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Records of G. King and Son (Lead Glaziers) Ltd of Norwich
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Records of G. King and Son (Lead Glaziers) Ltd of Norwich

  • KNG
  • Archief
  • 1924-2002

Administrative and production records and the extensive photographic archive of the firm of G. King and Son (Lead Glaziers) Ltd of Norwich.

G. King and Son (Lead Glaziers) Ltd; 1927-2003; Norwich, Norfolk

Company accounts

Loose leaf accounts, arranged alphabetically by customer.
A1, B1 miscellaneous 1936-76
B2 A.F. Bilham, Newmarket Road, 1936-55
B2 Bracondale School, 1970-83
B3 Bush Builders (Norwich) Ltd, 1935-64
B4 Arthur Bett and Sons, 1940
B5 Ballard and Sons Ltd, 1931-59
B6 Blyth and Sons, Sheringham, 1940-60
B7 Building Material Co., King's Lynn, 1932-4
B8 Bullen and Son Ltd, Cromer, 1932-51
B9 A.G.P. Browne, 1934-54
B10 Barnards Ltd, Norwich, 1934-47
B11 Bridge Farm, Muriel Road, 1934-45
B12 D G Briston, 1947
B13 Harry Barnes and Son Ltd, 1947-57
B14 Barnes, Norwich, Ltd, 1955-67
B15 Benfield and Loxley Ltd, 1955-75
C1 miscellaneous
C2 R.G. Carter Ltd, Drayton, 1935-40
C4 Cletheroe, 1941-53
C6 D.F. Cooper, 1944-9
D1 Miscellaneous
E1 Miscellaneous
E2 English and Son, Drayton, 1931-44
E3 F J Evans, Coach works, 1944-56
F1 Miscellaneous
F5 Fenn, 1941-53
G1 Miscellaneous 1931-55
G2 G.W. Gooch and Son, 1934-53
G3 W.A. Gibson, 1931-47
G4 Gill and Son, 1934-52
G5 W.L. Goose, 1935-46
G6 Garland and Sons Ltd, 1939-40
H1 Miscellaneous 1931-55
H2 E.W. Harrison, 1933-52
H3 W.W. Humphrey, 1933-45
H4 S.M. Harry, 1936-7
H5 C. Hollidge, 1941-53
H6 J. Holden, 1934-46
J1 Miscellaneous 1932-55
J2 Jones, 1945-9
K1 Miscellaneous,m 1934-52
K3 D. Kett and Son, 1935
L1 Miscellaneous, 1932-50
L1 W.B. Lushen, 1931-56
L4 W. Lock and Son Ltd, 1935-50
L5 Lawn and Burton Ltd, 1944-50
L6 C.E. Leeach, 1946-57
M1 Miscellaneous, 1935-1950
M2 E.M.G. Macro, Wymondham, 1939-50
M3 W.L. May, Sheringham, 1931-5
M6 J. Mortimer, 1934-8
M7 R. Marjoram, 1942
M8 J. Moore and Sons, 1945-6
N1 Miscellaneous, 1932-50
O1 Miscellaneous, 1939-52
P1 Miscellaenous, 1938-53
P3 Podd and Son, 1934-50
P6 Perkins and Jenkins, 1946-50
R1 Miscellaneous, 1932-50
R3 Redgrave, 1939-50
R4 E.R. Reynolds, 1950-6
S1 Miscellaneous, 1931-52
S2 Searles Bros, 1931-44
S3 Steward and Patteson Ltd, 1932-41
S4 Herbert Smith, 1932-48
S5 A.M. Shanks, 1934-9
S6 Sissen and Bagdale, Costessey, 1936-40
S7 M.L. Soanes, 1937
S9 J. Sexton and Sons, 1941-2
T1 Miscellaneous, 1932-56
T3 A.R. and L. Taylor, 1931-40
T4 Turner, Norwich Pattern Co, 1934-5
T5 D. Taylor, 1934-49
W1 Miscellaneous, 1931-54
W2 A.F. Woods and Sons, 1937-53
W3 John Wyatt, 1934-51
W5 Wyatt Bros, 1933-9
W7 C. Walling, 1942
W9 Westgates Ltd, 1945-52
W10 Woolrough and Cogman, 1946-50
Y2 J. Youngs and Son Ltd, 1936-52

Summary and final customer accounts

Summary accounts, with invitations to tender and other correspondence for

  1. Kent Blaxill and Co. Ltd, glass merchants and glaziers, correspondence and accounts for various jobs, 1979-1985.
  2. Birdsall and Swash, architects, correspondence regarding various jobs, 1981-1984.
  3. Andrew Anderson, correspondence regarding various jobs, 1983-1989.
  4. Rendlesham and Thurne, Andrew Anderson account not paid, 1998.
  5. Feilden and Mawson, architects, correspondence regarding various jobs, 1963-1969.
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