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King's Lynn Borough Archives Series
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Accounts of other officers

Accounts of Mayors, 1413-14, 1512-13, 1578 and 1606-07; account roll of the Bishop's collector in Lynn, 1489-1538 (with gaps) continued by the Mayor and burgesses as farmers of the Bishop's Liberty and by the royal Bailiff, 1542-42, with alterations to 1544-45; accounts of Town Clerks, 1685, 1710 and 1745-50, the Recorder, 1727, and the Clerk of the Peace, 1735-38 and 1745-50.

Accounts of the Mayor and burgesses with the Exchequer

Accounts for merchandise and ships forfeited for trading against royal proclamations, 1351-76, and money levied in Lynn for the King's business, 1351 and 1353. Acquittances for fee farm rents, tolls, taxes, fines etc., 1540-1587 (with gaps), 1644-45, 1648, 1757, 1775-1807 (with gaps).

Accounts of tolls, dues and water rents

Water bailiffs' tolls, 1557, c.1560-70, 1575, 1581-87, 1611, 1633; coal, salt and corn tolls, 1618-28 (with gaps); coal tolls, 1630-80 (with gaps); tolls on corn sent up-river, 1758-74; petty tolls, 1768-70. With accounts of St Margaret's parsonage, 1630 and 1631 and of Thomas Robinson for money received for the visited poor and the King's Watch, 1665-66.

Common Staithe, millstones and coal stock accounts (with gaps), 1580-1655; coal stocks, 1663 and 1667, and millstones, 1663-1809 (with gaps); Common Staithe wharf book, 1805-10.

Mart rents and revenues, 1582, for fifteen years between 1610 and 1691, 1739 and 1788.

Accounts of town dues (bulkbreak, lastage, moorage, stakeage, beaconage and anchorage), 1597, 1638-1639, 1647-1648 and 1653-1860 (some gaps).

Water rent accounts, 1701-1771 (with gaps), listing owners, occupiers and the rents paid by each for piped water. Including accounts of expenditure on the waterworks to 1721. Water rentals before 1700 can be found in the chamberlains' accounts (KL/C39).

The document numbers KL/C 44/1 and KL/C 44/122 are unused.

Archive lists etc.

Schedules, inventories and reports listing or describing the borough records, including Henry Harrod's Repertory of the records, evidences etc., 1867, the manuscript of his Report on the deeds and records of the borough of King's Lynn, 1868 (published in 1874) and related correspondence, 1865-1868; J.C. Jeaffreson's report published in Historical Manuscripts Commission, Eleventh Report, Appendix 3: Manuscripts of the Corporations of Southampton and Lynn (1887).

Burial Board and Committee minutes

Minutes of St Margaret's Burial Board, 1854-1855, and of the Town Council acting as the Burial Board, 1855-1902. The Council was constitutued as the Burial Board for King's Lynn by an Order in Council of 1 May 1855. It took over the function of St Margaret's Parish Burial Board, records of which were delivered to the new authority. Indexed from 1867.

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