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Kirk Hall in Salle Manor; 1189-1925; Salle, Norfolk
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Account book with preface by E.A.E. Bulwer, 1929, giving descent of the Heydon estate, 1643-1915, estate management notes and Earle family tree.

Containing: receipt and expenditure accounts of Mary Earle heiress to personal estate of Ralph Earle, 1679, inc. funeral charges; Heydon estate rentals, 1654-1680; rental of the manor of Salle Kirkhall, 1643, annotated to 1679; rough but detailed ...

Copy Settlement before marriage between John Earle, Esq., sheriff of Norfolk, son of Erasmus Earle, and Sarah, daughter of Sir John Hare, knight, deceased.

Re manors of Oulton Hall alias Leeches and Saxlinghams, foldcourses of Oulton and Heydon, lands called the Third Shift Lands in Heydon, Cawston and Oulton, Oulton leet, Newhaw wood in Salle, Cawston watermill, and lands etc. (described) in Oulton,...

Settlements and mortgages

Exemplification of Final Concord between John Austen, Esq., and John Paltock, gent., querents, and Horatio Townshend, knight, deforciant, re the manor of Stinton and appurtenances in Heydon, Salle, Oulton etc. and the advowsons of Heydon and Salle...

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