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Norwich City Council: Planning Department Sub-series
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Planning Applications

Applications for permission to develop land made initially under the Town and Country Planning Act, 1947, and Town and Country General Development Order, 1950, and later the Town and Country Planning Act, 1962, and the Town and Country Planning Development Order, 1963. Each application is accompanied by a building scrutiny sheet; an outline plan of the site (sometimes); and permission or refusal.

The following pre-1974 applications have been traced (information supplied by the City Planning Officer 16 Sept 1977):

15060 Withdrawn - no planning copy
15118 Withdrawn - no planning copy
17196 No planning notice issued
18947 Permitted Development - no planning copy
19598 Permitted Development - no planning copy
20544 Permitted Development - no planning copy
20820 No planning notice issued
22152 Permitted Development - no planning copy
25608 Withdrawn - no planning copy
25656 Permitted Development - no planning copy
26193 Permitted Development - no planning copy
26396 Withdrawn - no planning copy

Since Local Government reorganisation in 1974 Norfolk has been divided into numbered districts for the purpose of development control. (Norwich is district 4, Broadland district 5, and South Norfolk, district 7). The references given to the applications indicate the district, the year, the application number in that year, and the type of application: e.g. 4 / 74 / 0001 / F (District Year Number Type).

Numbers are shared by the City Engineers and Planning departments so material recorded as 'missing' may not have been dealt with by the Planning department.

Registers and Indexes

Each volume is arranged numerically by plan number but also has a street index. The following details are given for each application: situation; name of applicant; date; development proposed; decision; expiry date; C.L.B.; date decision granted.

Microfilms of Indexed Registers of Planning Applications submitted June 1949-March 1974 (plan nos. 15052-44807)

Numbers missing from these registers were probably allocated to plans which went to the Building Control Section of the City Engineer's Department only and did not require Planning Department scrutiny. (N.B. This microfilming was commissioned by Norwich City Council Planning Department. The first three registers (N/P 2/2/1-3) were deposited in the Record Office in 1983 and were borrowed back for microfilming. The other registers remain in the Planning Department.)