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Collected Papers relating to Norfolk, mainly relating to Bacon and Townsend Families
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Miscellaneous Papers

Sworn account of Mary Bulley, re the birth of her three children between 1818 and 1822, two of whom were born at sea, on a passage between Seville and London. The third child was born in Gt Yarmouth.
Articles objected against Charles Haste, tending to prove him guilty and to be the reputed father of a child born of the body to Margaret Richman, widow [damaged] Aylsham?, nd [? 17th century] (poor condition)
Particulars of an unnamed estate, nd [? 17th century], refers to mansion house, orchards, gardens, malthouse and millhouse and 30a enclosed in a pale, rents
'List of Poets'- opening lines? no author, nd [? 19th century]
Signed certificate from the minister, John Garlick, and 'principall inhabitants' of Wells next the Sea, to the death of former seaman, Edward Collins, a native of the town, who died of distemper in November 1709.
Letter to 'My most honourable lordship' from Edward Brekham, 16 Dec 1706, comments on Convocation, gratitude for news because of his 'little parish which affords none but honest Countrymen who pray for their Prince, but never inquire into the Motions of their Governors' and other matters [? Edward Beckham, rector of Gayton Thorpe and South Pickenham]
Extracts mainly from the Leland Collection, nd
Blank handwritten summons for persons to attend before the Justices of the Peace, nd [? 17th century]
Particulars of instructions given to Mr John Horton of Kettering, Northamptonshire, by Mr Millman about Brabrooke and Dingley, 19 Feb 1697
Paper relating to money paid out of the manor of West Dereham, nd [? 17th century]
Particulars of tithes for Clippesby, nd [? 17th century]
Letter to 'Beloved in the Lord' from 'B: N', London , relating to payment of taxes?, commends the 'Christian Courage' of the addressee and that he and his wife are 'set for signes and wonders', urges him to hold out; that he is not alone, would rather pay the money than go to prison but will not part from his conscience, 23 June 1662
? draft letter to 'Right Worshipfull' from unidentified re a court held of the manor of R[?] re Robert Clerk, nd [? 17th century]
Paper entitled 'Part of the possessions of the Duchie', relating to parts of the manors of Fulmeston [Fulmodeston?] and Thornham, with yearly values, nd [17th century]
Assessment of the inhabitants of Burnham Ulph and Sutton for a rate set by Act of Parliament, 9 Aug 1689, Thomas Wattes and James Garrett, collectors.
General letter from the Privy Council to the Justices of the Peace, 23 June 1605, with orders for the 'protection' of subjects and alehouses, and with a list of the hundreds in Norfolk, their JPs and their meeting places.

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