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Scrapbook of Admiral Ernest Neville Rolfe.

Contains press cuttings and photographs relating to the British Sudan Campaign, 1884, including reports from Souakim [Souakin], articles on the Battles of El Teb and Tamasi [Tamaai], and about the relief of Tokar, and reports on Admiral Sir William Hewett's special mission to King John of Abyssinia, 1884 (Neville-Rolfe was one of the party). With illustration from 'The Engineer' showing damage to the starboard engine room of the SS 'City of Paris' following an accident (Margaret Torrey née Neville-Rolfe was on board; see GUN 196), 1890, and watercolours of cousin Charlie Stewart in the park at Heacham and of cousin Audrey Stewart.

Also includes the following loose papers:
Press cuttings reporting on the accident to the SS 'City of Paris', 1890.
Watercolours of Park House drawing room painted as Christmas cards, 1885 (2 cards), pen and ink drawings of Palazzo Capponi, Florence, 1885 (2 cards); watercolours of a Parsee [Parsi], a woman selling bananas, a cockatoo, and a tower of silence, with plan (3 cards).
Press cutting from 'The Philadelphia Inquirer' showing Dr Helen Ingleby and Dr Stanley Reimann at the sixth annual Cancer Forum, 1939, in envelope addressed to Miss Black, Heacham.
Valentine card with decorative perforated border, addressed to Sarah L. Spinney with acrostic poem to her, nd [19th century].
Copy of notes on the Fawcett genealogy, 1781, made by Lieutenant Colonel H. Farrer from original at Scaleby Castle, Cumbria, nd [19th century], with typescript note of mentions of the family in Rolfe Family Records, nd [late 20th century-2014].
Letter, N.S. Hubbard to unidentified recipient [possibly Charles F. Torrey] offering engraved views of the London Docks, with copy reply, 1923.
Irate copy reply from an unidentified American [possibly Charles F. Torrey] to a request for money, nd [early-mid 20th century].
Letter, Everard Gunther sending items to Gerald [Torrey] which included a letter from Margaret Torrey on the SS 'City of Paris', 1890 [see GUN 196], 1940.

Ernest Neville-Rolfe; 1847-1909; Heacham, Norfolk


Notes of oral history interview with Aubrey Pratt, born 1899, son of George, pig dealer and farmer of Galleymoor Farm, describing his family, childhood work as a garage apprentice and joining up during the First World War. With notes on the Pratt family and pedigree 18th-20th century and notes on deeds and photocopies of deeds concerning Aubrey's house Lynwend (formerly Oriel House) and land in East Dereham on the corner of the East Dereham-Norwich turnpike road and Back Lane (including sale particulars 1831, 1877, plans and abstracts of title) 1833-1963.

Local history notes on Wimbotsham by J.C. Turner.

Subjects include derivation of name; Domesday Book entries; the manors and sites of the manors; the church; list of incumbents with biographical notes; charities; enclosure and drainage; Sir Nicholas Hare (d 1557), Robert Hare (d 1611) and Sir Francis Gawdy (d 1606); extracts from manorial documents of Ramsey Abbey, the Close Rolls, Hundred Rolls and Feudal Aids relating to the parish 11th century-15th century; and Blake family pedigree.

Pedigree of the Rolfe family of Heacham

A note inside the volume states that it was originally arranged by Strickland C.E. Neville and was enlarged by Eustace Neville-Rolfe who added many documents and other notes. It is thought that most of the handwriting in the volume, which was bound later in 1914, is that of Eustace.

The volume includes paintings of family members copied from 18th- and 19th-century portraits; detailed family pedigree, illustrated by coloured coats of arms; letters regarding the promotion of Henry Fawcett Neville-Rolfe and his appointment as mate on the North Star, 1841; family letters, baptism certificates and papers, 18th and 19th century; documents relating to Edmund Rolfe, comprising a pass to travel through France to Switzerland to study, 1759, freeman's certificate, 1775, and appointment as Deputy Lieutenant of Norfolk, 1778; correspondence and printed material relating to Pocahontas, 19th and 20th century; typescript copy of a letter from Francis Rolfe on how he kept the King's Lynn charters from Oliver Cromwell from an original dated 4 February 1677 and notes on cure for the bite of a mad dog, 1790.

Typescript pedigrees from the visitation of Sir Edward Bysshe, 1664, with MS corrections

Including typescript 'notes from a book in the possession of Mr Walter Rye in the hand of Peter Le Neve, Norroy' on the visitations of Norfolk, with card from Arthur Campling, College of Arms, to H.L. Bradfer-Lawrence, 23 Jan 1935.

Campling family; fl 18th century-19th century; Norfolk

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