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Schemes and instruments for the management of schools

Instruments of management, Instruments of government and other school orders. Covers the Technical Institute, West Norfolk and King's Lynn High School for Girls, King Edward VII Grammar School, St Nicholas Old Church of England School and Gaywood Park Modern Secondary

King's Lynn Borough, Town Clerk's Department; ?-1974; King's Lynn, Norfolk

Wymondham College papers

Papers collected and created by Tom Eaton relating to his activities as a Governor of Wymondham College.

School reports

Reports received from Stowe School. Also includes results of Common Entrance Examination, 1934.

Photograph album

Includes photographs of school visits, family holidays, friends, and family pets.

Sundry file

Contains, inter alia, invitation to the 10th birthday party of Stowe School addressed by HRH The Prince of Wales, 1 June 1933; programme for a play of William Shakespeare's 'Henry IV, Part II', performed at Stowe School, c 1930s; programme for Stowe School Speech Day, 25 July 1936; programme of events at the Political Education Conference in Harrogate, March 1947; souvenir programme for the 'Young Conservative Demonstration and Fête', at Stanley House, Newmarket, 7 August 1948; order of service for a dedication of the war memorial at Stow Chapel for old stoics who lost their lives during the Second World War, 8 June 1949; paper containing a personal message from Tom Eaton, the Conservative candidate for Norwich North, 1951; copy of the 'Mancroft Review', with reference to the Eaton family, p. 4, March 1957; order of service for the marriage of Tom Eaton and Robin Austin at St Giles Church, Oxford, 5 July 1958; and various newspaper cuttings, 1945-1958.

Letters to HLB

From: Schlesinger Ratier, 1866 (about board and schooling of son of Princess Aristarchi); Alfred Reading, 1867; R. Reily, Auction and Estate Agency Offices, 1866-1867 (3); C. Roberts, 1867 (3); Baroness de ?Rotendorf, 1867; A. de Rothschild, 1866, 1867 (2 different hands); Lord Russell (DNB), 1868; Arthur Russell, 1868; H. Russell, 1867 (14); Mme. de Saavedra nd (in Spanish); S.G.B. St Clair, 1866; Sainte & Boyer, 1866; Ch. Saintpere, architect, 1867 (3); ?T. Salvat, 1866 (1 to editor of 'Galignani's Messenger'); Charles Sansom, 1867, nd (3 incl. 1 incomplete); de ?Sausierer, adjt., Mairie d'Hyères, 1866 (enc. court order); H. Schwabacher, H. Audebert & Cie, 1866; S. Scott, 1867; Edward Sprent, 1867 (2); Hon. Edward Stanhope, St James' Club, 1867 (with pr. form signed by HLB); Lord Stanley (later 15th Earl of Derby (DNB)), 1867 (2); ?Staples, chez Monsieur le comte de Beauregard à Hyères', 1867; Thomas G. Staveley, Foreign Office, 1866-1867 (3); R.C.M. Stevens, Zante, 1866-1867 (3).

Various memos

Draft memorandum about influence of Bib Doda Pasha over catholics in Mirdita, nd; memorandum on the Principalities [late 1850s]; transcript of telegram to HLB from Lord John Russell; address of Committee of British Literary & Scientific Institution to HLB on his leaving Constantinople, Sept 1865; transcripts of telegrams about duties on cottons; cutting from Levant Herald containing obituary of Fuad Pasha [1869]; address to Sultan from Margaret Edith Eliza Nelson, grand-niece of Horatio Nelson, presenting him with works she wrote while at Constantinople in 1858 endeavouring to set up a college for young ladies, nd, with ?translation in Turkish; articles of proposed concession from Viceroy of Egypt to Messrs Murray, Tucker, etc. for construction of a telegraph

Letters from the Hon. Edward Harbord (at Eton) to his father, Lord Suffield [1st Lord] (at Gunton House, Norfolk, and Albemarle Street)

Re school life, Dr Langford, Dame Tyrell, sisters Louisa and 'Kitty' [?Catherine], 'I am well and have not been flogged yet' [Bacon p. 5]; re brother [The Hon. William Assheton Harbord] and wife, Windsor Fair, school life, threatened with a 'tickling [by] Doctor', family and animals; re school life, his 'tickling', now called an 'Etonian', Gunton pike fishing, 'old John Booth', health; re father's coming visit to Eton, arrangements for family; re tutor (Evans), Dr Langford, brother William, her 'Ladyship [being] brought to bed'; re [?subject], drama activities, fellow pupil 'pig Pelham', caricature of Pitt and Fox as pigs, 'poor old Totty' [?], [?subject] [Bacon p. 6]; re his behaviour, Mrs Bishop and cats, Totty, new lodging; re mother's letter, present of game, lodging, tutor, new form, Dr Heath, new rooms finished at Gunton; re his Dame, Kitty, Mrs Blackman, bonfire night and fireworks, holidays; re efforts to 'win remove', breaking-up, Vause, writer's love poetry; re promotion to Upper Remove (4th form), school life, writer flogging boys; re journey via (Thetford) to Eton, horses, worry over robbery; re family illnesses, floods, present of game, gift of hares to Dame, F. Lamb and William Howard, high jumping; re family affairs, studies, school life; safe return 'without being robbed yesterday', soldiers in Hyde park, Vause and floggings; re mumps, 'Montem', arrangements for family; re mumps, food, tutor, comparison of steel and quill pens [Bacon pp. 8-9]; re mumps, 'Montem', arrangements, tutor, recovery from mumps; re 'Montem,' [Bacon p. 10]; re 'Montem' [Bacon p. 11] re father's gout, annoyance with headmaster (Heath),'Montem' arrangements [Bacon p. 11]; re father's gift of watch, family (only ladies) at 'Montem', extra fagging; re dental problems; re shooting of brother (Lord Charles) by Lord Frederick Townshend, tooth, Harbord's brother and his wife; re '[winning of] remove', 'not robbed', busy roads, cricket, 'Mr Townshend's business', watch; re school life, 5th form, cricket, Norfolk floods, swimming lessons, Pelham, Lord Brooke, [William] Howard and brother, tooth, Sir George Chad's visit; re invitation to father to stay, Hinde looking after Harbord, cricket, Pelham, boating, swimming; re Hinde, swimming, cricket match against Westminster, rowing, Evans [Bacon pp.11-12]: re holidays, Eton-Westminster cricket match, tutor's letter to father; re threat of expulsion for Etonians attending cricket match, writer to tell story in chaise, aftermath of boys' actions, looking forward to Gunton fishing, 'old Totty'.

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

Papers relating to the education of Edward Harbord, licences and certificates.

Includes his matriculation at Christ Church, 1799; certificate for being called to the Bar, 1808; certificate of age, 1798. Also includes a passport, licensing him him to travel through France with his tutor and servant, on their return from Vienna. Issued in 1801, in accordance with 'An Act more effectually to prevent during the War Persons, being his Majesty’s Subjects, from voluntarily repairing to or remaining in France, or any Country or Place united to France, or occupied by the Armies of France, and to prevent Correspondence with such Persons and with His Majesty’s Enemies', passed c. 1776, the passport features the sign-manual of George III.

Edward Harbord; 1781-1835; 3rd Baron Suffield, politician

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