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Windham family; 13th century-20th century; Felbrigg, Norfolk
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Norfolk County election, addresses, squibs, details of the poll, etc.

MC 3243/72/1 Song: 'Twas in the Land of Dumplings, nd [?1802]MC 3243/72/2 Song: Britannia's Triumph: in praise of T.W. Coke and referring to recent death of 5th duke of Bedford (1765-1802), nd [1802]MC 3243/72/3 An appeal to the Gentleme...

Francis Russell; 1765-1802; politician; Woburn, Bedfordshire

Norfolk Election pamphlets, and squibs including material attacking William Henry Coke of Holkham

Coke's influence over elections was gradually resisted and although he was able to keep his seat as county member he was no longer to secure the election of a fellow whig as his partner.MC 3243/73/1 Song intended to be sung at the presentatio...

Thomas William Coke; 1752-1842; 1st Earl of Leicester, agriculturalist

Letter from J.[ohn] H.[enry] Windham, Cromer, to [Peter E.] Hansell

States that his brother [General Windham] had been requested 'to come to Town to prevent Mr Windham's marriage with Miss Agnes Willoughby's sister. The General, & Mr And Mrs Martin have prevented it - for the present .... Gla [h...

William Frederick Windham; 1840–1866; Felbrigg, Norfolk

Letter (with envelope) from General John Hart Dunne, Fortfield, Sidmouth, [Devon] to Peter E. Hansell, The Plantation, Wroxham

Concerns their mutual friend Major Herbert Jary (recently deceased), General Sir Charles Ash Windham, victory parade in Norwich of soldiers returning from Crimean War, 1856, career of Dunne himself and Wiltshire Regiment (of which he was Colonel)....

Sir John Hart Dunne; c 1836-1924; soldier

Letter from J.[ohn] H.]enry] Windham, Cromer to [Peter E.] Hansell

'The Bride is the celebrated Horse breaker Mrs Willoughby Her name in the Newspaper is only a Sham, one for the occasion. The Martins did all they could and got him Gla away once but he was afterwards kidnapped & the poor fool is married&...

Windham family; 13th century-20th century; Felbrigg, Norfolk

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