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Copy conveyance of a house and garden in Heacham Park

Conveyance by the representatives of Charles Edward Strachan to Isabel, Marion and Margaret Thomson (with the agreement of Benjamin Gulley) of a cottage and garden in Heacham on the Hunstanton Road, adjacent to property of Arthur Neville-Rolfe, for £400. Includes an attached plan. The copy may well have belonged to Arthur Neville-Rolfe, since the deed gives a right of overflow of drainage onto his property. With note by David Neville-Rolfe giving background information about the deed and the ownership of the Heacham estate in the early twentieth century, nd [c 2014].

Palmers department store additional records

  • ACC 2021/7
  • Temporary
  • c 1900-c 2009

Contains deeds relating to shop premises in Great Yarmouth and photographs of shop/shop displays in Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and Bury St Edmunds.

Palmers Department Store; 1837-2020; retailer; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

ACC 2021/7: Box 1

Deeds relating to the Palmers site in Great Yarmouth. Sites and rows mentioned include numbers/rows: 21, 22 and 23, Row 54; 9, row 56; 10, 11, 15, 22, Row 58; 3, 4, 10, 11, 12-12a, 14, Row 60 (11 envelopes)

Deeds and related documents concerning the freehold property known as The Walker Distillery, Market Place, Great Yarmouth and ? related to part of row 56, c 1921-1961 (1 folder).

Copies of plot plans, sale particulars and historical notes taken mainly from deeds and trade directories (not in file) relating to 37, Market Place, Great Yarmouth and also some relating to 27-28, row 54 (1 envelope).

Photographs of 170th anniversary celebrations, Great Yarmouth (1 album).

Photographs of shop (formerly called Chadd's) and shop displays/windows, Lowestoft, c 2009 (2 albums).

Photographs of shop and shop displays, Bury St Edmunds, c 2009 (1 album).

Palmers Department Store; 1837-2020; retailer; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Title deeds to 1 Jubilee Cottages, Gateley Road, Brisley, NR20 5LP

  • MC 3604, 1077X7
  • Fonds
  • Mar 1841-Aug 2008

In 1841, William Atthow of Brisley, yeoman sold for £85 to his younger brother, James Atthow of the same place, pump maker, three messuages and 1r,16p of land adjoining in Brisley, bounded to the north by Brisley Green, to the east by other lands and premises of William Atthow and to the south and west by the lands of George Butcher Esq. By the terms of James' will, proved 1858, the three coottages purchased from his brother with the comon garden adjoing them was bequeathed to his married daughter, Harriet Susanna Warner. In 1863, Harriet died leaving title to her husband, George Warner for life and after his death, to her daughter, another Harriet Susanna. In 1886, Harriet married Arthur Albert Perkins, and two years later, on the presumption of inheritance, obtained a loan of monies. The security was assigned in 1893 and again in 1895, and when, in 1900, George Warner died, Harriet Susanna Perkins and her mortgagee copnveyed the cottages and land to Henry Moore. Moore mortgaged the cottages in 1911, and in 1921, he and his mortgagee conveyed the cottages to AP Wright. Wright had the three cottages converted to two cottages in that year, and sold the two cottages to Arthur Fisher. In 1924 Fisher sold them to Robert T Howling, who owned them until in 1957, he declared that the area of the 'Jubliee Cottage' smallholding was nearer to half an acre than to 1r,16p, after which, he conveyed it to Eric A Eke. The Ekes acquired an additional piece of land west and adjoining the smallholding in 1971 and developed land to the west and south of it, establishing a trackway to a new property built to the south of it. In 1991, Eric Eke sold 1 Jubilee Cottages (the original plot of land) to Mrs M M Canham, and in 2008, this was conveyed to Geoffrey and Sharon Bareham. This property has since been sold.
Documents include an office copy will (proved 1858 at the Norwich Consistory Court) of James Atthow late of Brisley, pump maker nd [watermarked 1888], certified copies of: marriage certificate of Arthur Perkins and Harriet Susanna Warner in 1886, and death certificate of Harriet Warner in 1863 and birth certificate of Harriet Susanna Warner in 1855, both dated 1888, abstract of title (1841-1900) of Harriet Susanna Perkins to a freehold cottages in Brisley 1900, Norwich Union fire insurance certificates on brick, stone and tile-covered cottages in Brisley 1894, 1900, abstract of title of Mr Arthur Fisher to two cottages in Brisley (1900-1924) 1924, statutory declaration by Mr RT Howling re his purchase of Jublilee Cottages, with, endorsed, plan of the site 1957, conveyance with plan of freehold land at Gately Road, Brisley 1971, statutory declaration of Michelle Mary Canham re the use of a roadway adjacent to 1 Jubilee Cottages, with plan of the site, 2008 and Land Registry certificate of title of Geoffrey and Sharon Bareham to Jubliee Cottage, 2008.

Geoffrey and Sharon Bareham; fl 2022; homeowners; Brisley, Norfolk

Great Yarmouth Deeds

  • ACC 2021/118
  • Temporary
  • 1684-1970's

Deeds for properties in Great Yarmouth. Also includes wills, mortgages and sales posters. Also includes a stray indenture.

Box 1
121 King Street - over 50 documents including deeds and mortgages from 1870s.
132 King Street - wide range of documents including death certificate and will from first half of C20th, papers from 1970s, mortgage documents as well as early deeds and documents.

Box 2
49 Deneside - 30 documents. 1775 -1911
King Street - 16 documents and will of T.J. Bachelor. 1814-1871

Box 3
39 Deneside - 16 documents plus three letters. 1783-1899
39 King Street - 16 documents. 1676-1873. 39, 40 King Street were merged with 45 at some point.
41 King Street and 46 Deneside - 9 documents plus a letter. 1868-1920
135 King Street - 32 documents to 1978, plus 2002 Land Registry title plan.

Box 4
39 King Street (and 45? Deneside)
47 Deneside - 16 documents. 1748-1938

Box 5
45 Deneside - Gas company. 21 documents including sales posters. 1800-1922. Merged with 39, 40 King street.
48 Deneside - 15 documents. 1748-1913

Howkins family; 1780-2018; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Property papers and sale particulars for the Gissing estate

  • MC 3523
  • Fonds
  • 20th century

Abstracts of title, conveyances, and other deeds 1923-1952, Sir Kenneth Kemp, baronet to H.C. Cragg esq.

Photocopy of 1923 sale catalogue for the estate, sold by Sir Kenneth Kemp, baronet.

Sir Kenneth Hagar Kemp; 1853-1936; 12th Baronet, lawyer, soldier, banker, cricketer

Box 8

Deeds for Ashwellthorpe and Wymondham, including property on Fairland Street and the Lizard. Admissions to the Wymondham manors.

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