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Parish Council minutes, 1980-1987, 1988-1994 (2 files)Parish Lands Management Committee minutes, 1982-1995 (1 file)Clerk's papers

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Parish Council minutes, 1994-2000, 2001-2009 (2 envelopes)Declaraions on acceptance of office, 1952-2009 (1 volume, 1 envelope)

Manor Farm, Swaffham

Page no: 2Acreage: 581a 1r 17pProperty description: Freehold estate, includes capital residence and six cottages, pleasure ground, gardens, and orchard.Owner: Mr F.O. Gibbons

Crossways Farm, Welborne

Page no: 12Location: Abutting the main East Tuddenham and Mattishall Road.Acreage: 6a 1r 9pProperty description: Small holding with dwelling house and homestead.Owner: Mr C.H. BirdOccupier: Mr Roy Stone

Rookery Farm, North Walsham

Page no: 16Location: Standing back from the North Walsham to Mundelsley roadAcreage: 157a 3r 0pProperty description: Residential and agricultural estate. Includes three cottages and gardens. Particulars feature photograph of main building.Owner: M...

Church Farm, Hockering

Page no: 18Location: Edge of the villageAcreage: 256a 0r 3pProperty description: Freehold occupation farm including flower and kitchen gardens, plus orchard.Owner: Mr James Fish

Rayner's Farm, Mattishall

Page no: 18Location: Abutting main road from Mattishall to YaxhamAcreage: 54a 2r 19pProperty description: Occupation farm with farm house and outbuildings.Owner: Mr James Fish

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