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Two plans, survey of manor of Broomhill and plan of Weeting Hall, typed extract from notebook of Revd R.A. Oram about poors land, 1916

Survey of the manor of Bromehill in Weeting belonging to Christ Church, Cambridge. Surveyor, J. Dugmore; copied by Peter Potter, 1804. Coloured. Compass. Scale of 6 chains to 1 in.Weeting Hall estate, 1813, showing existing and new plantations of ...

Bromehill Manor; 1189-1925; Weeting, Norfolk

Estate papers

Extent of estate in Guestwick occupied by Matthew Keeler, John Hall of Fakenham, surveyor, 1781; arbitration award re money due to Revd Austin Bulwer under a lease of Guestwick vicarage to W.E.L. Bulwer, 1796, and undated rental of Heydon and Gues...

Field book

Includes Clippesby arms, plan of property abutting on the highway from West Common to Repps Church with sketches of buildings (fo. 21); copy of inquisition post mortem on the estates of John Clippesby, taken in 1595, copy of indenture of 1198 (see...


With a sketch plan on front. 17th century copy.

Survey book, with map, by Thomas Hornebye of the demesnes of the manor of Brooke, the property of Thomas Ward, esq.

Surveyor: Thomas Hornebye.Coloured: Yes.Compass: No.North: North is to the left hand side of the page, N, W and S cardinal points are written in the map margin.Scale: 1 perch to 1in.Cartouche: No.Fieldnames: No.Acreages: Yes.Tenures: Yes.Structure...

Brooke Hall Manor; 1189-1925; Brooke, Norfolk

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