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King's Lynn, Norfolk
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Award of William Coke, Recorder of Cambridge, and Thomas Gawdy, Recorder of King's Lynn and others, arbitrators in dispute over tolls between King's Lynn and Cambridge.
Harrod reference: Ae 24.

Legal suits and papers

Drafts and papers relating to legal suits and cases that the Borough Council either prosecuted or were part of. Also has correspondence about legal suits and asking advice from other Borough's who have dealt within similar issues.

James Robson and others Vs. Thomas Boston and others, concerning payments of tolls on coals etc.

James Robson, Robert Wallis and others v. Thomas Boston and others, concerning payments to the Mayor and burgesses of Lynn of tolls on coals etc. at Lynn and to the Mayor, bailiff and burgesses of Cambridge by burgesses of Lynn of groundage for pitch and tar at Stourbridge Fair, 1595-1599. Answers and demurrers of Boston et al., four of the defendants to the bill of complaint by Robson et al., 1595, with copy of the same, 1736; Wallis’s replication, n.d.; interrogatories and depositions concerning tolls on coals 1597, and as to groundage at Stourbridge, n.d.; submission to arbitration by the Mayor and burgesses of Lynn, 1599; copy of arbitrators’ order and report as to duty on coals, n.d.

John Smythe Vs. Thomas Overende and Thomas Baker, concerning leasehold title to a moiety of Lynn Priory or Parsonage

The Priory was leased by the Dean and Chapter to John Porter and Robert Buntynge for 80 years on 10 December 1561: on 28 May 1581, after Buntynge’s death, Porter assigned this lease to Thomas Overende and Thomas Baker. John Smythe claimed Buntynge’s title to a moiety of the Priory deriving from a further lease by the Dean and Chapter to Buntynge made on 10 April 1568 and assigned to Smythe in 1573. Bill of complaint by Thomas Overende and Thomas Baker, John Smythe’s answer, Overende and Baker’s replication and Smythe’s rejoinder; case for Overende and Baker; copy lease by the Dean and Chapter to Buntynge, 1568; copy articles of agreement between the Dean of Norwich and Overende and Baker to procure a conveyance of the [???] Queen’s leasehold interest in the Priory and maintain Overende and Baker’s possession by virtue of the assignment to them of the 1568 lease, 1581; account of the income of the Priory from rents, offerings, tithes etc. n.d.; list of interrogatories. With drafts and copies.


Letter to the Mayor and burgesses from jurors in a Chancery suit concerning a court order for the payment of their expenses in travelling from Morpeth (Northumberland) to London for a hearing which was deferred. (1609)
Endorsed [18th century] as relating to proceedings in Chancery and the award between Newcastle and Lynn touching their dues, K. James 1. Numbered 104.

Legal answers

Answers of Richard Haddocke, John Grymble and Thomas Skynner, shippers, three of the defendants in a suit, to the information of Sir Francis Bacon, Attorney General and Privy Councillor, complainant, denying having bought or sold unmerchantable coals from Newcastle or collusion with other shippers, c.1611.

Letter and response from of Liverpool about legal advice

Letter to Robert Whincop, Town Clerk, from H. Brown, solicitor for Liverpool, informing him about the successful outcome of the case. Letter from Robert Whincop to John Colquitt, the Town Clerk of Liverpool, congratulating them on the successful outcome of the suit with the City of London and mode of recovery of arrears of Corporation dues.

Two cases for stealing oysters from the King's Lynn fishery

The King Vs. MacPherson and others. Also the King Vs. Samuel Mills and John Root. Dealt as two cases with Mills and Root being from Lynn while MacPherson and the others were from elsewhere. Both heard at the 1813 Summer assizes. Prosecution briefs, draft bill of prosecution costs, affidavits and arrangement of witnesses, correspondence, court summons, and information.

King's Lynn and Gaywood development plans

  • ACC 2022/14
  • Temporary
  • 1965-1966

One report on the Gaywood Clock area. One report on King's Lynn Broad Street shopping district. One report on Central King's Lynn. Three accompanying plans.

King's Lynn Borough, Town Clerk's Department; ?-1974; King's Lynn, Norfolk

Particulars of the estate of Dr Joseph Denman

  • MC 3619
  • Fonds
  • 18th century

A booklet that gives a valuation of the property he owned in West Norfolk. Describes the property and land, and lists the assessments of two different valuers. Gives probable future rents as well as well as current prices. One, Mr. Lens, assigned for Earl Fitzwilliam and the second, Mr. Oldknow, for the purchaser.

Mr Lens; fl 1764; Valuer; Gaywood, Norfolk

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