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Photograph album for use of sales representatives

Includes pavilions and commercial greenhouses, mostly unidentified. Identified photographs include Mitchells and Butlers pavilion, Birmingham; the R101 over London; St Monica's chapel, Kingswood, Surrey; school annex, Lillesden School, Hawkhurst, Kent; The Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club pavilion; bungalows at Chindi, West Africa and the Falkland Islands; wireless station, Barbados; staff quarters for Loanda Railway; bungalow, United Patani (Malaya); chalets, Hopton on Sea; Antarctic Expedition camp buildings; revolving shelter at Clarence House, London; Horsa Glider.

Records of the Osborn Springfield Trusts

  • ACC 2021/73
  • Temporary
  • 1893-1922

Accounts 1893-1905, with loose copy of a solicitor's report, 1922.
Memorandum and account book, including inventory, details of Indian estates, and mortgages. 1878-95.
Extract from the will of Osborn Springfield, decd, nd [? 20th century].
Sale particulars, Norwich properties of the Trust, 1920 (inc. plan) and related papers.
Financial statement and account, 31 Dec 1953, and other papers.

Osborn Springfield's Trusts; fl 1893-1905; charity; Norwich


Relates to Couture Show at Grady's Country House Hotel, Swaffham [to raise funds for Pestalozzi Children's Village Trust, which educates children from various places including Vietnam].

South Korean Policeman visiting King's Lynn

Description: Trevor Austin interviews Yen Hok Choi, also known as Pau, a twenty-one year old Lieutenant in the South Korean police force, about his visit to King's Lynn. Pau was one of five South Koreans visiting King's Lynn as part of a Rota Re-group Study Exchange; and Pau was interested to look at the way the local police patrolled without guns.
Recording location: Norfolk, England, UK
Performer(s)/contributer(s): Austin, Trevor (speaker, male, presenter); Hok Choi, Yen (speaker, male, interviewee, Lieutenant in the South Korean police force)
Recording note(s): Recorded with the intention of being broadcast on BBC Radio Norfolk.

Interview of Fred Gardner by Jean Eaglen

00:00 minutes:seconds - subjects discussed include 1st Militia; ammunition; annual treats; army; army training; Attleborough; barns; baths; beaches; bicycles; brass polishing; bread and dripping; black bread; British Expeditionary Force (BEF); British servicemen; cars; railway cattle trucks; children; clothes; drying of clothes; coalmen; cricket; crimes; cycling; Danzig; deliveries; early closing days; education; elementary schools; employers; employment; enlisting; errand boys; fathers; fens; fires; food; footwear; France; gardening; Mr Gardner, father of interviewee; Mrs Gardner, mother of interviewee; German soldiers; guns; half day closing of shops; harvesting; headteachers; health; Holland; horses; hours of work; illnesses; International Stores; invasions; Kenninghall; Kenninghall Elementary School; Kenninghall Fen; leaving school; marches; millers; money; mothers; nineteen-forties; nineteen-thirties; Norwich; outside toilets; parents; pennies; Poland; policemen; prisoners of war; Pullen & Mace, signwriters of St Giles, Norwich; railway cattle trucks; Fred Rayner; rickets; sandwiches; schools; shoes; shop girls; shops; siblings; signwriters; singing; soldiers; songs; sportsmen; St Giles, Norwich; St Valery, France; stealing food; teachers; thefts; tin baths; toilets; training; transport; wages; walking; wars; wash houses; weather; Mr J Williams, headteacher; window cleaning; winter; starting work; World War II.

12:11 m:s - alcohol; bait; beating children; bicycles; boys; homemade bread; buildings; bullock heads as food; childhood; children; cooking; cooks; courts; crimes; deaths; deprivation; domestic service; dumplings; East Harling; East Harling Juvenile Court; eels; electricity; farms; fathers; fens; fishing; food; keeping food cool in hot weather; Mr Gardner, father of interviewee; Mrs Gardner, mother of interviewee; damage to gates; hospitals; housekeeping money; illegitimacy; illness; Ellen Jones; juvenile courts; larders; marriage; meals; meat; meres; milk; lack of money; mothers; deaths of mothers; oil lamps; parents; pasteurised milk; policemen; practical jokes; pregnancies; public houses; punishments; Quidenham Mere; rabbits; radios; sense of humour; Delia Smith; summer; wages; loss of wages; washing boards; wells; West Norwich Hospital, Norwich; Wicklewood Workhouse; wirelesses; women; workhouses.

22:04 m:s - 'All Things Bright and Beautiful' [hymn]; Mr Banham, father-in-law of interviewee; boots; borstals; cancer; cats' whiskers [in radios]; workhouse cells; children; clothes; George Collins; courts; crimes; Cromwell House, Kenninghall; deaths; duties; employment; fathers-in-law; footwear; graveyards; hand-me-downs [clothes]; happiness; high-leg boots [girls' boots]; homelessness; house-breaking; houses; hymns; illnesses; juvenile courts; the Kaiser; Kenninghall; lifestyles; men; parish clerks; parish relief; poor relief; prisons; punishments; radios; relations; rocking horses; school toilets; schools; shoe repairs; lack of social security; standard of living; emptying of toilets; touching forelocks as a mark of respect; toys; tramps; tyres used as repair material; village schools; wars; Wicklewood Workhouse; wirelesses; women; work; workhouses; children in workhouses; World War I.

30:15 m:s - authors; babies; baskets; Brecklands; broats [sticks]; Chris Bush, county cricketer; children; Mrs Clarke, grandmother of interviewee; Rainbird Clarke, grandfather of interviewee; cottages; county cricketers; cricket matches; cricketers; curators; deaths; Eagle Public House; frail baskets ; games; gardeners; Ethel Garnder [nee Banham], wife of interviewee; grandparents; Michael Holme; hymns; Kenninghall; landlords; lifestyle; Lopham; musical instruments; nineteen-forties; nineteen-thirties; Norwich Museum; odd-jobbing; payments in kind; pensioners; pig farming; playing music; poachers; public houses; rabbits; Mike Salmon, grandfather of interviewee and smallholder; Salvation Army; Salvationists; Shropham; Shropham Hall; Shropham Park; singing; smallholders; smallholdings; sports; Sprowston; Stamford; transport; violinists; violins; walking; wars; 'When I Survey the Wondrous Cross' [hymn]; World War II; writers.

40:51 m:s - Ben Adams; Army accommodation; Attleborough; babies; damage to bicycles; birds; births; blindness; the blitz; bomb damage; bomb shelters; bombings; British servicemen; damage to buildings; children; concentration camps; cottages; courting; Bill Davey; deaths; deaths by shooting; donkey stoves; 'Eastern Daily Press'; elderly people; electricity supply; employment; enlisting; evictions; factories; farm labour; farmers; farms; fathers; fire sirens; names of flowers; friendships; Ethel Gardner [nee Banham], wife of interviewee; Mr Gardner, father of interviewee; Mrs Gardner, mother of interviewee; Great Ellingham; Great Melton; grieving; harmonicas; health; heating; heaven; houses; housing; illness; Kiev; languages; leisure activities; lifestyle; marriages; married life; midwives; mothers; munitions factories; murders; music; musical instruments; neighbours; newspapers; nineteen-forties; Norwich Shirehall; nurses; oil lamps; Palestine; parents; plant names; poems; poetry; postnatal depression; reading; Eleanor Roosevelt; Royal Norfolk Regiment; Russians; sirens; sisters; smallholdings; sons; students; Suffolk Regiment; Sundays; tied houses; Ukraine; values; walks; wars; washing; weather; wildlife; winter; wives; work; World War II; Wymondham.

Jean Eaglen; fl 2003-2004; Norfolk

Copy of two letters re events in India

One from Robert Clive, at Calcutta, to a relative referring to 'the Grand Revolution affected in this part of the world by the forces under my Command' and the other by an unknown person describing battle near Cossimbagar, compensation offered by Jaffer Alley Cawn, and privileges extracted by the East India Company.

Robert Clive; 1725-1774; 1st Baron Clive of Plassey

Papers, mostly copies, concerning the French Revolution and Napoleon and Far Eastern affairs

Including Mme Daniel's account of the 5 October 1789 and other scenes of the French Revolution; account of the 10 August 1792 by de Durler, Captain of the Swiss Guard; 'Historie des deux soeurs Lanconniers', 1807; account of the death of Sir John Moore, 1809, letter from Captain Cole describing the taking of Banda, 1810; extracts from Colonal Taylor's journals describing storming of Fort Cornelis, the taking of Java etc., 1811-1812, with plans of battles; copy letter from Colonal Scott giving numbers killed in the Hessian Campaign, 1814; accounts of Paris, 1814-1815, and of the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon's journey to Elba and escape etc.; BOI 308/16 includes proclamation in it, 27 Feb 1815, with a translation by J.C. Franklin added, 2005; letter of G. Ellis describing expedition against pirates in Borneo and dethroning of Sultan, 1813.

Including also translation of account of Bengal by Ibrahim son of Candu, a Malay, nd; copy of letter from General d'Armfelt regarding Gustavus the mad king of Sweden, nd; account of sighting Major Blomberg's ghost with supporting letter of Wilby Steward Rose, nd; report by Alexander Stewart of attack by Malays on the Schooner Sara Prise, nd; begging letter from [William Smail] Clarrlaw near Howicj, asking for bagpipes, 1814; account held 'On the Sutledge 15 January '46' describing a battle with Sikh Cavalry; two letters from Amelia Opie to Sir John and Lady Boileau, 1846 and 1867; drawing of the Boileau arms.

Sir John Peter Boileau; 1794-1869; 1st Baronet, antiquary, Sheriff of Norfolk

Letters to HLB

From: Lord Shaftesbury (DNB), 1864 (copy letter from HLB); William Shaw, 1860-1861 (3, latter from T/47); G. Sibbern, 1858 (1, formerly in T/24); Henry Simmons, Dragoman at British Embassy, 1860-1862 (5; 4 draft letters from HLB, 1859-1865; most formerly in T/15, 17, 39, 45, 50, 57); Garabed Sironnya (endorsed Sirapian), 1865 (1, formerly in T/78); P. Skeletti, 1858 (1 formerly in T/15); J.H. Skene, British Consul at Aleppo, 1859-1860, nd (4, incl. 1 to William Brodie; copy letter from HLB, 1861; some formerly in T/18, 39, 45).

Rough memoranda

Concerning project for a railway (and telegraph) line between the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf, one signed 'D'. (Formerly T/86.)

'Correspondence with French Embassy 1863'

Marquis de Moustier, Ambassador, (1; 3 draft letters from HLB); Viscount de St Vallier, 2nd Secretary, (5; 3 draft and copy letters from HLB): note of innovations demanded by French Consul at Jerusalem on the restoration of the cupola of St Sepulchre's contrary to what was specified in the protocol. Formerly T/97.

Miscellaneous political papers

Memorandum on French occupation of Syria, Nov. 1860 (formerly in T/4); memorandum on Servian affairs, in HLB's hand, Sep. 1862; copy memorandum of Austro-Egyptian on ?civil law, signed by Abderrahman Roushdi Bey and G. Schreiner, Austrian Consul General, Dec. 1862 (formerly in T/33); report on Epirus and Thessaly, Mar. 1863 (formerly in T/76); memorandum of County Beystronowsky's views on the Eastern Question, nd (formerly in T/1); report on Russian devastation in Circassia aimed at forcing inhabitants to flee to Turkey, nd (? in Count Pisani's hand, formerly in T/67); report on possibility of English occupation of Egypt after completion of the Suez Canal, nd; 'Question du Canal de Suez' by Ferdinand de Lesseps, nd; misc. papers and telegrams, 1862, nd (formerly in T/24, 27, 37, 66).

Prospectuses, statutes, memoranda, newscutting etc. relating to Banque d'Orient

Incl. list of code words probably for use in telegrams, 1871; printed memorandum of Association and Articles of Association of the Public Works Construction Co. Ltd., nd; 'Galignani's Messenger', 7 Apr. 1871; copy letter from Edward W.A. Tuson to Cabouli Pasha, Minister of Commerce, containing proposal for the formation of a company to erect an International Exhibition at Constantinople, 1870; copy report on the exports of Turkish Arabia and the agricultural development of the country by Robert Paul, 1871; Projet de reconstruction des maisons incendiées à Constantinople, by G.A. Picipio, 1871; Mémoire à l'appui du project d'un port à Varna, by H. Audibert and A. Eliasco, nd.

Correspondence of HLB

With: W.P. Andrew, Chairman of the Scinde, Punjab and Delhi Railways, 1871-1872 (18 letters and telegrams enc. copies of 3 letters to Frederick Walpole, 1871-1872; letters from Andrew to Walpole and Edouard Lebey, 1870; copy of letter to Andrew from Lebey, 1872; 6 draft and copy letters and telegrams from HLB, 1871-1872).

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