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Deeds of Greyfriars' Cloister, Row 91 (formerly Row 90)

Cottages or rooms at west end of Row 91, running under other messuages, formerly part of the 'Fountain' public house, purchased in 1884 by Thomas Proctor Burroughs from Isabella Margaret Cloes and sold in 1887 by Burroughs to trustees (the Yarmouth Tolhouse Trustees) who in 1906 conveyed it with No. 5 Queen Street (described as messuage with cellar etc. formerly two messuages) to Great Yarmouth Historical Buildings Limited. Including sale particular of 1887 which states that 'In a portion of the Cottage are several very fine Groined Arches in good preservation, forming part of the Crypt of the Grey Friars' Monastery, which have been frequently visited by Archaeologists, and are specially mentioned in the Old Histories of the Borough' and which relates also to various other properties in Yarmouth, Runham Vauxhall, Filby and Caister (Norfolk).

Files: L

  1. Lammas Society of Friends (Quakers)
  2. Langham Methodist
  3. Langley Wesleyan Methodist
  4. Larking Wesleyan Methodist
  5. Lenwade Wesleyan Methodist
  6. Lenwade Primitive Methodist, including architect's copy plans and elevations, 1982
  7. Lenwade Methodist
  8. Lessingham Primitive Methodist
  9. Letheringsett Primitive Methodist
  10. Limpenhoe Primitive Methodist, including press-cutting re closure, 1994.
  11. Lingwood Primitive Methodist. No photographs.
  12. Lingwood Primitive Methodist
  13. Litcham Primitive Methodist
  14. Litcham United Free Methodist
  15. Little Barningham Methodist
  16. Little Cressingham Wesleyan Methodist
  17. Little Snoring Primitive Methodist
  18. Loddon Wesleyan Methodist
  19. Loddon Primitive Methodist
  20. Longham United Free Methodist, including sale particulars, nd
  21. Long Stratton Congregational
  22. Long Stratton Wesleyan Methodist
  23. North Lopham Wesleyan Methodist
  24. North Lopham Primitive Methodist
  25. South Lopham Christian Brethren (ex Baptist)
  26. Ludham Baptist. Demolished. No photographs.
  27. Ludham Wesleyan Methodist
  28. Ludham Primitive Methodist
  29. Lyng Primitive Methodist

Files: Norwich

  1. Old Meeting, Colegate Independent
  2. Princes Street United Reformed Church (ex Congregational)
  3. Ipswich Road United Reformed Church
  4. Jessop Road United Reformed Church (ex Congregational)
  5. Magdalene Street United Reformed Church (ex Congregational). Demolished. No photographs.
  6. Unthank Road United Reformed Church (see also SO 197/15/11)
  7. St Mary's Baptist, including memoranda of memorial inscriptions.
  8. Colegate Street Baptist (general)
  9. Timberhill Baptist (strict and particular,) including sale particulars, 1990.
  10. Mile Cross Baptist (general), including issue of church magazine, April/May 1991.
  11. Unthank Road Baptist (strict and particular), including plans of schoolroom (see also SO 197/15/6). Demolished. No photographs.
  12. Pottergate Baptist (strict and particular) (ex Methodist). Demolished. No photographs.
  13. Cherry Lane Baptist (strict and particular) (ex Wesleyan Methodist). Demolished. No photographs.
  14. Dereham Road Baptist, including printed history of church by Sidney R Payne (1850-1950).
  15. Witard Road, Heartsease Baptist
  16. Zoar, St Mary's Plan Baptist (strict and particular), including press-cutting, 1992.
    17-18. Upper Goat Lane Society of Friends (Quakers)
  17. Gildencroft Society of Friends (Quakers) (ex Baptist (strict and particular) formerly Society of Friends (Quakers))
  18. Octagon, Colegate Street Unitarian (ex Presbyterian)
  19. Norwich Tabernacle, Countess of Huntingdon's Connection. Demolished.
  20. St Peter's, Lady Lane Wesleyan Methodist
  21. Queen's Road Primitive Methodist
  22. Rose Yard Chapel, Cowgate Primitive Methodist. Demolished. No photographs.
  23. Belvoir Street Wesleyan Reformed Methodist
  24. Calvert Street United Free Methodist (ex Wesleyan Reformed Methodist, formerly Wesleyan Methodist), including printed booklet re history of cause Glory in the Church and photocopy article by Philip Hepworth.
  25. Chapelfield Road United Free Methodist, including copy memorial inscriptions.
  26. Rosebery Road, New Catton United Free Methodist (ex Wesleyan Methodist), including summer 1991 issue of church magazine Venture.
  27. Bowthorpe Road Methodist
  28. Heartsease Lane Methodist
  29. Mile Cross Methodist, including booklet, 'The Opening of the Mile Cross Methodist Church' by N. Virgoe.
  30. St Giles Street Salvation Army, including press-cutting re citadel, 1992.
  31. Bull Close, Cowgate Salvation Army.
  32. Prince of Wales Road, Evangelical Free Church, Railway Mission.
  33. Cowgate Street Christian Evangelical Fellowship (ex Primitive Methodist)
  34. South Park Avenue Evangelical
  35. Lakenham Norwich Christian Fellowship (ex United Reformed Church)
  36. Heigham, Mount Zion International Glory Fellowship (ex Primitive Methodist)
    39-40. Douro Place undenominational
  37. Dereham Road Plymouth Brethren. Demolished.
  38. Park Lane, Haymarket Meeting Evangelical (ex Swedenborgian)
  39. Recorder Road Christian Scientist, First Church
  40. Eaton Latter-Day Saints
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