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Papers mainly relating to the history of the Cathedral collected by W.T. Bensly, chapter clerk, 1869-1909. Included are papers of L.G. Bolingbroke, chapter clerk, 1909-1927, and Bensly's son-in-law.

Papers mostly dating from the late 1870s-c 1907 but with some earlier material. The following are included: notes for addresses by Bensly to learned societies, on Cathedral history to the Huguenot Society, 1888, on the Tanner MSS, 1891, and on the cathedral archives; notes on military flags in the Cathedral, the Bauchan Chapel, its bosses and its restoration, 1873-1907; offprint from 'Norfolk Archaeology' vol. 8 on sealed altar slab and letter from Sewell re inscription at Denham, Suffolk, naming Prior William de Kirkebi as donor, 1879; drawings and rubbings of masons' marks in Cathedral, 1893; list of Chapter Clerks, 1660-1870; refs. to altars in Cathedral, 1274-1343; papers, photos and plan rel. to printed reports by Bensly and W. St John Hope re 'unflaking' of Nave and associated discoveries inc. drawings of pattern of mass-vestments found in Bishop Lyhart's grave, 1898-1899; proof copy of 'Memorials of Old Norfolk' by Bensly, 1907-1908; texts of lectures by Prof. Willis to the Archaeological Institute, 1847, and by L.G. Bolingbroke on history of Close, 1916, the latter with MS plans; letters from the S.P.A.B. protesting against work to the West Front with copy report by W. St John Hope, 1880, and letters from Hope attacking proposed arrangement of Choir, 1892 ('Mr Pearson must be kept out of Norwich'); correspondence with Dean Kitchin of Durham on Norwich Cathedral statutes, 1900, and with Revd A. Clark on ballad of 1601 describing the Cathedral, 1905; letters from Archdeacon Nevill, Dean Goulburn, Augustus Jessopp, William Hudson and Fred Johnson; transcript of notes of arms and monument in the Cathedral by the 16th century herald Henry Chitting; newscuttings relating to the history of the Cathedral and events connected with it, e.g. the 800th anniversary, 1896, Bishop Pelham's death, 1894, controversy over reduction of Minor Canons' stipends, 1893; interior and exterior photographs of the Cathedral and Close inc. of Presbytery pier showing Norman work below later floor line, grave in which signet ring of c 1520 was found, opened 1899, figure of Sir Thomas Erpingham, from Erpingham Gate, and No. 67, Upper Close; printed order of 1716 regulating mode of repairing Chapter property; copy of poem of 1781 on desecration of Cathedral burial ground; printed 19th century poem on the Cathedral by W.L. and printed poems on H.J. Minns the Cathedral suicide, 1880, and in memory of Bishop Pelham by T.P. Perowne, 1896; transcript of Sacrist's burial register, 1703-1773; rough sketch by Brakspeare for restoration of flying buttress, and drawing for Bishop's crook, nd; various prints of the Cathedral inc. circulars advertising reproductions of paintings of it, nd.

Augustus Jessopp; 1823-1914; historian; Scarning, Norfolk

Miscellaneous deeds, mostly Glandford

MC 362/10 was used as the wrapper and is endorsed 'Belonging to Glandford of no signification'. Richard Erle grant to Roger Brawnche, John Heere, Robert James and Richard Cockynge, 1 messuage, building and adjoining curtilage abutting the highway to the east with 14a. 0.5r. of arable and meadow in 20 pieces in Glandford and Wiveton. Some pieces abutting variously Glandford glebe, the road from Glandford to Letheringsett, a road called le Drovewaye and the road from Glandford to Langham. Monday next after the Feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul, 1 Edward IV [29 June 1461]; Richard Elnered confirmed to John Walden, 2a. of meadow in Glandford in 2 pieces, one piece abutting the river to the east, the other abutting meadows of Glandford church on the north, 23 February 15 Edward IV [1476]; Agnes Hubberd and William Jamys demise to Richard Hubberd, Richard Jamys, William Hawe and Robert Lecke, 1 messuage, building with adjoining croft in Glandford abutting the highway to the north and east plus 2a. 1r. of arable in 3 pieces, 21 August 1 Henry VII [1486]; William Ingleger demise to Thomas Erle jr., William Laws and William Chesteny, 1 messuage, building and 10a. 2.5r. of land in several pieces in Glandford, 26 May 16 Henry VIII [1524]; Andrew Roodys grant to John Langley, 1 piece of land with building in Glandford abutting the highway to the south (or north?), 1 August 21 Henry VIII [1529]; John Lenge, William Howys, James Draper, William Chesteny and Robert Erle to Richard Barker and Robert Giffyn, 1 messuage, building and garden and 2 parcels of land in Glandford, 1534, and conveyed by Richard Barker to Robert Poynter, John Longe and James Draper, 1538; Joanna Erle, widow of Thomas Erle, to Thomas Erle, her son, 1 messuage, building and 5a. 1r. of land in Glandford, 1555; James Dockyng to Barnard Base and Agnes, his wife, 1 messuage, building and land in Glandford and Wiveton, 1559; George Brigges to Clement Shepeherde, lease of land in Glandford, 1589; Agnes Tompson to Christopher Surlingham, 1 messuage, building and garden and 2 parcels in Glandford, 1607; admission of John Jenkenson on the surrender of Ann Brigge of 6a. of land in Glandford held of the manor of Glandford, 1610; bond from Christopher Burlingham to Robert Crytofte re messuage and land at Glandford, 1618; Sir Augustine Sotherton, Robert Jermy, John Allen, Thomas Drake and William Jarye to John Gayworth and Phyllis, his wife, mansion house in Drayton and 13a. 1r. in Drayton and Taverham, 1633; John Earle to Henry and Anne, his wife, 3r. in Foulsham, 1644; Sir John Pettus to Robert Jermy to Clowdisly Jenkinson and Grace, his wife, re land in Glandford, Bayfield, Wiveton and Cley-next-the-Sea, 1657; Robert Jermy and Sir John Palgrave to Bishop of Norwich, manor of Branch Hall, 1662; Robert Jermy the elder to James Hobart, setting over lease to manor of Branchall, 1666; indenture, part missing, to Robert Jermy, land unidentified, [? 1667]; Thomas Shaxton to Nicholas Athill over a judgement of debt, 1695; articles of agreement between Ann Jermy and Anthony Athill, manors, lands and hereditaments of the late Robert Jermy, 1698; admission of Robert Heath on death of John Heath to land at Goldmere in Shottesham held of the manor of Brookehall, 1714; John Balls to Mary Balls, his mother, re her dower on the death of Edward Balls, with a floor plan to an unspecified house, 1761.

Richard Erle; fl 1461

History of Great Yarmouth to 1619 by Henry Manship the younger, ed. and continued by C.J. Palmer, 1854, inlaid and illustrated: volume I

After p. 246 is bound in an inventory of the records of the borough of Great Yarmouth, 1855 [by Henry Harrod], with separate pagination.

Manuscripts inserted:

Authorisations for Exchequer payment and receipts, some fragmentary, inserted for their signatures. Including vouchers for William Cleers building work to chambers, ? at Fulham, 1630 (opp. p. 76) and secret service payments by the ambassador to Venice, 1611 (opp. p. 190), 1514-1630 and nd (opp. pp. 38-192)
West prospect of Great Yarmouth, I. Corbridge (printed) 1727 (after p. 246)
Engraving of inscription re rebuilding of a church in 1598, J. Ives (printed) nd [Parson Thorn's beam, Burgh Castle] (after p. 202)
Plan of the Yare estuary in A.D. 1000. J. Ives (printed) nd [from original in the Bodleian, c 1590] (opp. p. 2)
Plan of the Yare estuary in A.D. 1000 G.W.M. (printed) nd (before p. 197)
Ground plan of Caister Castle (printed) nd [18th century] (opp. p. 204)
Road map. London to Harwich and Yarmouth (printed) nd [18th century] (after p. 246)
Drawing of Boleyn tombs in Blickling church, C.J. Palmer, 1822. (opp. p. 206)
Report on the borough of Great Yarmouth re proposed boundary (printed) pp. 147-150, nd (after p. 246)
Plan of Great Yarmouth showing old and proposed boundaries, R.K. Dawson (printed and manuscript (after p. 246)
Illustrations of archaeological finds at Yarmouth and Burgh Castle. C.J.W. Winter, 1850-1852 (opp. pp. 8-66)
Letters, mainly addressed to Charles Palmer, re Yarmouth church school [Priory School] (opp. p. 236), a pamphlet on a Norfolk dominican friary [Yarmouth Blackfriars] (opp. p. 200), portraits and copy of town charter (opp. Inventory p. 2), Harrod's marriage (after Inventory title page) and the Wellington Pier Company (opp. p. 242), 1850-1883 and nd.
Illustrations of Yarmouth hutch keys and town chest, C.J.W. Winter, 185l and nd (after p. 212-after p. 214)
Drawings of Yarmouth house interiors and details, C.J.W. Winter, 1855 (opp. pp. 220, 222)
Smyth family pedigree, nd [19th century] (opp. p. 202)
Coats of arms. nd (passim).

Picture map showing area bounded by Marham Church west, Beachamwell and Swaffham commons east, the market way to Swaffham and Narborough common north, and Beachamwell common and Shouldham and Barton parishes south, centering on a disputed area (part of the Smethe, which is bounded in red) west of the linear earthwork the Devil's Ditch

Fields, commons, ways, hills and other landmarks are named, hills, trees, whins and the ruined Bradstone chapel are drawn in perspective and there is a large-scale drawing of Marham church and the trees about it. Probably related to a dispute concerning foldcourse rights of before 1603.

History of Great Yarmouth to 1619 by Henry Manship the younger, ed. and continued by C.J. Palmer, 1854, inlaid and illustrated: volume IV

After p. 370 is bound in a catalogue of pictures in the possession of Charles John Palmer at Great Yarmouth, 1857, with separate pagination.

Manuscripts inserted:

Exchequer receipts and orders and requests for payment inserted for their signatures. Including inter alia receipts from the Pendrell brothers for helping Charles II escape from Worcester (opp. p. 244) and from Nell Gwyn (after p. 244) and warrants for secret service payments, for presents to foreign envoys and for payment to Thomas Nowell, professor of modern history at Oxford (after p. 260), 1599-1758. (opp. p. 244-after p. 324)
Fragment of navy office document with the signature of Samuel Pepys, 1667 (after p. 244)
Papers re diplomatic appointments mentioning Thomas Chudley (after p. 248), William Breton (after p. 256) and Sir Benjamin Keene (after p. 260), 1680-1758.
Letter from Thomas Moore from Yarmouth Roads to John Suffield re need for a convoy against french vessels, 1693 (after p. 254)
Mr John Harwood debtor to John Carlowe re title deeds, 1697 (after p. 356)
Letter from Thomas Milles enclosing appointment of John Jermy as steward of the manor of Burgh St Margaret to take surrender from George England to the use of Thomas Milles the younger of Great Yarmouth, 1732 (after p. 314)
Anti-Ramey political squibs, Great Yarmouth, nd (after p. 316)
Poem re naval battle won by Hawke, nd (opp. p. 264)
Reply from Charles Townshend to request for a situation, 1780 (after p. 332)
Opinion of Mr Erskine re case involving Mr Watson, Mr Hurry and the corporation, 1787 (after p. 268)
Letter from Sir George Cornewall to the postmaster at Yarmouth re the Chevalier la Cainea, 1795 (after p. 274)
Ground plan of the barracks, nd [pre 1815] (opp. p. 274)
Letter from Sir Edmund Lacon at Yarmouth recommending Thomas Sexton as gaoler, 1803 (opp. p. 318)
Draft address to the King after the battle of Trafalgar in the hand of Sir Edmund Lacon, 1805 (opp. p. 286)
Fragment of grant to General Maitland. George IV, nd (opp. p. 268)
Letters re the high stewardship of Great Yarmouth, 1808-1832 (after p. 332-after p. 334)
Boston bank note 1813 (opp. p. 278)
Letter from J.E. Smith, professor of botany, to John Shalders re payment, 1816 (after Catalogue of pictures)
Coronation writ. 182- (after p. 288)
Letter from Lord Orford re request for the auditorship of the Aylsham Unions, 1836 (after p. 334)
Petition to the Commons re Yarmouth harbour (printed) nd (after p. 370)
Letter from Edward Walpole, son of Robert Walpole, re the freedom of Great Yarmouth, 1830 (opp. p. 348)
Two letters from Dawson Turner re his books and manuscripts and sending books to Yarmouth library, 1852 (after p. 316)
Drawings of a ceiling in a house on South Quay (after p. 248) and of Gurney, Turner and Cos' bank, Great Yarmouth (after p. 316) C.J.W. Winter, 1853-1854.
Invitation to C.J. Palmer from Lord Sondes to stay at Elmham Hall, 1854 (opp. p. 336)
Pedigrees of Cotman (after p. 256), Medowe (after p. 304), Gooch and Spilman (after p. 306), Cutting (after p. 310), Turner (after p. 316), Long of Spixworth (after p. 346), Spurgeon (opp. p. 358) and Ives and Steward (after Catalogue of pictures) families (manuscript and printed) 1855 and nd.
Plan of attics and cellars with icehouse (printed) nd [Penrice's House, King St, Great Yarmouth] (after Catalogue of pictures)
Coats of arms, nd (passim).

Vicar's memorandum book c 1770-1782

Including extracts of earlier date from churchwardens' and overseers' books. Includes memoranda of vestry and parishioners' agreements 1719 (position of fire engine and water supply to Vicarage house), 1747 (re ditch and fence around churchyard), 1749 (hire of messuage for use as a poor house), 1750 (for removal of lime kiln and of a shed on the common), 1753 (as to use of an ancient passage), 1762 and 1776 (re workhouse), 1765 (contested appointment of churchwarden); church seating plan nd; alphabetical lists of names and dates from memorial inscriptions in churchyard, church and chancel 1607-1774; church repairs account 1764-1766 and note of weights of bells 1764; memoranda i.e. Valenger's almshouses; memoranda of lettings of 5 acres of poor land at Wiggenhall St German 1642-1774 and of Gool or Church Bank, 3 acres in South Lynn 1606-1775; list of gifts to poor of South Lynn 1615-1708; two subscription lists to the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign parts 1779; coal distribution list 1779; lists of churchwardens and overseers 1676-1778; memoranda of poor rates and extracts from poor rate assessments for Stonegate ward relating to Vicarage house 1708-1713; lists of contributions to Easter offerings 1754-1782; lists of residents of workhouse, nd [c 1738]-1781, of poor chargeable to parish nd, and of payments to poor 1776-1778.

Papers of Rachel Daubeney

Including notes on the family, press cuttings with extracts from the Farington diary, and these original documents; Fragment of (? testamentary) letter from Anthony Hamond to his children, [17th century]; acknowledgment by Simon Alexander yeoman of East Dereham of £10 received from Robert Alexander yeoman of Swaffham under family arrangement of 1624; account by Nicholas Hamond of expenditure on 'Mr. Winds or the Lord (? Craven's) Houses' in South Wootton, 1660-1663; undertaking by same that Goodwife Child should be paid for haystack purchased by John Mynott, 1664-1665; draft letter from (same) to Sir Henry Capell his landlord re presentment of account and his sickness, c 1674; Daniel Jones' solicitor account to Mrs Hamond, settled 1754; particular of estate of Edward Spelman Esq. in Westacre, Narford and Swaffham, c 1761; acknowledgment by Nicholas Barrett of legacy received by his wife from Robert Hamond her father, 1767; epitome of will of Richard Hamond dated 1774; receipts for salary paid to George William Lemon by Anthony Hamond, 1788; return of three companies of Volunteer Infantry commanded by Anthony Hamond, listing infantrymen by parish, 1803; list of recipients of cake on Philip Hamond's marriage, 1803; list of 'Things sold by the Robert Hamonds i.e. Mrs Mann about 1804 or 5'; note of ages of various members of the family in 1811; MS poem 'To Fanny with a candlestick' by A.R., 1819; letter from Andrew Fountaine to Philip Hamond re 'Mrs Buck's business' and rights of the manor of Great Thorns in East Walton, 1822; letter from William Yarington, Swaffham, to Philip Hamond re payment of debt, 1823; letter from Tom Moore the poet to Mrs Musters on proposed biography of Byron and promising to copy a Beethoven waltz, 1828; MS copy of poem 'The Country Clergymans Trip to the Cambridge Election, May 1827' by Lord Macaulay; note from Richard Charles Hamond to (Sarah Hamond), with note by her of his death from a hunting fall, 1833, impression of (? his) seal and photograph of Sarah; photograph of the Misses Denton of East Walton with MS poetry, 1842 and 1844, by Miss Denton; last letter of Ann Hamond (d 1848) to her daughter Fanny; undated recipe for orange wine; printed poem 'The Cuckoo and the Hedge Sparrow' directed at the Fountaines of Narford, c 1852; plan of Hamond vault at South Wootton and notes from monumental inscriptions, nd; leaf from notebook recording various Hamond deaths, 1826-1848; section of anonymous diary describing a World Fair and attendant social events, late 19th century; letters to Richard Hamond, in the navy, from his sisters Emmy, Katherine and C.P. Harbord and from his parents, on family and sporting matters and referring to the waits at Gayton, 1856-1859; letter from Anthony Hamond to his wife on family matters and building a house at Hunstanton with Holkham brick, nd.

Papers taken by Rachel Daubeney from Westacre Abbey in 1917

Notice to the Constables of Gaywood and South Wooton of muster of Roger Pratt's troop of light horse at Tottenhill 1630. On dorse note of brick and stone use for building measuring 80 by 20 feet, with rough plan; receipt acknowledged on behalf of William, Lord Craven, of £1,060 from Nicholas Hamond, 1663; two letters from Henry Capell to Nicholas Hamond re debt of Mr Gerrard a Lynn grocer and his tenants' affairs 1673 and copy letter from Hamond 'your Servant and Tennent' mentioning 'my langyshinge condishon ... I thinke I shold dye presently', 1674; receipt for quitrent due to the manor of Curples in West Dereham, 1717; unexecuted articles of Richard son of Nicholas Hamond gent. of Swaffham as clerk for term of three years to John Rice gent. of Furnival's Inn, 1721; discharge by Nathaniel Barrett, Susan his wife, Richard Hamond and Horatio Hamond of legacies from Anthony Hamond their father, 1772; letter of resignation from Robert Lloyd a servant to Anthony Hamond - 'I never was beat by a Marster before', 1783; two anonymous letters to Hamond accusing him of taking his tenants' sheep pasture for game and rabbits - 'Repent in time thou bad old man', 1795; letter from Revd (George William) Lemon resigning the cure of Westacre because of ill-health, 1797; letter from George Hardy, Norfolk and Norwich Hospital, to Hamond asking for young bustards for his aviary, 1804; letter from William Presant, Yarmouth, to Hamond offering to supply him with ship bread by the hundredweight and seeking tenancy of a farm, 1805; draft letter from Hamond to Adey and Repton the Aylsham solicitors re his uncle Richard Hamond's will, 1806; mock bill sent to Hamond including 'To putting by Swaffham Races ... for which you will be dam'd', 1807; mock letter of condolence to Hamond 'better known by the appellation of rabbit-skins' sending him a rabbit tail and referring to his mortification at Lynn Sessions, 1807; rough Hamond pedigree, early 17th century-early 19th century.

Haven Committee Book

Copied in; letter from Rowland Davies, Dean of Cork, to George England containing suggestions to facilitate the removal of a sandbar at the Haven's Mouth, with plans of proposed floodgates, 16 March 1694; inventory of goods belonging to sunken flyboat of Robert Cross of London, 7 Sept. 1694; report of suit heard at London between Yarmouth and Lowestoft, 1660-1661; Act of Parliament for settling disputes between Great and Little Yarmouth touching the lading and unlading of herring, 1664; 'A relation from the Astronemers of Italy' of 'horrid and wonderful' events predicted for 1665 and 1666, dated 16 March 1664.
Harrod reference 72
Historical Manuscripts Commission reference (304).

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