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Great Yarmouth, Norfolk Fondo
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Motor Vehicle Registration

  • MVR
  • Fondo
  • 1904-1977

Norfolk County Council, Norwich County Borough Council and Yarmouth County Borough Council registration cards and registers.

Norfolk County Council; 1889-

Letters written from fiance, Violet ['Vi'] Caulk in Great Yarmouth to WW2 serviceman, Reginald Cracknell

  • MC 3611, 1078X6
  • Fondo
  • 1940-1945

Letters from 'Vi' [Caulk] to her sweetheart, Reg Cracknell, serving with the 5th Battn, Suffolk Regiment at various addresses in the UK during WW2 and as a POW after the capture of Singapore in February 1942. They are affectionate ,newsy letters, describing, but not in any great detail, everyday events in Vi's life, her friends, occasional trips out, dances attended and films seen. She also refers, especially in 1941 to the regular bombing raids by 'Jerry' on Yarmouth and its surroundings. The letters are dated from Oct 1940 to Feb 1942 (around the time of the fall of Singapore, though there is no mention of Singapore in her letters and the last word she had heard from Reg before then, was that it was 'boiling hot' in Capetown, when he was en-route to the Far East.), Mar-May and Oct 1943, and again a flurry of letters as he was returning home from Sep-Dec 1945. Most of the letters in the first album were filed with their accompanying envelopes, but the arrangement of the second album was more chaotic, with only13 envelopes surviving, all from the Nov-Dec 1945 period, along with their undated, but presumably accompanying letters.

Reginald (David) Cracknell; 1919-2009; Timworth, Suffolk

Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service: Great Yarmouth Museums

  • AUD 19
  • Fondo

A collection of oral history recordings, capturing the memories of residents of the East Anglian coast line with focus upon Great Yarmouth. The collection focuses upon fishing trades, offshore industries, leisure and tourism, family life, and the world wars.

Norfolk County Council, Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service; 1974-

Artist's illustrations of Yarmouth buildings used in Picture of Yarmouth Heritage Lottery Project 2019-2021

  • MC 3564/1-2
  • Fondo
  • 2019

Drawings of the Winter Gardens, Aldi supermarket (style of Lacons brewery store), Town Hall during Maritime Festival, Hippodrome Circus with Flamingo amusements, The Oasis complex and tower, outer harbour, Mariners and Clipper Schooner (Ecclestone public houses), the Britannia Pier, former Municipal School of Art, the Waterways, conglomerate colour illustration used for cover of a book.

Great Yarmouth Local History and Archaeological Society; 1888- ; historical society; Great Yarmouth

Papers of Edward G. Masterson of Great Yarmouth

  • MC 3533, 1074X8
  • Fondo
  • 1922-1952

Reference from the United Scottish Herring Drifter Insurance Company, for employment as a clerk, 1922
Apprenticeship deed to Boning Bros of 3 King Street, Gt Yarmouth, 1923
Educational reference from Edward Worlledge Central School, 1935
Employee reference from Bonings, 1935
Rejection letter from Webb and Company of Regent Street, London, 1952

Edward Gordon Masterson; fl 1922-1952; draper; Great Yarmouth

Parish Records of Great Yarmouth St Nicholas with St Peter, St John, St Andrew, St James, St Paul and St Luke

  • PD 28
  • Fondo
  • 1558-1986

Comprises parish registers of St Nicholas's church, 1558-1962; baptism registers of St Andrew's church, 1889-1959; baptism registers of St Peter's church, 1895-1943; registration papers, 1844-1951; records of the church and benefice (including church fabric, restoration and repair, St Nicholas's churchyard and cemetery, and other church property and mission rooms), 1797-nd [late 20th century]; church accounts, 1872-1986; records of the vestry and Parochial Church Council, 1855-1971; records relating to pastoral visiting and charities, 1904-1940; printed and historical records, 1856-1985; Great Yarmouth parish magazines, 1866-1932; photographs, nd [c 1900]-nd [c 1950s]; miscellaneous papers, nd [c 1817]-1961; records of schools, 1811-1953; records of charities, 1887-1981; parish register transcripts, nd [late 20th century]; records of St Peter's church (including records of the church and benefice, and records of the churchwardens), 1839-1956; and records of the Deanery of Flegg, 1855-1857.

St Nicholas with St Peter Ecclesiastical Parish; ?-; Great Yarmouth, Norfolk

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