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18th Weather Squadron

This section contains records relating to the work and personnel of the 18th Weather Squadron including correspondence, photographs and a printed history of the unit. Operational Weather Squadrons were, and continue to be, staffed by a mixture of meteorologists and technicians who continuously monitor terrestrial and atmospheric weather activity. They were involved in mission planning, producing analyses, weather forecasts, and briefings.

77th and 231st Station Hospitals (Wymondham)

This section contains records relating to the 77th and 231 Station Hospitals based at Morley, near Wymondham. It includes official histories and annual reports; photographs of the hospital buildings and ward tents, staff and patients; papers relating to named individuals who either worked or were treated at the hospital; correspondence from former staff members; papers relating to staff reunions.

USAAF, 77th and 231st Station Hospitals (Morley); [1942]-1945; Morley and Wymondham, Norfolk

A J Caley Ltd

A wholly-owned, subsidiary company established at the time of the merger of the old Caley firm and Mackintosh on 23 June1939 for the sole purpose of manufacturing and selling chocolate, crackers and mineral water goods for Mackintosh. Caley directors were all senior Mackintosh personnel. Mackintosh's considered it expedient to retain the Caley name after their purchase of the Caley business in 1932, and did so even after the old Caley company was fully amalgamated with Mackintosh in 1939. The Norwich 'end' of the business was officially the Caley Branch of John Mackintosh and Sons Ltd.

ACC 12/12/1974

Contains White of Salle estate records and a few records relating to the White family.

Norfolk, Derbyshire and Oxfordshire: Joddrell Estate, deeds, 1842-1905 (bundles 2419-2422, 8027).
White family, powers of attorney, 1940-46 (bundles 8063, 8577).

Norfolk Estate:
Bintry, copyhold deeds, 1833-94 (bundle 1329).
Briston Mawtbies, Crabgate Lancaster, Salkirkhall and Shinton, copyhold deeds, 1804-86 (bundle 2056).
Briston Micklehall, copyhold deeds, 1805-93 (bundles 1200).
Briston, Ropers Farm, deeds 1865, 1938 (bundle 7841).
Briston Mawtbies, enfranchisement papers, 1937 (bundles 8024).
Briston Hall Meliors and Chosells, Bloggs Field, Pages etc., agreement, 1935 (bundle 8026).

Cawston, cottages near the Ratcatchers Inn, deeds, 1867-1943 (bundle 8288).
Cawston, cottages Chapel Loke, deed 1752-1945 (unnumbered bundle).
Costessey, copyhold deeds, 1806-1939 (bundles 1038, 1994).

Field Dalling, various lands, deeds, 1885-1945 (unnumbered bundle).
Field Dalling, Ash Farm, Eastmoor Farm, cottages on Holt Road, deeds, 1885-1945 (bundle 8476).
Foulsham Dulencross, Mawtbyes and other land, deeds, 1769-1935 (bundles 2793, 6214, 8023).

Gimmingham Lancaster, copyhold enfranchisement, 1874 (bundle 2803).

Hackford, abstract of title etc. of messuages, 1921 (unnumbered bundle).

Kerdiston Estate, deeds, 1889-1939 (bundle 8018).
Kerdiston, Higate Ground, 1920-38 (bundle 8022).
Kerdiston Reiffham, copy of enfranchisement, 1890s (bundle 940).

Langham, copyhold deeds, 1832-94 (bundle 1331).

Reepham Burgleons, copyhold deeds, 1809-93 (bundle 1199).
Reepham Burgleons, copyhold deeds, 1864-1903 (bundle 2802).
Reepham, Iron Snack Field and Croft, 1884-1942 (bundle 8049).
Reepham, Worlds End Cottages, deeds, 1899 (bundle 4531).
Reepham Moor, house, deeds, 1945 (bundle 8441).

Sall Moor Hall and Hawes, meadow, copyhold deeds, 1760-1883 (bundles 2808, 2809).
Salle and Reepham, rent charge, deeds, 1865-1939 (bundle 7928).
Salle, glebe land, deeds, 1939-40 (bundle 8047).
Scarning Northern Hall etc., copyhold deeds, 1805-86 (bundle 2013).
Sharington, copyhold deeds, 1698-1800 (bundles 3421-3423).
Sharington Hall Farm, lease 1862 (bundle 8031).
Sharrington, cottages, deeds, 1869-99 (bundle 2163).
Sharington enclosure award, 1797, with maps of parish and of glebe lands. Surveyor, S. Watson (bundle 3420).

Themelthorpe deeds and papers of Buller, Themelthorpe, Potts etc., 1564-1677. Includes exemplifications of Elizabeth I and James I, the latter with portrait, sixteenth or seventeenth century; list of houses and lands in Foulsham, with valuations; copies of Court roll from 1510; order of Quarter Sessions that Themelthorpe should not contribute to Foulsham poor rate, 1668 (bundles 2790, 2791).
Themelthorpe estate, deeds, 1597-1847 (bundle 2792).
Themelthorpe, deeds, 1770-1827 (bundle 2794).
Themelthorpe, copyhold deeds, 1806-1904 (bundles 2795, 1327, 3254).
Themelthorpe and Foulsham, copyhold deeds, 1804-86 (bundle 2014).
Themelthorpe and Foulsham, Old Hall Farm and land, deeds, 1900-03 (bundle 2796).
Themelthorpe and Kerdiston, deeds, 1889-1938 (bundles 7914, 7918).
Themelthorpe, compensation agreement, 1935 (bundle 8025).
Themelthorpe, deeds, 1939 (bundle 8038).
Thornage, copyhold deeds, 1837-94 (bundle 1328).

Whitwell Gambons, copyhold deeds, 1671-1903 (bundles 2883-2884).
Whitwell Symonds, copyhold deeds 1734-1894 (bundles 2826, 2827, 2866, 2885, 2984, 1330).
Whitwell Symonds and Gambons, copyhold deeds, 1694-1882 (bundles 2874, 2875).
Whitwell Symonds and Gambons, Kerdiston Reepham, copyhold deeds, 1903-04 (bundle 3817).
Whitwell, Whitwell Symonds, Wtichingham and Bawdeswell, deeds, 1841-45 (bundle 2877).
Whitwell, Rundle's Pightle, deeds, 1689-93 (bundle 2873)
Whitwell, legacy receipts etc. (possibly relating to copyhold admissions) 1689-1750 (bundle 2878)
Whitwell, deeds of messuage etc., 1725-47 (bundle 2868).
Whitwell, miscellaneous deeds, 1758-1866 (bundles 2845, 2855, 2856, 2864, 2867, 2871).
Whitwell, deeds, 1719-1817 (bundle 2863).
Whitwell, Eglington's estate, deeds, 1917-1822 (2834, 2835).
Whitwell, Fox Pightle etc. deeds, 1692 ( bundle 2869).
Whitwell, Furr Pightle, deeds, 1714 (bundle 2870).
Whitwell, conveyance, Copeman-Leeds, 1823 (bundle 2879).
Wood Dalling, estate purchased from Bulwer, deeds, 1765-1876 (bundle 5003).
Wood Dalling and Salle, Forest Farm, deeds, 1811-1877 (bundles 2804, 2805, 2806).
Wood Dalling, Home Farm (part), deeds 1811-72 (bundle 2801).
Wood Dalling, Crabgate Lancaster copyhold deeds, 1823-73 (bundle 2797).
Wood Dalling, Holmwood Hall etc., copyhod deeds, 1828-1873 (bundle 2800).
Wood Dalling, double cottage, deeds, 1852-1946 (bundle 8521).
Wood Dalling, freehold deeds, 1857-71 (bundles 2810, 2811).
Wood Dalling, Dallingh Hall, copyhold deeds, 1864-73 (bundle 2799).
Wood Dalling, Salkirkhall, copyhold deeds, 1871-73(bundle 2798).
Wood Dalling, Sall Kerdiston and Guestwick, deeds, 1871-1918 (bundles 2807, 2815, 5028).
Wood Dalling, Palm Farm and Stone Cottages, deeds, 1918 (bundle 5029).
Wood Dalling, land purchased from Williams, deeds, 1944 (bundle 8405).

Derbyshire Estate:
Belper, Waterworks land, deed 1885 (bundle 8032).
Duffield, Fordmouth Meadow, deed, 1894 (bundle 8029).

Woolmer Forest enclosure, sale particular, 1859, relating to White Hill Corner, Selbourne etc. (bundle 4737).

12-46 Maysoul Road, Clapham Junction, and 5-11 Beauchamp Road, Battersea, assignments, 1908 (bundle 3739).

Lewknor, deeds, including Manor House and Nethercoat House Farms, 1726-1862 (bundles 1995, 2011, 2012, 2027 and 8028).
Lewknor, Dean's Charity Nethercote, redemption order, 1937 (bundle 7828).

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