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Jordan R. Uttal; 1915-2009; Texas, USA File
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'Target Victory'

'Target Victory', 16 July 1944-16 May 1945 (33 editions), with notes on the publication by Jordan Uttal, 6 June 1994. This collection of 'Target Victory' newsletters was amassed by Mattie Kirkpatrick Reinhardt, of the WAC Detachment, Headquarters, who worked with W. Gifford Newlon, one of the producers of the newsletter. Of the 37 editions produced, this collection is missing only those dated the weeks ending 6 January 1945, 13 January 1945, 27 January 1945, 10 February 1945 and 17 February 1945.

Jordan R. Uttal; 1915-2009; Texas, USA