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Apprenticeship indenture of Walter Codling of Norwich, with Recipe and Notice regarding Supplemetary Ration

  • MC 3408, 1096X2
  • Fondo
  • 1870-1918

Apprenticeship indenture of Walter Codling, son of Stephen Codling of St Michael at Thorn parish, Norwich to James Holmes, George Holmes and Robert Holmes, engineers of St Michael at Thorn, Norwich, to learn turning, planning and fitting, 1871. Half of the premium was paid by Stephen Codling and half by John Moy's Charity. On back is a receipt for the first half of the money, with note certifying that Walter had served his apprenticeship and had proved a good worker, 1877.
Typewritten authorisation from the Guildhall, Norwich for a supplementary food ration, 1918, with recipe on the back for untitled dish in which warm jelly and jam were heated together, nd [?early 20th century].

Moy's Charity; ? 1829-? 1951; Norwich, Norfolk

Title deeds to a house, 35 Sandringham Road (formerly Denmark Road), Norwich

  • MC 3612, 1078X6
  • Fondo
  • 1887-1952

In 1855, the Bishop of Norwich and the Church Commissioners, traditional lords of the manor of Heigham, sold lands in the Hamlet of Heigham (tithe plan numbers 393, 393a, 394-396 and 399) to John Norgate of Heigham merchant. By Norgate’s will, proved Dec 1871, he bequeathed all his estate to his wife, Mary A Norgate. After several mortgages over the course of the 1870s, part (containing 119r 18yds and bounded to the north by a new road then called Denmark Road) of the then mortgaged estate was conveyed in 1880 to a builder/developer, James Youngs of Heigham for £627. Detailed building and occupiership covenants are recorded in an additional abstract of title dated 1887.
Youngs eventually built 12 messuages in Denmark Road, re-mortgaging as necessity required, and when he died in 1887, his son and executor, John Youngs with his mortgagees sold off his estates in this and nearby roads, houses nos 35 and 37 Denmark Road being sold to the tenant of 37, Henry Robertson. In 1893, the still mortgaged house, no. 35 was conveyed to George Tuck, who continued to use it as security against further borrowing. By the time of another mortgage deed of 1899, the road had been renamed as Sandringham Road. Tuck’s representatives sold the house to its tenant, Herbert Smith, and one year later, he conveyed it to a local police inspector, Walter Valentine Crome. He lived there until his death in 1934 and in his will, he left it to his widow, Beatrice F. Crome, whose own will appointed Benjamin Holmes her sole heir and executor. In 1952, she died, leaving the house in the possession of Holmes.
Documents include three abstracts of title covering the years, 1855-1952, and sale particulars of the Youngs’ estate in Denmark Road, Stafford Street and St Philip’s Road, 1887.

Benjamin Holmes; 1890-c 1960; Norwich

Motor Vehicle Registration

  • MVR
  • Fondo
  • 1904-1977

Norfolk County Council, Norwich County Borough Council and Yarmouth County Borough Council registration cards and registers.

Norfolk County Council; 1889-

Deeds relating to Property in St Peter Parmentergate, Norwich

  • MC 3613, 1078X7
  • Fondo
  • 1766-1826

Conveyed by John and Elizabeth Ivory to Daniel Dyson in 1766, by Daniel's son Joseph Dison (or Dyson) to trustees for Ann Astley 1772, by the trustees to Henry Gridley 1792 and by Gridley to Henry Green in 1825. The property is described in 1766 as a messuage, tenement or dwelling house and dying office (now occupied by Dyson); a wash house and chamber above it adjoining the house; a wash house adjoining the dying office at the north end; and various small pieces of land adjoining, with a right of way from the house through Robert Leggett's yard to Rose Lane. With mortgages and associated deeds 1766-1826, and abstract of title for 1649-1824 [compiled c 1824]. Also includes sale particular regarding a dwelling house of 12 rooms near Rose Lane in St Peter Parmentergate parish, and two large stables and a chaise house adjoining the dwelling house, 1825. The sale particular is annotated with an agreement by James Sillett, drawing master [1764-1840, Norwich artist] to purchase from Henry Green.

Robert Harcourt; 1920-1970; Norwich, Norfolk

Souvenir of the Centenary of J. and J. Colman Ltd, 1805-1905

  • MC 2984, 1029X1
  • Fondo
  • 1905

Includes a history and photographs of the Colman family and Works, with details of how the centenary was celebrated. Reprinted (with additions) from the Eastern Daily Press, 25 July 1905.

J. and J. Colman Ltd; 1814-; mustard manufacturers; Stoke Holy Cross and Norwich, Norfolk

Records of the Norfolk Club

  • SO 128
  • Fondo
  • 1864-1977

Minute books, papers concerning the appointment of trustees, title deeds, papers and correspondence concerning alterations to Clubhouse property, and miscellaneous papers including a signed copy of a Protest to the High Sheriff of Norfolk concerning a meeting in Norwich about the 'Peterloo massacre', 1819.

Norfolk Club; ? 1864-

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