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Francois de la Rochefoucauld.

Letters from G.A. Coulson of Diss to Mrs Bell 1977, enclosing information on the birth of Alexandre and purchase of land by Francois in Konigstrasse in Altona, Hamburg and notes on the history of Altona including photographs of Konigstrasse 1977 and copies of photographs and paintings of the Altona Town Hall in 1800, 1810 and 1930. With letter of Philip Hepworth informing Coulson of Mrs Bell's death, 1980. Letters from J. Mercator (author of Souvenirs du 10 Aout 1792 et de l'Armee de Bourbon) to Mrs Bell on Francois' sojourn in Altona (in French) 1977; photocopy of letter from Francois at Altona to Arthur Young re proposed visit by latter to the German States (original in British Library) 1798, with transcript.
[Envelope no. 2].

Photocopy of diary of Alfred 'Tinny' Stephenson (once a 2nd Norwich scout) whilst on the British Arctic Air Route Expedition to Greenland July-September 1930 and January-March 1931.

The expedition's aim was to investigate the possibility of establishing an air link between England and Canada across Greenland. Diary includes descriptions of arrival at Angmagsalik on the east coast of Greenland, building a base camp, Stephenson's work of surveying and mapping the area, diet, scenery, ice flows, eskimos, polar bears, difficulties with husky dogs and problems caused by blizzards. With photocopies of photographs of the expedition; photocopies of reports on the expedition in the 'Times' and 'Eastern Daily Press' 1930-1931; article from the 'Eastern Daily Press' and photocopy of article in the 'Daily Express' about Stephenson's participation in the British Graham Land Expedition (to Antarctica) in 1934-1937 and his trips to the Arctic and north west Canada, 1996; photocopy of letter from Stephenson to the 2nd Norwich Scouts congratulating them on their 75th anniversary 1986; letter of Stephenson to David Arnall of the 2nd Norwich Scouts describing trip to Northern England in a 'Tin Lizzy' 1996.

Various papers

Unexecuted agreement between Lieutenant-Colonel Henry Wynde and Nicholas Hamond re purchase by the latter, from the trustees for the sale of delinquents' estates, of the Place with appurtenances in South and North Wootton and Gaywood 1653, and copy order for sale of same estate (part of Lord Craven's possessions, Wynde being mortgagee only) to Hamond, 1653/4; account of money disbursed by Hamond about same estate, 1659; papers in suit Edward Stephens gent. vs William Skynner, William Robinson and others trustees for sale of same estate, Stephens claiming contract of sale prior to Hamond's, 1659; draft receipts for rent 1678. On dorse account for rabbits, taxes and farm work including 'a day at moke cart'; Acknowledgment by C. Herriott of £20 rent from Anthony Hamond as heir to Edmund and Richard Hamond 1721; South Wootton manor quitrent receipts and surrenders 1721-27 and order of Captain James Rolfe to pay Dr Charles Harryot £40 on Sir Robert Walpole's account 1721; letter from Richard Lynch to Attorney Underwood with copy report in suit re raising sums for children of Dr Herriott, Anthony Hamond having agreed to purchase part of his estate, 1727; illiterate letter from Mary Herriott requesting rent, with receipt, 1727; letter from John Greene, South Wootton, to John Greene, brewer at Lynn, re purchase by Hamond of the Widow Beloe's house, 1730; Printed sale particular of three messuages and two tenements at Shernborne 1805 with notes of state of buildings and how to divide the lots to create votes; epitome of wills and codicils of Anthony Hamond 1807 and 1819-21; epitome of Limitations in settlement on the Grimston and Congham estates 1810. Epitome of Philip Hamond's will (d 1824) (HMN 2/3/14) Unfit for production; Bonds for payments by Richard and Philip Hamond to John Gurney jun. 1807 and by Philip and by Robert Hamond clerk to Richard Gurney and others bankers 1810 with accounts 1818; Draft Case for Opinion on payment of legacy duty on the estate of Richard Hamond domiciled in Holland following a quarrel with his father Anthony and as he was 'much addicted to hawk-sporting - an amusement he had the opportunity of enjoying to the greatest advantage at Valkenswaard', 1846; Married Woman's acknowledgement by Elizabeth Jeffery of conveyance in which Anthony and Robert Hamond were also parties 1850.

Letters from Richard to his family, with replies

Letters from Richard to his parents, brothers Anthony, Philip and Tom, and sisters Emily, Lucy and Cary, and Mrs Noyes ('Nunny') a nurse or governess with replies from the parents and brothers (Tom at Eton) .Richard's letters are dated from ships and naval stations at Madeira, Sierra Leone, Simon's Bay (South Africa), Mauritius, Mozambique, Malta, Naples, Lisbon, Piraeus, Portland, Devonport, Bermuda, Port Royal, Rio de Janeiro and Monte Video. The longest tours of duty were at Simon's Bay and in Rio/Monte Video. There is much about naval life, promotion prospects and shooting and sport at the various stations, and references to sending butterflies, shells, birds' eggs and (live) Falklands geese home and a penguin colony there, and to Norfolk men and kinsfolk met including Robert Packe farming unsuccessfully in the Falklands. Also included is family news, agricultural prospects and Westacre, comments on bank failures, the Austro-Prussian War ('both great robbers'), rinderpest among cattle, 'old Fountaine' destroying foxes, descriptions of Pompeii and Lundy Island, death of brother Philip, chasing a slaver near Sierra Leone, sugar mill at Mauritius. Letters to Richard include advice as to conduct from his father and his brother Anthony's opinion of Spain ('a beastly Country and not a bit worth seeing'). Included with the letters are a list of books sent out and a summons of 1858 for his shooting a secretary bird, a protected species, at Simons Town.

Correspondence and accounts between Hornor and Abraham Coates

Manager/bailiff of the Irish estates.Account credits, rent charges, problems getting rent from tenants 'farmers have nothing to complain of, Butter is extravagantly high', lease of Baltacken Raheendorres and Tonlemoney County Westmeath from Nathanial W.J. B Micklethwait to Coates, 1856 and valuers report on Baltacken farm, 1850, accounts 1852-55.


Management of Irish estate, including proposals for sale under the Wyndham Act. Revd. Mills seems keen to dispose of the estate 'the value of which appears to be decreasing every year.' Includes schedule showing the annual income of the estate 1902.

Sweden and Norway

Sept. 1887 (in form of letter to 'Harry' and including also an account of a Norfolk and Norwich Archaeological Society outing to King's Lynn, Sandringham etc.) and Aug. 1890.

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