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Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
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ACC 2021/7: Box 1

Deeds relating to the Palmers site in Great Yarmouth. Sites and rows mentioned include numbers/rows: 21, 22 and 23, Row 54; 9, row 56; 10, 11, 15, 22, Row 58; 3, 4, 10, 11, 12-12a, 14, Row 60 (11 envelopes)

Deeds and related documents concerning the freehold property known as The Walker Distillery, Market Place, Great Yarmouth and ? related to part of row 56, c 1921-1961 (1 folder).

Copies of plot plans, sale particulars and historical notes taken mainly from deeds and trade directories (not in file) relating to 37, Market Place, Great Yarmouth and also some relating to 27-28, row 54 (1 envelope).

Photographs of 170th anniversary celebrations, Great Yarmouth (1 album).

Photographs of shop (formerly called Chadd’s) and shop displays/windows, Lowestoft, c 2009 (2 albums).

Photographs of shop and shop displays, Bury St Edmunds, c 2009 (1 album).

Palmers Department Store; 1837-2020; retailer; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

ACC 2021/7: Box 2

Photographs of shop and shop displays/windows, Great Yarmouth c 1999-2008 (7 albums).

Albums could be weeded further on cataloguing.

Palmers Department Store; 1837-2020; retailer; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Palmers department store additional records

  • ACC 2021/7
  • Temporary
  • c 1900-c 2009

Contains deeds relating to shop premises in Great Yarmouth and photographs of shop/shop displays in Great Yarmouth, Lowestoft and Bury St Edmunds.

Palmers Department Store; 1837-2020; retailer; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Deposition of Mary Wilcock in defamation cause against Jefferey Curtis

Abstract: Ellet v Curtis. Examined 27 July 1715. Wife of John Wilcock of Gt Yarmouth, blockmaker. At 11am on 17 May last past, she, Mrs Clark and Mrs Ellet were coming from her garden and passing by Curtis on the quay. Curtis then held his arms across which is as much to say, there comes the Cuckold her husband behind her. All three women were about 7 or 8 yards from Curtis.

Deposition includes: He pointed at Ellet and said aloud that, 'He saw the prettyest fun and frolick on Sunday night between a Master to Sea and his wife as ever he saw in his life. I don't say it was Robin Ellet's wife, but by God, it was tho she came making Horns thus before him.' When Ellet asked what he meant, he replied, 'Did not you make Horns at him?' He believed her to be as much a whore as he is a rogue, and 'I am rogue here stands one who knows me to be one.', clapping Roger Burdy on the back.

Radio clips from Norfolk

  • AUD 112, RAT1
  • Arquivo
  • nd [1980s]

Perhaps recorded off the radio

Title deeds to several properties in Great Yarmouth

  • ACC 2021/119
  • Temporary
  • 1780-1999

Deeds of title of the Howkins family to the following properties all in Great Yarmouth: 39/40 King Street, 1780-1999; 33 Southtown Road, 1806-1990; 29 Southtown Road, 1884-1978; and to 16 Lichfield Road, 1904-1987.

Great Yarmouth Deeds

  • ACC 2021/118
  • Temporary
  • 1684-1970's

Deeds for properties in Great Yarmouth. Also includes wills, mortgages and sales posters. Also includes a stray indenture.

Box 1
121 King Street - over 50 documents including deeds and mortgages from 1870s.
132 King Street - wide range of documents including death certificate and will from first half of C20th, papers from 1970s, mortgage documents as well as early deeds and documents.

Box 2
49 Deneside - 30 documents. 1775 -1911
King Street - 16 documents and will of T.J. Bachelor. 1814-1871

Box 3
39 Deneside - 16 documents plus three letters. 1783-1899
39 King Street - 16 documents. 1676-1873. 39, 40 King Street were merged with 45 at some point.
41 King Street and 46 Deneside - 9 documents plus a letter. 1868-1920
135 King Street - 32 documents to 1978, plus 2002 Land Registry title plan.

Box 4
39 King Street (and 45? Deneside)
47 Deneside - 16 documents. 1748-1938

Box 5
45 Deneside - Gas company. 21 documents including sales posters. 1800-1922. Merged with 39, 40 King street.
48 Deneside - 15 documents. 1748-1913


Settlement examination: Simon Hutton, soldier in North Lincoln Militia of North Walsham

Born Wisbech, Cambs. Worked in Walpole, Peterborough, Cambs and Swainshead [? Swineshead, Lincs). Settlement examination dated 26 Jan 1795. Includes later correspondence between Great Yarmouth and North Walsham overseers regarding settlement of his wife, Mary Hutton, (married at North Walsham c 1795), maiden name Mary Howes, 1830.

Deposition of Samuel Draper in defamation cause against Jefferey Curtis

Abstract: Ellet v Curtis. Examined on the part of Rose Ellet, 1 Feb 1715/16. he has known Roger Burdett (als Burdy) for 12 years, who is a sailor of middle stature, wears a wig for some time and lives at his mother's house on Yarmouth when he is not at sea, On 17 May last, when the quarrel between the articulate Curtis and Ellet occurred between the Cat and Monkey alehouse and the Ship Tavern and near the carts on the quay, this deponent couldn't hear the words. Curtis had a naturally loud voice and may be heard and understood within 40-50 yards distance when he speaks on the quay. Draper was at work on the quay, southwards of Curtis by 40 yards near Mr Wilcock's house.

Deposition of Nathaniel Colby in defamation cause against Jefferey Curtis

Abstract: Ellet v Curtis. Examined 30 November 1715. He was standing near Curtis and others when the quarrel occurred. He did not hear Curtis's words nor did he see Burdett there. The witnesses, Mrs Clark and Mrs Wilcocks were in Wilcock's porch about 100 ft away from Curtis. He beleices that Clark and Wilcocks would favour Mrs Wellet, 'as much as they could'. Colby did not hear Curtis give Mrs E. any 'bad words' nor provoke her, but as she and Clark and Wilcocks went by, Curtis crossed his arms and said, 'he would shew them what a Master at Sea's wife did when following her husband the Sunday at night before.'

Deposition includes: He heard, Mrs E. say to Curtis, 'Rascally dog. Pittiful rogue' and several other scandalous words for which Curtis has sued here in this cause.

Deposition of Roger Burdett in defamation cause against Jefferey Curtis

Abstract: Ellet v Curtis. He heard nothing until he returned from a voyage about three weeks after. He had been most of the day at a house near the Wherry Key [quay]. That Ellet had put half a crown into his hand and persuaded him to be a witness for her about the pretended words by Curtis, but he replied that he couldn't as he wasn't there to hear them. He has known by sight for some years, Mary Wilcocks, and lately, Sarah Clark, but does not know Margaret Beart at all.

Deposition of Thomas Faltrick in defamation cause against Jefferey Curtis

Abstract: Ellet v Curtis. He was on a cart on the quay. He has known Mrs Clark and Wilcocks from their childhood and believes them to be of good character and would not willingly forswear themselves.

Deposition includes: He heard Mrs E. call C., 'Rogue and Rascall and Beggarly Rogue'. Curtis had not provoked Mrs E. except as she and her friends wnt by, he said, 'I'll shew you a signal that a Master at Sea's wife made last Sunday at night.', at which she threw her, 'bauble' [hat] down in Mrs Wilcock's porch, came back and abused Curtis.

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