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Records of The American School, Bradwell

  • MC 3141
  • Fondo
  • 1968-1979

Comprises admission registers, 1968-1979, photograph of staff, 1978, example of headed note paper, copy of Parent Teacher Association emblem, 1978.

The American School; 1968-1979; Bradwell, Suffolk

Peter Handford collection

  • AUD 107
  • Fondo
  • 1966-1978

Collection falls in two parts. One are oral histories of people from Norfolk and Suffolk about their lives. The second are interviews with retired railway workers about their experiences, excerpts of which were used in a radio programme called, "The Last of Their Line", broadcast in the late 1960's.

Peter Handford; 1919-2007; sound recordist; Wickham Skeith, Suffolk

Photographs of Great Yarmouth, Gorleston, North Norfolk and elsewhere in Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex, taken by Phillip Bartlett, ex-head of the art department at the Technical High School in Great Yarmouth/Gorleston, and related papers

  • MC 2952
  • Fondo
  • 1954-1981

Colour slide transparencies of 35mm format from several original sets of photographs taken at various times.
Also includes a monochrome print of a panorama photograph of the staff and pupils of the Technical High School, Great Yarmouth in 1957; a press-cutting obituary of John Parkin, ex-headmaster of the Technical High School from c 1944 to 1965, nd [Sep 1975]; commemorative brochure relating to the formal opening of the Technical High School, Great Yarmouth, 1954; photographs of the Technical High School, Great Yamouth, nd [c 1954]; and a photograph of St Nicholas parish church, Great Yarmouth, 1956.

Phillip Bartlett; 1928-2013; teacher; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, and Bingley, West Yorkshire

Oriel Specialist Mathematics and Computing College

  • C/ED 146
  • Fondo
  • 1954-2010

This interim catalogue relates to the collection as a whole. Descriptions and references may change when a full catalogue is created in the future. To order documents please quote the reference C/ED 146, followed by the box number, and brief description of the document.

Headteacher's diary and notes: diary, Naomi Palmer, academic year 2009-2010 (1 volume, closed for 30 years, box 1); notebook, Naomi Palmer, March-May 2009 (1 volume, closed for 30 years, box 1).

Governors' minutes and papers, 2002-2010: Many of the files of minutes overlap and are not in order (7 boxes, closed for 30 years): governors' minutes and related records, 2002-2005 (box 2); minutes and related papers, 2002-2007 (box 3); minutes and related papers, 2003-2004 (box 4); minutes and related papers, 2004-2008 (box 5); minutes and related papers, 2007-2008 (box 6); minutes and papers, 2007-2008 (box 7) and minutes and related papers, 2009-2010 (box 8).

Leadership team minutes and papers, March 2005-January 2006 (1 file, closed for 30 years, box 9).

School Action Plan, 2008-2009, and Specialist Status ICT action plan, September 2009 (1 file, box 9).

Staff address books, 1960, 1965 and undated (3 volumes, box 9).

Staff meeting minutes and notes, with some staff notices loosely inserted, April 1955-March 1961 (1 volume, box 9).

Staff Handbook, including curriculum overview and school policies, 2009-10 (1 file, box 10).

Staff weekly information packs, 5 January 2009-17 May 2010 (closed for 75 years): content varies for different issues but they include weekly timetable overview, dates and times of various meetings and copies of some meeting minutes, staff notices, lists of staff telephone numbers and details of courses etc. Some contain information about named pupils, including lists of pupils with special educational needs, notes on behaviour, assessments on pupils for which English is an additional language and a few contain notes relating to pupils' health and child protection issues ( 4 files, box 10).

Pupil punishment record, 8 December 1949-10 March 1958 (1 paper, box 10).

Weekly summary pupil attendance records: for forms 2E, 16 October 1959; 1D, 18 December 1959 and 4S, 19 January 1962. Only absent pupils are named. With staff notices written on the reverse (3 papers, box 10).

School hymn book belonging to Mary Brown, annotated, undated (1 volume, box 10).

History of the school: County Borough of Great Yarmouth Education Committee, 'Technical High School', school opening brochure, 1954 (1 booklet, box 10); booklet on the history of the school and headmaster, John Parkin, undated (1 booklet, box 10).

School newsletter, December 2004-December 2007, with gaps, (1 file, box 12).

Newspaper cuttings and articles about the school: newspaper cuttings book, 2006-2010 (1 file, pages are laminated, box 11); photocopy of Eastern Daily Press article, 12 November 2004, 'Problem school that is thinking positive' (1 envelope, box 12).

School Library catalogue, 1998-2002 (box 12).

Photographs: photographs of year 11 pupils (14 photographs, box 13): 1992, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2006, 2007 (2 photographs) and 2008-9 (2 photographs). Various photographs, including outing to Pleasurewood Hills and student readathon, undated (1 file, box 12). Photographs of pupils in the school library, undated (2 large photographs, box 12). Portraits (probably coloured in photographs)of Mr J. Parkin (former Headmaster) and unidentified (? former headmaster) undated (2 pictures, box 13).

Prospectus for Oriel Specialist Mathematics and Computing College, undated (1 CD in 1 file, (4 copies, box 14).

School certificates: certificates awarded to the whole school mainly relating to accreditation for various qualifications, 1998-2010 (1 file, box 14). Norfolk County Festival certificates for school choirs issued to the School, 1954 (3 papers, box 14).

Certificates/awards etc. relating to pupils: letter from Tesco to Oriel school about work experience pupils, undated; 100 per cent attendance certificate for Keith Derry, May 1999; certificate awarded to Charlotte Woolston for service to the school and community, 1998-9 (1 file, box 14).

Drawing of old school badge, undated (1 envelope, box 14).

Student Council Records (boxes 15 and 16):
Minutes and related papers: minutes, signed: 1967-1972 (1 volume, box 15); 1972-1980 (1 volume) and 1981-c. 1988 (1 volume, box 15). Minutes, unsigned drafts with annotations, 1966-1980 (1 file, box 15). Minutes, unsigned, with related papers, including resignation of an officer, motion slip, note of funds and some agendas, 1975-1980 (1 file, box 15). Chairman's file: agendas, rough meeting notes, chairman's follow up notes and attendance lists, 1981-1987 (1 file, labelled 'Minutes, 1986-1987,' box 15). Motion slips, minute notes and attendance list blank proformas, undated (1 file, box 15).

Receipts: receipts, with related correspondence, 1974-80, including draft sixth form committee minutes, 18 June-10 October 1979 (1 file, box 16). Receipts, 1974-1977 (1 file, labelled 'Receipts mid 1970s', box 16).

Correspondence about committee, activities and with charities supported etc.
1974-84 (1 file, labelled 'Letters', box 16).

Social Services committee file (? the Student Council's social activities committee): correspondence and papers, 1971-1984, mainly relating to charities supported. Includes social services committee minutes, March-June1981 (1 file, box 16).

Carol singing sheets and route map, undated (1 file, box 16).

Oriel Specialist Mathematics and Computing College; 1954-2010; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

Ex-servicemen's letters

  • MC 1984
  • Fondo
  • 1944-1945

E.L. Corbell; fl 1944-1945; clergyman; Gorleston, Norfolk

Home Guard map overlay

  • MC 2863
  • Fondo
  • c 1943

Acetate sheet showing boundaries of the various Home Guard battalions in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Isle of Ely and North Suffolk. Intended to be overlaid on a small-scale Ordnance Survey map.

Harold N. Morgan; ?-1975; soldier

Correspondence and papers of Dorothy E. Mann

  • MC 2776
  • Fondo
  • 1938-1965

Correspondence and other papers relating to Dorothy E. Mann's membership of the Communist Party, her housing arrangements and personal matters. This collection includes letters from a Soviet pen friend, Flora Pachani of Tashkent.

Dorothy E. Mann; c 1922-c 2010; Norfolk

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