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Manorial records and title deeds re Swardeston Rectory and Manor of Mulbarton

Bundle of John Steward and John Henry Steward's records re various manors, including a copy of the Swardeston inclosure award, 1786, Manor of Mulbarton C19th copy of 1712 licence to plant trees on Mulbarton Common, papers re an encroachment on Swardeston Common, 1835, quit-rentals and account of fees re the manors of Mulbarton and of Saxlingham Nethergate, Verdons and Thorpe Hall, 1830, 1845-1858, sale particulars, Swardeston property, 1833, papers re an assault on James Cannell on Swardeston Common 1833, papers re Philip Candler's estate and case papers re copyholds with John Henry Steward's correspondence re manors, 1786-1858; bundle of deeds and abstracts of title, John Kemp to John Steward re the rectory of Swardeston, including an abstract (1670-1815) with a parchment cover, reused from part of a court roll of the Manor of Gunviles in Wymondham, entries June-Aug 1666, 1800-1822.

Burnham Deepdale, Burnham Norton and Burnham Overy

Award: 1826. Maps (5): Burnham Deepdale, 1825, 1 inch: 12 chains, 44 by 65; Burnham Norton, 1825, 1 inch: 8 chains, 50 by 72; Burnham Norton and Burnham Deepdale (beach only), 1825, 1 inch: 6 chains, 65 by 67; Burnham Westgate, Burnham Sutton and Burnham Thorpe, 1825, 1 inch: 9 chains, 73 by 94; Burnham Overy, 1825, 1 inch: 6 chains, 71 by 96. Surveyor: Benjamin Leak of Holt.
The maps show that the manors of Burnham Overy Crab Hall Lathes; Burnham Thorpe with the members; Burnham Vewters; Burnham Lexhams; Burnham Polstead Hall; Burnham Windhams extend into Burnham Norton parish: the manors of Burnham Overy Crab Hall Lathes; Burnham Thorpe with the members; Pomfretts in Burnham Overy; Burnham Vewters; Burnham Windhams extend into Burnham Overy parish; the manors of Burnham Lexhams; Burnham Polstead Hall; extend into Burnham Deepdale parish; the manors of Burnham Overy Crab Hall Lathes; Burnham Thorpe with the members extend into Burnham Westgate, Sutton and Thorpe.

Bundle of plans re Felthorpe

A Inclosure map taken by Baily Bird, surveyor, 1779, scale of chains 8 - 1 in. 23 in. by 27 in. Names of occupiers.
B Property of John Wright, esq., planted 1810, Francis Dix, surveyor, scale of chains 10 - 3.3 in. 20 in. by 17 in.
C Property of John Wright, esq., scale of chains 40 - 5.3 in. Names of adjacent owners; fields numbered; reference table; buildings include church. 16 in. by 20 in.

Sisland, Seething, Kirstead and Mundham

Award: 1814. Maps (4):
Sisland nd, n.s., 61 by 53;
Seething, nd, 1 inch: 6 chains, 80 by 108, incs meadow and marsh;
Kirstead, nd, 1 inch: 7 chains, 55 by 71;
Mundham, nd, 1 inch: 6 chains, 80 by 102, incs windmill. Some roads, lanes and fields named.
Surveyors: Bailey Bird of Norwich; Robert Corby of Kirstead; and William Salter Millard of Norwich.


Award: 1827. Map: 1827, 1 inch: 6 chains, 92 by 108. Inset of Worstead Town with pen and ink drawing of church, 1 inch: 1.5 chains. Surveyor: Pratt & Warren.

Bergh Apton, Thurton, Yelverton, Alpington and Holverston

Award: 1806. Maps (2): Bergh Apton and Thurton, 1806, 1 inch: 7 chains, 70 by 109; Yelverton, Alpington and Holverston, 1806, 1 inch: 6 chains, 106 by 134. The maps indicate that the manors of Framingham, Earl, Framingham Pigot, Poringland and Surlingham extend into Yelverton, Alpington and Holverston; and that the manors of Bergh Apton, Banyarda, Seething, Thurton, Hellington and Washingford extend into Bergh Apton and Thurton.
Surveyor: Robert Corby, land surveyor.


Award: 1815. Map: 1815, 1 inch: 6 chains, 57 by 69. Incs Balls Green, meeting-house, Hardwick Hall and windmills. Surveyor: Robert Corby of Kirstead, Norfolk.

Great Melton

Award: 1826. Map: nd, 1 inch: 9 chains, 63 by 84 (also shows exchanges of land in parishes of Barford, Marlingford and Little Melton), incs woodland, 'America Cottages', ponds and lime kiln. Map covers all the parish. Surveyor: Robert Corby of (Whitlingham).

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