exchange between the Trustees and the Great Eastern Railway Company, 1870
Statment of accounts 1918
Extract from the Register of Unreported Charities Volume 147, pp 66-68, concerning the charity, nd [c 1905]
Fuel Allotment Charity:
Sealed order of Exchange of charity land between Philip Berney Ficklin and Tasburgh Parish Council, 1905
Tasburgh United Charities:
Summary of charities that preceded the TUC, 1921
Copy tenancy agreement between the Trustees and Thomas West Nicholson for the hire of land at Flordon, 1941
Counterpart agreement between the Trustees and Norfolk County Council for the dedication of land at Flordon, for road improvement, 1937
Order of exchange between Philip Berney Ficklin and the Rector and Churchwardens of Tasburgh, 1905
Depwade Union: list of paupers receiving outside relief in Tasburgh, 1836.
The three charities began the process of amalgamation in 1921, and formed the Tasburgh United Charities in 1928.

Tasburgh United Charities; 1928-

Harbour Logs, Registers of Vessels Arriving and Sailing etc.

Including the following:

Harbour log, March 1904-1908
Daily records including the date, time of high water, wind, and observations.
1 volume

Harbour Master's journal, January 1904-August 1906
Records the date, wind, weather, and remarks including numbers of arrivals and sailings.
1 volume

Harbour logs, 1930-1975
Record the name of each vessel, its cargo, the quay used and the tonnage.
6 volumes

Harbour Master's report books of arrivals and sailings, 1929-1945
Record the times of high water, the wind, and the height of the tide morning and afternoon, the harbour or dock, arrivals and sailings with names of each vessel and the pilot's name.
11 volumes

Harbour Master's Daily log books, 1945-1974
Record the position of vessels morning and afternoon, arrivals and sailings, the state of the weather and tide, and for each ship its number, the time, the ship's name, draft, registered tonnage, port of registry, cargo, ports of origin and destination and the pilot involved. Each volume covers one calendar year.
30 volumes

Pilot Master's registers of arrivals and sailings, 1928-1969
Record the dates of arrivals and sailings, and for each vessel its name, registered tonnage, the master's name, the port of registry, the pirts of origin and destination, the draught up and down, the pilot's name, and a cash book reference number. No registers have yet been identified covering 1932-1942 and 1947-1955.
5 volumes

Registers of vessels bound for King's Lynn, 1946-1968
Record the date, the ship's name and particulars, the dock or quay it was bound for and the date of arrival.
6 volumes

Harbour Master's copies of tide tables, 1943-1962
Printed: badly damaged by damp and mould.

Logs of Conservancy Board vessels and harbour radio, 1949-1992
Draft or scrap log books and fair copies of Pilot cutters etc. From 1955 these are entered in printed diaries each covering one calendar year.

Harbour Radio rough logs, 1964-1970
7 volumes

Tidesman's log books, 1946-1970
Record the times of high water, the wind and arrivals and sailings on each tide.

Port Operations logs, 1970-1984?
These continue from tidesman's logs. Written in foolscap books (not printed forms), they record the wind and weather at each tide, the names of vessels which arrived and sailed, and the height of the tide.
?23 volumes

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