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Workers Educational Association- Blofield branch records

  • ACC 2021/99
  • Fonds
  • 1956-2015

Box 1 Courses held at Blofield branch-Course posters, course details, and student registers 1994-2014 (closed for 30 years as contain personal data of students).
Branch officers handbook- standing orders, regional and local newsletters, some correspondence with local venue provider, 1997-2015 (closed for 30 years as contain personal data of students and members).
WEA Blofield branch committee meeting minutes 1950s-2010 and AGM minutes 1996-2009
'Some Norfolk Reminiscences' 2003- collection of memories about courses and events in Norfolk compiled to celebrate the WEA's centenary.
'Mansbridge: a life'- biographical note to celebrate the centenary of the WEA.

Workers Educational Association: Blofield branch; fl 1956-; adult education; Blofield, Norwich

Lack of Latin teaching in West Norfolk schools

Description: Unidentified presenter interviews Michael Walker, Headmaster, and John Chapel, Head of Classics, both of King Edward VII School, King's Lynn, who describe benefits of teaching Latin, changing teaching , and the effect of the National Curriculum on teaching Latin.
Recording location: Norfolk, England, UK
Performer(s)/contributer(s): Walker, Michael (speaker, male, interviewee, Head Master of King Edward VII Grammar School, King's Lynn); Chapel, John (speaker, male, interviewee, Head of Classics at King Edward VII Grammar School King's Lynn); unidentified (speaker, male, presenter)
Recording note(s): Recorded with the intention of being broadcast on BBC Radio Norfolk.

Adult Learning Week

Description: Discussion of Adult Learning Week including the increased availability and participation in access courses and combatting the stigma surrounding accessing education later in life.
Recording location: Norfolk, England, UK
Performer(s)/contributer(s): unidentified (speaker, female, presenter); Richards, Paul (speaker, male, interviewee, Norfolk College); Ricks, Barbara (speaker, female, interviewee); Phipps, Rachel (speaker, female, interviewee, Community Education Co-ordinator); Bushell, Dick (speaker, male, interviewee, Joint Manager of the King's Lynn Job Centre)
Recording note(s): Recorded with the intention of being broadcast on BBC Radio Norfolk.

Terrington school

Description: Trevor Austin discusses the reactions to and benefits of a new primary school in Terrington, formed from the joining together of separate infants and junior schools.
Recording location: Norfolk, England, UK
Performer(s)/contributer(s): Austin, Trevor (speaker, male, presenter); unidentified (speaker, male, interviewee); Shephard, Gillian (speaker, female, interviewee, Member of Parliament for South West Norfolk); Kemp, E. (speaker, female, interviewee, Mayor of King's Lynn)
Recording note(s): Recorded with the intention of being broadcast on BBC Radio Norfolk.

G[rant] M[aintained] S[tatus] Schools - George Turner

Description: Discussion of a Labour Party document advising schools on deferring opting out of grant maintained status until after the next election. The demographics of Norfolk schools and the impact of the policy on schools is discussed.
Recording location: Norfolk, England, UK
Performer(s)/contributer(s): unidentified (speaker, male, presenter); Turner, George (speaker, male, interviewee, Labour Party Candidate)
Recording note(s): Recorded with the intention of being broadcast on BBC Radio Norfolk.

Adult Education

Description: Discussion of funding vouchers for adult education courses in West Norfolk funded by Norfolk County Council.
Recording location: Norfolk, England, UK
Performer(s)/contributer(s): unidentified (speaker, male, presenter); unidentified (speaker, female, interviewee)
Recording note(s): Recorded with the intention of being broadcast on BBC Radio Norfolk.

'This is East Anglia', presented by Jean Goodman

00:45 (minutes:seconds) - opposition to local rates increases; featuring interview by David Cass of Doug Speed of newly formed [Norwich based] East Anglia Rate Payers Association who are campaigning on rate reform. DG comments on those most affected by large increases in local rates, nature of protest, non-payment of rates and plans to extend campaign nationally.

04:56 - Pat Beasley presents item on vandalism in Peterborough schools, focussing on uneasy relationship between parents and local education authority; bad behaviour of older pupils; effect of extension to school leaving age; reaction to comments of Sir Harmer-Nicholls, Peterborough MP; vandalism at Jack Hunt Comprehensive School [Jack Hunt School, Peterborough]; and reaction to comments by Councillor Charles Swift, Chairman of Board of Governors at Lincoln Road Secondary Boys School following vandalism.

08:05 - weather forecast for East Anglia given by Wally Thrower.

09:13 - Norfolk Playgroup Week highlighting work and benefit of such playgroups. Includes interview by Leslie Burn of Mary Fawcett, Chairman of Norfolk Pre-School Playgroups Association. Topics discussed include needs of young children; required support from local authorities; comments on accusations of being middle-class; ability of low-income families to send children to playgroups; assisted playgroup in Norwich funded by Education Department as pilot project; integration of children with special needs.

13:17 - preventing crime by educating offenders, featuring interview by JG of Douglas Curtis, Regional Organiser of National Association for Care and Resettlement of Offenders. Includes founding of house in Cambridge aiming to arrange further education opportunities for offenders; opportunities for learning in prison; need for funding, welfare support and accommodation; and integrating former prisoners into existing system.

17:57 - boom of in-shore fishing, featuring interview by John Myatt of Peter Catchpole, managing director of Lowestoft company specialising in shore management for in-shore boats. Topics discussed include reasons for success of smaller boats, which incude appeal of shorter trips, less overheads, more affordable for owner skippers; boats that make up the in-shore fleet; problems of fuel price increases; and desire for government subsidies.

22:00 - John Marsh looks through the day's newspapers.

26:54 - Ted Ellis, naturalist, with Michael Chapman, walks by River Yare and Rockland Broad, describing what flora and forna can be seen, including a heronry.

31:19 - regional news and sport with Michael Drake.

David Cass; ? 1970s; journalist

Interview by Glynn Burrows of Mrs Barley nee Bear.

Side A (track 1 on CD copies) relates to Mrs Barley's early childhood [early 1900s] in Weasenham and to various members of her family. Detailed description of immediate family history, and where various people lived in Weasenham; detailed account of being burnt all over body as a child and seeing 'Dr Highmore of Litcham'; living in house owned by 'Jack Arthur'; detailed description of school days at Weasenham [All Saints National] School, describing school Christmas parties and how the 'Dowager Countess of Leicester' would give tree from Weasenham with presents hung on it for each of the children [between 1909 and 1937], and how children refused to go to school because of unpopularity of school mistress, playing truant, names of school pupils given; how her half brother Philip won scholarship but couldn't take up his place due to lack of money; helping at Weasenham St Peter's Sunday School; describes childrens Sunday best for church; describes what she ate as a child; describes gleening and her father taking corn to [Great] Massingham mill.

Side B (track 2 on CD copies) continues describing childhood, including what she got up to in spare time, 'I was a right tom boy'; anecdote about having to right lines at school following aniseed ball incident; severely injuring tongue and risk of choking; buying fish (kippers, bloaters, white herring from man from Litcham; eating chicken, rabbit, pheasant that she had poached; going mushrooming and black berrying; selling Christmas cards; standing outside Fox and Hounds public house [Weasenham St Peter] on Boxing Day to see off hunt; describes where they got their clothes from, mother making shirts and trousers and selling them; continues talking about family members and what happened to them.

Georgina Caroline Coke; 1852-1937; Countess of Leicester

Correspondence about application of John Davile to be master of the Free School, Lynn

Including letters to Revd Dr [Thomas] Pyle recommending Davile from, William Herring, Bishopthorp, and John Jackson, London, 1746; recommendation of John Davile for ordination by the master and senior fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge, 1736, letter of recommendation by John Clarke, Beverley, 1737, list of boys at King's Lynn Grammar School, nd.

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