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Map of Kenninghall

Coloured. Scale given. Shows land of the manor of Kenninghall (Fine Arbitrary and Whole Year Lands) and the Rectory manor (Fine Arbitrary, Fine Customary, Whole Year Lands and Freehold).

Survey of the manor of Terrington

Late parcel of the possessions of Charles Stuart and Henrietta Maria late King and Queen of England made April 1650 by vritue of commissions upon an act of Parliament for sale of property belonging to the late king and queen.

Terrington Manor; 1189-1925; Terrington St Clement, Norfolk

Particulars of tenants in various manors

Manors of Mundesley, Overstrand, Suffield, Southrepps Brosyards, Hanworth, Gimingham Lancaster ex parte Northrepps, and Hulver, Gimingham Lancaster, Northrepps, Antingham Witchingham and Wallishes and Chamberlyns, Broomeholme in North Walsham, Boylands in North Walsham, Broomholme in Swafield, Boylands in Swafield, Lingate.

Antingham Chamberlains Manor; 1189-1925; Antingham, Norfolk

Rentals of various manor and other papers

Manor of East Walton, rental, 1573; manor of [Christ Church], Oxford, rental, 16th century-17th century, manor of Howards and Stranges, rentals, 1622, 1630, 1639-1643, 1651, 1671, 1724, 1725, 1733, 1744, 1752-1754, 1756, 1757, 1769; Priory manor rental, 1768-1775; rental of estate in East Walton and Gayton Thorpe, listing also out-rents, 1702 and 1722; letter re lease by Mr Spelman of manor from Christ Church, Oxford, 1752; 19th century notes re copyholds.

Howards and Stranges Manor; 1189-1925; East Walton, Norfolk

Various papers relating to manorial matters

Acknowledgment of receipt by Robert Rix on behalf of Antony Hamond from John Smith of £7 5s. 8d., 1651. Manor of Howards and Stranges in East Walton, court papers inc. leet verdicts, 1709-1769, one noted 'All these Leet verdicts are absurd & ridiculous, for there never was a Court Leet before or since, so this is a Jurisdiction of Mr Adamsons own Carving out'. Also letter of 1765 from William Price to Philip Case re quit rents referring to the king's health.

Howards and Stranges Manor; 1189-1925; East Walton, Norfolk

Quit rental for various manors

Manors of: Foxley with Bawdeswell; Bawdeswell late Beales; Beetley; Billingford Waffins; Bylaugh with the members; Drayton Hall; Eccles next the Sea; Heymers in Hoe; Hoe Harfords with Hoe Becks and Safferys otherwise Sowters; Lyng; Melton Magna Hacons and Melton Magna Peverells; Northern Hall; Scarning Hall; Swanton Morley with Worthing; Wadkers in Wymondham; Whitwell late Symonds; Witlingham; Kirby Bedon; Fastolfs on the part of Repps with Bastwick; Owby on the part of Repps with Bastwick.

Bawdeswell late Beales Manor; 1189-1925; Bawdeswell, Norfolk

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