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The Aylsham Papers

  • AYL
  • Fondo
  • 13th century-20th century

The Aylsham collection consists of the papers of Adey, Repton and Scott, Aylsham solicitors, and their clients. The greater part of the collection was acquired between 1969 and 1977, with a number of smaller subsequent acquisitions. This catalogue replaces the original catalogue in which items were numbered and listed in the order in which they were acquired. These original numbers have been retained, but have been re-arranged in this catalogue to bring together the records of the most important clients.

The firm's own records have been reassembled, as have the private papers of the various partners: those of William Repton (died 1858) contain material relating to his brother Humphry Repton (1752-1818), the landscape gardener.

The largest sections within the collection derive from the major clients of William Repton, namely Robert Lee Doughty (1749-1817) of Hanworth, William Windham (1750-1810) of Felbrigg, Thomas, 6th Viscount Ranelagh (1763-1820) and his heirs, the Harbord family of Gunton, barons Suffield, and the Anson family who purchased some of the estates of the Paston family, earls of Yarmouth. Each client deposited significant numbers of title deeds and legal papers, which have been augmented, in most cases, by solicitors' correspondence, and papers of Repton and his successors acting as agents for the estates. They contain few personal papers, with the exception of the Doughty papers: these include the papers of Robert Doughty (c 1616-1670) of Hanworth, justice of the peace, those of his maternal grandfather, John Browne of Poringland, and great-uncle Thomas Browne, secretary to the bishop of Norwich, and of the Brownes' cousin, Sir Arthur Heveningham (c 1546-1630), all of which are a rich source for the study of local government in Norfolk.

Where possible, records of minor clients have also been grouped together, and there is a section for wills and testamentary papers. The collection also reflects the activities of the solicitors in local elections, as trustees for charities, as stewards of manors, and their involvement in numerous enclosures.

There are also sections for miscellaneous deeds relating to freehold and copyhold property. These reflect the firm's conveyancing activities, mainly in north Norfolk, but also contain small groups of early title deeds which may belong with the papers of the major clients, but which have been impossible to place, as several of Repton's clients held land in the same parishes and manors.

The catalogue is structured as follows:

Records of Adey, Repton and Scott, solicitors of Aylsham
Papers of the Repton family, some relating to Humphry Repton, the landscape gardener (1752-1818)
Private papers of William Henry Scott, solicitor of Aylsham
Business and private papers of H.J. Gidney, solicitor of Aylsham, and other members of the Gidney family, ironmongers of East Dereham
Manorial Records
Heveningham, Browne and Doughty papers
Papers of the Windham family of Felbrigg
Miscellaneous papers of the Heveningham, Browne, Doughty, and Windham families
Miscellaneous deeds and papers of the Paston family, earls of Yarmouth, mainly relating to their estates at Oxnead, etc., which were subsequently purchased by the Anson family
Miscellaneous deeds and papers of the Anson family, mainly relating to their estates at Oxnead, Buxton, Skeyton, etc.
The St Faiths estate
Papers relating to estates of the Harbord family, barons Suffield, at Gunton, Roughton, etc.
Deeds and papers relating to the estates of the Walpole family, earls of Orford
Papers relating to estates of Flower and Gay families in West Beckham, Thurgarton, Southrepps, Aldborough, etc.
Rush family
Bundles of papers relating to families and individuals, in alphabetical order
Wills and testamentary papers
Records of businesses, apprenticeships, bankruptcy, etc.
Papers relating to local government, poor law, utilities, etc.
Papers relating to parliamentary and local elections
Papers relating to roads and railways in north Norfolk
Papers relating to various charities
Papers relating to enclosures
Papers relating to tithes, advowsons, glebes, etc.
Sale particulars, property in North Norfolk
Small groups of title deeds, mainly to freehold property
Miscellaneous maps and plans
Miscellaneous legal papers

Adey, Repton and Scott; 1773-1881; solicitors; Aylsham, Norfolk

Parish Records of Aylsham

  • PD 602
  • Fondo
  • 1637-1988

Aylsham Ecclesiastical Parish; ?-; Aylsham, Norfolk

National Trust's Blickling Hall Oral History Project

  • AUD 27
  • Fondo
  • 2007-2008

The National Trust at Blickling Hall hold oral history recordings [on magnetic audio tape] with people connected with Blickling Hall, which are thought to have been made in the 1980s. This prompted staff at Blickling Hall to undertake a new project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, to carry out a new oral history project to interview people associated with the Hall and the estate from the 1930s onwards. This archive includes documents created by the new project, namely recorded interviews, digitally scanned copies of photographs in possession of the interviewees, digital photographs created or commissioned by the project and administrative documents created by the project. In addition, the archive includes clips from the new interviews used in a talk given by Bob Carter about the project. Bob Carter was the main employee associated with the project and his name is mentioned throughout this catalogue. In addition to the recorded interviews, another objective, was to create recorded dramatizations, based on the interviews and which included small clips from the first set of interviews, to enhance visitors' experience of Blickling Hall. These audio exhibits are referred to by the project as 'In Their Own Words'. The first set of recorded oral history interviews on compact cassette have not been deposited with the Norfolk Sound Archive. Where file names give information about the file's contents, this information has been transferred to the catalogue where appropriate. Topics that repeatedly appear in the interviews are the Second World War and the relationship between military personnel and those associated with the Blickling Hall estate, squatters using the disused RAF buildings after the Second World War; Blickling Hall used as filming location; people working in service and as tenant farmers. Excerpts from the interviews (AUD 27/67-83), made by the project for presentations, offer a good introduction to the subject matter covered by the interviews.

National Trust; 1895-

Falcon and Birkbeck Land Agents

  • BR 226
  • Fondo
  • 1894-1969

Records of estates in Rackheath, Buxton, Beeston, Cromer, Walsingham, Westwick, Thorpe, Woodbastwick, Horstead, Hevingham, Aylsham and Bure Drainage.

Falcon and Birkbeck; 1894-1969; land agents; Norwich, Norfolk

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