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Congham manorial rentals and related papers

A group of papers and parchments bound together for Bradfer-Lawrence, and labelled on the spine as 'Congham Redehalls and Rusteyns manors. Rentals, Dragge, Field Books, 15th and 16th centuries.' The volume was water-damaged in 1994 and disbound during conservation treatment in 2000. The contents include detached covers made from leaves of manuscript books which cannot clearly be related to individual gatherings within the volume and have therefore been listed separately, and several notes on torn-off scraps of paper used as markers, in an early 19th century hand. The documents were in poor condition as a result of damp before they were bound and the individual leaves were laminated to strengthen them before being sewn. Because of the risk of further damage from reversing the lamination on the parchments and the more severely decayed paper leaves, the lamination has been left intact on most of the documents, which have been arranged as described below. The original sequence in Bradfer-Lawrence's bound volume can be identified from the pencilled numbers in the top right hand corners of each folio.

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