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Documents relating to the country estates of God's House (aka St Giles' Hospital and later, the Great Hospital) and of other city hospitals and charities

Includes title deeds, counterpart agreements and leases and other records relating to the (mainly, country) estates (in Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and elsewhere) of the several city hospitals and other charities, dating from the mid-13th to the mid 20th centuries. These documents were calendared by archivist, Miss Mary Grace in the mid-20th century and arranged loosely under parish (or, occasionally, groupings of parishes) but numbered through in one sequence. The Great Hospital's documents were listed first and were numbered from 1-1361, though numbers 634-663 inclusive were not used, and the sequence also excluded those deeds of the estates in Cringleford because these had already been calendared both by JC Tingey at the turn of the 20th century and by Frederick Johnson in the 1920s. Their handwritten calendars describing approximately 288 deeds of Cringleford estates are currently held with other manuscript finding aids and notes by past city archivists and antiquarians in NCR 29. The descriptions of the Cringleford deeds are in the process of being added to this catalogue, under sub-section 7, where they form a separately numbered series from the main sequential series.

Records for the Boys, Girls, Bethel, Doughty's and Cooks Hospitals and of other named city charities follow those of the Great Hospital in Miss Grace's sequence, and occasionally include suit papers and copies of wills, agreements and other foundation documents.

Title deeds and leases to St Giles' Hospital's (and perhaps to the other hospitals') estates in Norwich itself appear to have survived in NCR 4a, and specifically those concerning the precinct of St Giles' Hospital itself are listed in the group, NCR 4a/31 (for properties in the parish of St Helen's and St Giles in Holmstreet).

Great Hospital; c 1249-; Norwich, Norfolk

Guildhall Court of Record

Includes docket books of court common law proceedings, books of actions and plaints, court minutes, registrar's and judges' case notes, printed rules of the court and some late administrative and historical matter just prior to the abolition of the court in 1971.

Guildhall Court; [?15th century]-c1960s; common law court; Norwich, Norfolk

Deposit of 19 July 1996

Listed where possible by the name of the clients involved:

Harvey, FOS 418-428
Berney, FOS 429-437
Arnold, FOS 438-440
Reynard, FOS 441, 442
Birkbeck, FOS 443-462
Doughty, FOS 463-465
Edwards, FOS 466-473
Kennett, FOS 474-483
Wroxham Manor (provenance unknown), FOS 484-489
Freethorpe Manor (provenance unknown), FOS 490
Braydeston Manor (provenance unknown), FOS 491
Sales Particulars (provenance unknown), FOS 492-558
Anson, FOS 559-567
Gwyn, FOS 568-572
Bacon, FOS 573-580
West Somerton/Martham Manors (provenance unknown), FOS 581-585
Custance/Douglas, FOS 586-597
Dewing, FOS 598
Bulwer, FOS 599-607
Marsham, FOS 608-611
Maps (provenance unknown), FOS 612-615

Civil Parish

Overseers Accounts; Vestry; Watch Rate Books; Churchwardens; Highway Rate Books; and Church Rate Books.

St Nicholas with St Peter Ecclesiastical Parish; ?-; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

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