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Jarrold and Sons Ltd, Printers, publishers and retailers of Norwich Sub-sub-fonds
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William, Hannah and Samuel Jarrold

William Jarrold (1740-1784) was the eldest son of Samuel Jarrold and Ann Pease and brother of John Jarrold I. William married Hannah Bridgeman (? 1738-1771), in whose father's grocery and drapery business John Jarrold I was apprenticed, and lived in Manningtree, Essex, taking over his father Samuel's grocery and drapery business. Samuel Jarrold (1743-1777) was the second son of Samuel and Ann and an elder brother of John Jarrold I, the youngest son.

[Herbert] John Jarrold, Catherine Grace Jarrold and Joan Jarrold

Items mainly relating to Herbert John Jarrold, known as John, with a smaller number of associated items relating to his first wife, Catherine Grace Jarrold, known as Grace.

There is a brief biography of HJJ in JJPM brochure in box 179.
There are further biographical details in card index of JLD 3/3/154.

(Herbert) John Jarrold; fl 1936-1974; Mayor of Norwich; Norwich, Norfolk, and Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Peter John Jarrold

Peter John Jarrold is the eldest son of Herbert John Jarrold and took over as Chairman of Jarrold & Sons after his father's death in 1979, until his retirement. His involvement was mainly with the Printing division.

Peter was a President of the British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF). He was Sheriff of Norwich in 1998-9.

Richard Elliott Jarrold

Richard is the second son of Herbert John Jarrold and was the director of the retail division in the mid to late twentieth century. After the retirement of his elder brother Peter, he took over as chairman of the company.

Further papers belonging to Richard Jarrold can be found in the retail management papers series.

Samuel Jarrold (1805-1874), Mary Jarrold (1819-1857) and Elizabeth Louisa Jarrold (1830-1917)

Samuel Jarrold was the second son of John Jarrold II. He was married twice, first to Mary Turner, with whom he had two children, Samuel John James (known as John) and Mary Jane. After his wife's death, Samuel married Elizabeth Louisa Fisher, with whom he had eight children: Ella Louisa, Emma Maud (known as Maud), William Thomas Fisher, Helen Elizabeth, Thomas Herbert Curteis, Annie Priscilla, Edith and Emily Jarrold Jarrold. It was his sons, William and Herbert, who took over the family business after the death of Samuel and his brothers.

Samuel was an active member of the temperance movement, being among the founders of the Norwich Total Abstinence Society and founding the Temperance Montly Visitor magazine. He was the treasurer and secretary of the Norwich Temperance Society at different times and also became one of the Vice-Presidents of the British Temperance League.

The Temperance Monthly Visitor was edited by Elizabeth after Samuel's death in 1874, until her death in 1917. It is thought that Elizabeth and Thomas Jarrold's wife Hannah became actively involved in the family business after the death of their husbands, evidence of which can be seen in their comments on manuscripts submitted for publication.

Elizabeth grew up at Hingham Hall in Hingham, Norfolk. She became Samuel Jarrold's second wife, after becoming acquainted with him through the temperance movement. Further papers belonging to Elizabeth can be found amongst the papers of her son William, to whom they appear to have passed after her death..

Thomas Jarrold (1812-1877) and Hannah Elizabeth Jarrold, his second wife

Thomas Jarrold was the fourth son of John Jarrold II. He was married twice, first in 1844, to cousin Maria Smith, daughter of his father's former business partner Benjamin Smith, with whom he had two daughters, Maria Elizabeth (Eliza) and Hannah Priscilla (Priscilla). After his wife's death in 1849, Thomas married a second cousin, Hannah Elizabeth Jarrold, daughter of Dr. Thomas Jarrold of Manchester, who was the son of John Jarrold I's eldest brother William. They had one daughter, Sarah Edith (Edith). He erected Memorial Hall in Norwich in memory of Priscilla and Edith, who both died in early adulthood. Eliza went on to marry George Newbegin.

According to his obituary in the Norfolk News, Thomas entered the family business when he was not yet 21 and was especially involved in the stationery arm of the company, as well as with the buying and selling of stock.

Thomas Jarrold was on the original Committee of Proprietors for the Norfolk News, Eastern Counties' Herald and Norwich, Yarmouth and Lynn Commercial Gazette, which later established the Eastern Daily Press. The Jarrold partnership leased part of their Exchange Street premises to the paper as offices and printing was moved to these offices between 1853-8.

In addition, it is thought that Thomas and his second wife Hannah were closely involved in the writing and publication of a series of tracts known as 'Household Tracts for the People', which offered advice on subjects such as hygiene and moral conduct.

Samuel John James Jarrold (1848-1890)

Samuel John James, known as John or John James, was the eldest son of Samuel Jarrold, the only son from Samuel's first marriage to Mary Turner.

Although he had previously been involved in the company business, he became a partner in the firm in around 1889, but died in 1890.

He married Ellen Theobald (1858-1921) in 1879 and they had two sons, Eric John Berrnard and Esmond Vernon, and one daughter, Olive, later Mrs Burrows.

A photograph of John James as a child, with his mother and sister, is available elsewhere in the collection.

William Thomas Fisher Jarrold (1866-1937) and Alice Jarrold

William Thomas Fisher Jarrold, known as W.T.F or William, was the second son of Samuel Jarrold, the first son from Samuel's second marriage to Elizabeth Louisa Fisher. He joined the family business in 1888, becoming chairman of Jarrold & Sons in 1902.

He was married twice, first to Eileen Moore in 1891, then to Alice Isabella Simpson in 1907, neither marriage producing any children.

He was active within the printing industry, becoming the first president of the Norwich Master Printers' Association in 1897 and the first president of the East Anglian Master Printers' Association in 1918. He was also involved in civic life, sitting as the first Councillor for Earlham Ward, which he represented as a Liberal for three years from 1891 and serving as Sheriff of Norwich in 1920. In addition, he was the secretary of the Committee of the Sunnyhill Red Cross Hospital in Thorpe St Andrew, which treated members of the Armed Forces wounded in the First World War, his wife Alice taking on the role of commandant of the hospital. Alice was the chairman of the Norwich branch of the Young Women's Christian Association (Y.W.C.A.), while William served on the committee during the 1930s. William was also the Chairman of the temperance organisation the Norfolk and North Suffolk Band of Hope Union.

That he had an interest in his family's history is evident in the handwritten notes he has made and left with other archival documents in the collection, suggesting that he had read through, and perhaps arranged, his family papers. This is perhaps related to his overseeing of the earliest Jarrolds' history in 1924.

William Jarrold was also a vice president of the Norfolk and Norwich Amateur Operatic Society between 1930 and 1935.

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