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Norfolk Record Office Fondo
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Peculiar of Great Cressingham

  • PGC
  • Fondo
  • 1675-1760

PGC 1 Visitation Acts, 1684-1726
PGC 2 Citation Mandates, 1683-1736
PGC 3 Churchwardens' Presentments, 1728-1736
PGC 4 Will Register, 1675-1749
PGC 5 Original Wills, 1701-1754
PGC 6 Letter of Probate, 1705
PGC 7 Administration and Guardianship Bonds, 1702-1751
PGC 8 Probate Inventories, 1707-1720
PGC 9 Marriage Licence Bonds and Affidavits, 1719-1760

There are no pre-1813 parish register transcripts.

Peculiar of Great Cressingham; ?-1857; Great Cressingham, Norfolk

Architect's Department

  • N/AR
  • Fondo
  • 1920-1993

Norwich City Council, Architect's Department; ?-?; Norwich, Norfolk

Education Department

  • N/ED
  • Fondo
  • 1697-1974

School records and Education Department Committee Papers.

Norwich City Council, Education Department; ?-?; Norwich, Norfolk

Norwich Police Force

  • N/PO
  • Fondo
  • 1879-1966

Includes crime registers, duplicate annual returns re crime and the police establishment and some personnel and disciplinary files.

Norwich Police Force; 1879-; Norwich, Norfolk

Quarter Sessions

  • N/S
  • Fondo
  • 1818-1971

N/S 1 Files
N/S 2 Minute books (criminal)
N/S 3 Cases books
N/S 4 Registers of convictions Calendars of prisoners made after trial
N/S 5 Depositions of witnesses
N/S 6 Recorders' notebooks
N/S 7 Registers of certificates (appeal aid and legal aid)
N/S 8 Jurors' lists
N/S 9 Minute books of administrative business; Minute books of special sessions (lunacy)
N/S 10 Prisons
N/S 11 Lunacy
N/S 12 Highways (orders for closing or diversion)
N/S 13 Statutory returns and deposits (including building, friendly and loan societies, and freemasons)
N/S 14 Rating appeals
N/S 15 Settlement examinations
N/S 16 Clerk of Peace's correspondence, returns and accounts
N/S 17 Deposited plans and other deposited documents (Public history and Museum regulations. Savings Banks notes, Lakenham end Trowse to the Appointments etc.)

City of Norwich Quarter Sessions; c 1350-1971; Norwich, Norfolk


  • N/SH
  • Fondo
  • 1921-1922

Shrievalty of Norfolk; 1576-

Treasurer's Department

  • N/T
  • Fondo
  • 1718-1974

1 Rate estimates
2 Rate books
3 Abstracts of account
4 Abstracts of account: Paving Commission and Board of Health
5 Rate Fund Accounts
6 Loans
7 Wages
8 Cash payments
9 Tonnage dues
10 Private Street Works
11 Norwich Incorporation of Guardians of the Poor
12 River Yare Commissioners
13 Mousehold Heath Conservators
14 City Committee accounts
15 Education Committee
16 City Engineer
17 Works Department personal ledgers
18 Parks and Gardens Committee
19 Various accounts
20 Miscellaneous
21 Treasurer's Orders
22 Valuation Lists
23 Poor and General District Rate Books, 1825-1844
24 Housing
25 Elliott 405 computer
26 Rate Arrears
27 General Rate Books
28 City Accountants
29 Capital Expenditure Journals (uncatalogued)
30 Special Committee i.e. expenditure
31 Local Government Act 1958
32 Registers of local land charges
33 Poor rate assessments 1718-1824
34 Warrants to City Treasurer to recieve watch rate

Norwich City Council, Treasurer's Department; ?-?; Norwich, Norfolk

Guardians' Committee No. 6

  • C/GC 6
  • Fondo
  • 1930-1948

Minutes of Proceedings and Register of Boarded Out Children.

Norfolk County Council, Guardians' Committee No. 6; 1929-1948

Old Age Pensions Committees

  • C/OAP
  • Fondo
  • 1908-1921

Minutes and Register of claims and questions for Diss Old Age Pensions Sub Committee.

Norfolk County Council; 1889-

Norfolk County Council Education Department

  • C/ED
  • Fondo
  • 1709-1996

C/ED 1 Hardingham Church of England or The Edwards School, reports and returns, 1887-1946
C/ED 2 Log-books of closed schools, 1862-1989
C/ED 3 School Board minute books, 1850-1908
C/ED 4 School admission registers, 1866-1986
C/ED 5 Managers' minutes of closed schools, 1902-1989
C/ED 6 School Attendance Committee minutes, 1877-1903
C/ED 7 School Boards: various records, 1872-1903
C/ED 8 Education Committee: register of staff
C/ED 9 Boughton School, 1935-1943
C/ED 10 Punishment Books, 1900-1981
C/ED 11 Burgh next Aylsham School, 1945-1978
C/ED 12 Frettenham Board School, 1889-1941
C/ED 13 Gimingham School, 1937-1979
C/ED 14 Great Plumstead County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1903-1978
C/ED 15 Strumpshaw County Primary School, 1960-1980
C/ED 16 Education Committee minutes, 1891-1974
C/ED 17 Claxton County Primary School, 1876-1981
C/ED 18 Ingham Church of England School, 1931-1977
C/ED 19 Various Education Committee records, 1892-1972
C/ED 20 Norfolk County Council annual accounts, 1901-1931
C/ED 21 Returns of school staff, 1960-1976
C/ED 22 Blickling Church of England Voluntary Controlled (formerly National) School, 1913-1972
C/ED 23 Shelfanger Church of England Voluntary Controlled (formerly National) School, 1936-1982
C/ED 24 Shelton School, 1951-1971
C/ED 25 Nelson Junior (formerly Board) School, Great Yarmouth, 1964-1982
C/ED 26 Notes on lessons, 1918
C/ED 27 Cranworth County Primary (formerly National) School, 1934-1985
C/ED 28 Swardeston County First (formerly Board) School, 1923-1970
C/ED 29 Somerton County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1930-1983
C/ED 30 Briston Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National) School, 1904-1984
C/ED 31 Crimplesham County Primary (formerly Parochial) School, 1921-1984
C/ED 32 Baconsthorpe Church of England Voluntary Aided (formerly National) School c. 1920-1983
C/ED 33 Little Fransham School, 1931-1976
C/ED 34 Gissing County Primary School, 1958-1977
C/ED 35 Hoveton First (formerly Hoveton St John County Primary, formerly National) School, 1980-1984
C/ED 36 Education Department: various records, 1870s-1980s
C/ED 37 East Anglian School
C/ED 38 Langley with Hardley County Primary School, 1930-1985
C/ED 39 Lakesend County Primary School
C/ED 40 North Tuddenham School
C/ED 41 Halvergate County Primary (formerly National) School, 1930-1985
C/ED 42 New Buckenham School
C/ED 43 Buckenham and Hassingham School
C/ED 44 Alburgh School
C/ED 45 Stow Bridge County Primary (formerly Board, formerly National) School, 1971-1989
C/ED 46 Upton with Fishley Church of England Voluntary Aided (formerly National) School, 1926-1986
C/ED 47 South Walsham Voluntary Controlled (formerly National) School, 1885-1963
C/ED 48 Alderman Leach Secondary School, Great Yarmouth
C/ED 49 Claydon Secondary Modern School
C/ED 50 Claydon High School
C/ED 51 Old Buckenham School
C/ED 52 Silfield, Wymondham, County Primary School
C/ED 53 Stibbard National School (Infants and Mixed)
C/ED 54 Snettisham Board (later Council) School (Infants and Mixed, later Primary)
C/ED 55 Terrington St Clement Infants School
C/ED 56 Syderstone Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National) School, 1876-1991
C/ED 57 Great Yarmouth Area Education Office
C/ED 58 Gurney School (formerly Gurney Primary mixed, formerly North Earlham Junior mixed), 1942-1985
C/ED 59 Gurney Secondary Modern School for Girls, Norwich
C/ED 60 Great Cressingham Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School
C/ED 61 West Bradenham Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National) School, 1926-1992
C/ED 62 Smallburgh Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National) School, 1913-1984
C/ED 63 Art Exhibitions
C/ED 64 Whissonsett County Primary School
C/ED 65 Barroway Drove County Primary School
C/ED 66 West Dereham (uncatalogued)
C/ED 67 Honingham and East Tuddenham Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, 1873-1995
C/ED 68 School Management Files
C/ED 69 Fordham, The Ryston Church of England Voluntary Provided Primary School
C/ED 70 Hillington County Primary School
C/ED 71 Holme-Next-The-Sea County Primary School
C/ED 72 Castle Rising Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary School
C/ED 73 North Elmham National School, 1903-1943
C/ED 74 Stokesby with Herringby County Primary School, 1903-1978
C/ED 75 Ashwellthorpe Voluntary Aided School, 1875-1926
C/ED 76 Wheatacre County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1878-1920
C/ED 77 Saxlingham Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School, 1893-1996
C/ED 78 Belfry School, Overstrand, 1833, 1838
C/ED 79 Poringland County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1875-1881
C/ED 80 Mileham County Primary (formerly Board, originally National) School, 1874-1906
C/ED 81 Whinburgh and Westfield County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1913-1964
C/ED 82 Middleton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National) School, 1863-1892
C/ED 83 Deopham County Primary School, 1909-1980
C/ED 84 Woodside Middle School, 1962-1985
C/ED 85 Kirby Bedon and Bramerton County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1903-1977
C/ED 86 All Saints South Lynn (King's Lynn) Church of England (formerly National) School
C/ED 87 St James's Council (formerly British or Undenominational) School, King's Lynn
C/ED 88 St Margaret's Church of England (formerly National and originally Jubilee) School, King's Lynn
C/ED 89 St Nicholas's Church of England School, King's Lynn
C/ED 90 Salter's Lode Council (formerly Board) School, 1936-1959
C/ED 91 East Harling County Primary (formerly National Voluntary) School, 1903-1974
C/ED 92 Aldeby Church of England Voluntary Controlled (formerly National) School, 1981-1984
C/ED 93 East Barsham County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1876-1986
C/ED 94 Beetley St Mary Community Primary (formerly Board) School, 1875-1925
C/ED 95 Scoulton Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National) School, 1883-1985
C/ED 96 Thornham County Primary (formerly Church of England) School, 1915-1985
C/ED 97 Dilham Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National) School, 1892-1984
C/ED 98 Pulham Pennoyers Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly Free) School, 1905-1988
C/ED 99 Lessingham County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1920-1985
C/ED 100 Melton Constable School, 1951-1984
C/ED 101 Wereham County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1909-1985
C/ED 102 Sea Palling County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1967-1985
C/ED 103 Holme Hale Church of England Voluntary Controlled First (formerly National) School, 1964-1985
C/ED 104 Brancaster Deepdale Church of England Voluntary Controlled (formerly Parochial) School, 1982-1985
C/ED 105 Cley County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1981-1982
C/ED 106 Elsing County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1982-1983
C/ED 108 Brinton County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1981-1984
C/ED 109 Bodham County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1971-1986
C/ED 110 Felthorpe Church of England Voluntary Controlled First School, 1984-1987
C/ED 111 Fulmodeston County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1981-1984
C/ED 112 Hindolveston County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1981-1984
C/ED 113 Honing Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National) School, 1981-1985
C/ED 114 Hunstanton Old Voluntary Assisted First (formerly Church of England Endowed) School, 1982-1985
C/ED 115 Knapton County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1981-1982
C/ED 116 Tilney cum Islington County Primary (formerly National) School, 1981-1983
C/ED 117 Pentney First (formerly National) School, 1981-1982
C/ED 118 Repps with Bastwick First (formerly Board) School, 1981-1983
C/ED 119 Shotesham All Saints County Primary (formerly National) School, 1981-1982
C/ED 120 Wendling County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1981-1983
C/ED 121 Wroxham First (formerly Board) School, 1980-1984
C/ED 122 Styles Secondary School, Great Yarmouth, 1980-1982
C/ED 123 St Edmund's Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided High School, Gorleston, 1963-1986
C/ED 124 Beeston with Little Bittering Primary (formerly Board) School, 1953-1989
C/ED 125 Shernborne County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1877-1966
C/ED 126 Upwell Nordelph County Primary (formerly Board) School, 1906-1960
C/ED 127 North Runcton Church of England Voluntary Aided Primary (formerly National) School, 1940-1983
C/ED 128 Thomas Bullock Church of England Voluntary Aided (formerly Endowed) School, Shipdham, 1874-1978
C/ED 129 Grants for village halls and playing fields
C/ED 130 Western Area Advice Centre, 1887-1985
C/ED 131 School development and Closure files, 1934-1991
C/ED 132 Appointment of managers files, 1940-1984
C/ED 133 Beechamwell County First (formerly) National School, 1908-1996
C/ED 134 Shouldham Church of England Voluntary Controlled (formerly National) School, 1866-2000
C/ED 135 City of Norwich School (CNS), Eaton Road, 1893-2002
C/ED 136 Fincham Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National) School, 1847-2000
C/ED 137 Garrick Green Infants (formerly First) School, 1989-2003
C/ED 138 Aylsham Community Nursery School, 1942-2001
C/ED 139 East Dereham Secondary School Cookery and Special Subject Centre, 1912-1928
C/ED 140 Gresham County Primary (formerly Council, formerly Board) School
C/ED 141 Aylmerton County Primary (formerly Council, formerly Board) School
C/ED 142 Potter Heigham First School, 1874-1998
C/ED 143 County Education Architect's files, 1920-1955
C/ED 144 East Winch Church of England Voluntary Assisted Primary (formerly National) School, 1893-2009
C/ED 145 North Elmham Voluntary Controlled (formerly National) Primary School, 1863-2008
C/ED 146 Oriel Specialist Mathematics and Computing College
C/ED 147 St George's School, Dersingham
C/ED 148 Reepham High School
C/ED 149 Antingham with Southrepps School
C/ED 150 Norfolk Education Department Adoption Records
C/ED 151 Dereham St Nicholas Church of England Voluntary Assisted Junior (formerly National, formerly Middle) School
C/ED 152 Loddon Primary School
C/ED 153 Grimston Junior School, c. 1975-2011
C/ED 154 St John's Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Infant (formerly First, formerly Infant) School
C/ED 155 St Thomas More Roman Catholic Voluntary Aided Junior (formerly Middle, formerly Infant) School
C/ED 156 Bridgham School
C/ED 157 Acle High School
C/ED 158 Stanhoe Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School
C/ED 159 Gunthorpe with Bale School
C/ED 160 Beachamwell First School
C/ED 161 Burston Community Primary School (Formerly Burston and Shimpling Council School)
C/ED 162 Thorpe St Andrew Church of England (formerly National) School
C/ED 163 Thompson Primary (formerly National and Church of England)
C/ED 164 Caston Primary School
C/ED 165 Burnham Market County Primary School, formerly Burnham Westgate Boys, Girls and Infants Schools
C/ED 166 Burnham Overy Staithe Primary School
C/ED 167 Toftwood Junior School
C/ED 168 Mattishall County Primary (formerly National, later First) School
C/ED 169 Mattishall Middle School
C/ED 170 Norton Subcourse Voluntary Aided School
C/ED 171 Gressenhall Church of England Voluntary Aided (formerly National) School
C/ED 172 Brooke Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National) School
C/ED 173 Attleborough Infants' (formerly National and Board, later County First) School
C/ED 174 Fleggburgh Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National) School
C/ED 175 Sprowston First (formerly National) School
C/ED 176 Emneth Nursery School
C/ED 177 Field Dalling County Primary School
C/ED 178 Wensum Junior Academy (formerly Wensum Middle School, previously Wensum View Primary/Junior School)
C/ED 179 Records of St Andrew's Primary School, North Pickenham
C/ED 180 Moulton St Michael Voluntary Controlled Primary (formerly National School) at Great Moulton
C/ED 181 William Marshall Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School Welney
C/ED 182 West Raynham Primary School
C/ED 183 Surveys of schools

Norfolk County Council, Education Department; ?-?

Gt. Yarmouth Borough: Port and Haven Commissioners

  • Y/PH
  • Fondo
  • 1677-1981

Y/PH 1-79 Minutes
Y/PH 80-99 Survey Reports
Y/PH 100-124 Engineers' Reports
Y/PH 125-132 Officers' Reports
Y/PH 133-146 Letter Books
Y/PH 147-157 Acts of Parliament
Y/PH 158-169 Tide Logs
Y/PH 170-248 Financial
Y/PH 249-368 Tolls and Registration
Y/PH 369-875 Legal and Parliamentary
Y/PH 876-942 Byelaws
Y/PH 943-975 Handbills
Y/PH 976-1033 Agreements and Contracts
Y/PH 1034-1134 Correspondence and Miscellaneous
Y/PH 1135-1137 Yarmouth Corporation
Y/PH 1138-1165 Printed
Y/PH 1166-1721 Maps and Plans: Yarmouth and Breydon Water
Y/PH 1722-1780 Maps and Plans: River Bure
Y/PH 1781-1800 Maps and Plans: River Yare
Y/PH 1801-1854 Maps and Plans: River Waveney
Y/PH 1855-1912 Plans: Machinery and Installations
Y/PH 1913-1949 Plans by Consultant Engineers
Y/PH 1950-1985 Deposited Plans
Y/PH 1986-2011 Ordnance Survey Plans
Y/PH 2012-2129 Norwich River Yare Commissioners' records
Y/PH 2130-2332 Minutes
Y/PH 2333-2347 Financial and Registration
Y/PH 2348-2354 Financial and Registration River Yare
Y/PH 2355-2382 Copy letter Books
Y/PH 2383-2400 Legal and Parliamentary
Y/PH 2401-2433 Reports, Acts, Orders and Byelaws
Y/PH 2434-2551 Leases, Agreements and Correspondence
Y/PH 2552-2565 Miscellaneous
Y/PH 2566-2570 Maps and Plans
Y/PH 2571-2576 Registers, Certificates and Accounts.

Great Yarmouth Port and Haven Commissioners; 1670-2007; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Weights and Measures Office

  • N/WM
  • Fondo
  • 1838-1974

Norwich City Council, Weights and Measures Office; fl 1864-1974; Norwich, Norfolk

Norwich City Council Engineer's Department

  • N/EN
  • Fondo
  • nd [c 1794]-nd [c 1987]

Records, maps and plans of the City Engineer's Department.

Norwich City Council, City Engineer's Department; ?-?; Norwich, Norfolk

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