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Letters from Rebecca Starling to her mother Mary Ann and sisters Bessie, Mary and Sarah and brother Tom

Rebecca was living in the family of Philip Taylor (1786-1870, civil engineer, son of John Taylor of Norwich) apparently as governess, near Comiliano in Northern Italy. Included is family news, references to the Italian War of Independence and to French affairs inc. that Louis Napoleon was 'too much of a goose' to head the government, books read inc. 'Dombey & Son', members of the Taylor family inc. Edward (1784-1863, Gresham professor of music) and the manager of a mine at Falmouth, Cornwall, carnivals and processions, description of the Pallavicini Palace gardens, and sketches of view from their house and of factory building erected by Philip Taylor. Mostly undated but dates 1846-? 1851 occur.

Edward Taylor; 1784-1863; Gresham professor of music; Norwich, Norfolk

Letters of W.H.M.H. Aitken

Bundle of very miscellaneous letters and papers, including three letters to 'Eve' from 'RO' in Paris in 1928; letters re proposed republication by Aitken of hymns by other writers, 1871, copy of the 'Cornish Evening Tidings', 30 January 1913, containing speech by Aitken in honour of his brother the Vicar of Paul, with corrections in Aitken's hand; four negatives apparently taken in Egypt. With printed booklets 'Unbelief as a Hindrance in Mission Work' by Aitken, 1891, and 'The Widow and her Friend: A Record of Faith and Faithfulness' by G Howell, introduction by Aitken.

Letters from Munnings to James Hooper.

Bordeaux, finding his tour of France rather uninteresting 13 Feb 1913.
Lamorna, Cornwall, complaining of an article in the 'Eastern Daily Press' about his exhibition at which his pictures were not selling well; mentioning meeting the poet, John Masefield; joining the Chelsea Arts Club; and quoting from reviews of his work 19 Mar 1913.
Lamorna, thanking Hooper for the insertion in a newspaper 29 Mar 1913.
Lamorna, expressing hope of visiting Norwich and promising to try to lend a picture to the museum 2 April 1913.
Lamorna, asking Hooper for another article about Munnings' work to keep him in the public mind 28 Mar 1914.
Lamorna, with his resolution of staying in Cornwall to work after his wife's death, but promising to visit Hooper 31 Jul 1914.
Mendham, Suffolk, proposing meeting for a walk 18 Aug 1914.
Mendham, arranging time to meet 19 Aug 1914.
Lamorna, with nostalgic memories of his drinking days in Norwich; saying that he was not sorry to be out of the war; and asking Hooper to read Munnings' ballad 'Anthony Bell' which he was hoping to publish 22 Nov 1915.
Lamorna, mentioning his pleasure that Hooper praised 'Anthony Bell' and with comments from others about the ballad 1 Dec 1915.
Lamorna, with his opinion of some verse 13 Dec 1915.
Lamorna, bemoaning the cost of beer and whisky; enquiring about the effect of the war on Norwich; expressing his hatred of airships; and mentioning visits to local churches 29 Aug 1916.
Calcot, Reading, cursing the war 6 Jun 1917.
Wokingham, Berks., mentioning dining with two officer friends and giving his opinion of Wokingham 3 Jul 1917.
Chelsea Arts Club, London, apologising that he had no catalogues for the Canadian War Memorials' Scheme Exhibition 10 Apr 1919.
Chelsea Arts Club, London, announcing that he had been elected an Associate of the Royal Academy 25 Apr 1919.
Lamorna, proposing a visit with Hooper to Mrs Mann nd [early 20th century]
Mendham, regarding visit to Mrs Mann nd [early 20th century]
Mendham, regarding visit to Mr Rye at Lammas on Boxing Day nd [early 20th century]
Mendham, arranging a walk and complaining that Nobby [Gray] had left with Munnings' white pony nd [early 20th century]

Sir Alfred James Munnings; 1878-1959; artist; Mendham, Suffolk

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