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Stiffkey and Morston

Award: 1794. Surveyor: Samuel Davenport of Burton Overy, Co. Leics. Inserted: copy of Morston draft map, 1793. 1794 (print-out from MF/RO 544/4).


Map: Sedgeford, tracing of map in possession of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners with note and letter, 1926, concerning discrepancies between this and above map.


Award: 1811. Map: 1811, n.s., 68 by 109. Surveyor: John Glegg of Norwich. Note map is in separate folder within phase cover containing award.


Award: 1803. Map: Stradsett Common, 1801, 1 inch: 4 chains, 50 by 65. Surveyor: John Browne of Norwich.

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