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Townshend Family Papers
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Thomas Warde, Burnham

Explaining that his illness prevented his return to Raynham and concerning payment of Mr Maye (probably Matthew May, master carpenter who did renovation work at Raynham Hall in the early 18th century).

T. Gurdon, Letton

Reporting that a meeting had agreed to propose Roger Townshend and Sir John Holland as MPs for the county, but that Gurdon himself felt that many would not vote for Holland - a feeling reflected at a later meeting - and believed Sir John Wodehouse would be a better choice.

Roger Townshend (Charles's brother), Bath

With his impressions of the town; report that Conway Seymour had struck Sir Arthur Chichester ('nobody knows why somethink he disliked his dancing, others, yt he was willing to show his courage to ye Ladies'); and expressing surprise at Sir Harry [Hobart]'s losing the election and his death.

John Turkinton, Gateley

Reporting that he had obtained signed statements of what Owen Hughes had said at Litcham; that Hughes had tried to persuade the Chancellor to suspend Turkinton and had asked the Norwich Recorder to bind him over; and suggesting that if he himself was sent to gaol he could bring an action of false imprisonment.

Unknown (signature illegible)

Reporting that the King has concerned himself in the privilege of peers insisted on by Lord Wharton and offering Horatio a tenant for the farm formerly Steven Swift's. Undated but 1661-1676 as Horatio is Lord-Lieutenant.

To Sir Joseph Ashe, (his father-in-law)

Mentioning dining at Sir Henry Bedingfield's house and Horatio's fears that the Duke [of York] has a Bedingfield priest who is prejudicing the Duke against Horatio, with a note that the enclosed letter may be shown to Lord Bellasis; second draft letter asking Ashe to appeal to Bellasis to intercede with the King and Duke on behalf of Horatio.

To Sir John Hinton

Assuring him of Horatio's loyalty to the King and promising that if the Earl of Shaftesbury should fail in his duty to the King, Horatio would no longer give him his proxy.

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