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Wymondham Food Bank interviews

  • AUD 115
  • Fondo
  • 2021

Anonymised interviews with users (8 interviews), volunteers (10 interviews), and others (2 interviews) in relation to the food bank in Wymondham.

Wymondham Community Outreach Project; fl 2021; food bank; Wymondham, Norfolk

Artist's illustrations of Yarmouth buildings used in Picture of Yarmouth Heritage Lottery Project 2019-2021

  • MC 3564/1-2
  • Fondo
  • 2019

Drawings of the Winter Gardens, Aldi supermarket (style of Lacons brewery store), Town Hall during Maritime Festival, Hippodrome Circus with Flamingo amusements, The Oasis complex and tower, outer harbour, Mariners and Clipper Schooner (Ecclestone public houses), the Britannia Pier, former Municipal School of Art, the Waterways, conglomerate colour illustration used for cover of a book.

Great Yarmouth Local History and Archaeological Society; 1888- ; historical society; Great Yarmouth

Colin Turner's reminiscences of the bombing in Norwich on 14 April 1942

  • MC 3481, 1073X8
  • Fondo
  • nd [? 2018]

Tells how he and his family initially took shelter under the dining room table because the cement floor of their Anderson shelter was wet, but after explosions close by they went outside to the shelter. Also describes fire damage to Four Ways Garage [on the corner of Dereham Road and Guardian Road] and other buildings close by; damage to his own home; the bomb crater over the road; and finding shrapnel and fragments of incendiary bombs. However, Joan Banger's 'Norwich At War' (Norwich, 1974) does not mention any air raids on the city on 14 April 1942, so it is possible that Colin Turner misremembered the date, and that the raid was one of the 'Baedeker Raids' of 27-29 April 1942.

Colin Turner; 1929-2018; Norwich, Norfolk

Image of the Steadman family, Norwich, c 1870

  • FX 389, 1030X2
  • Fondo
  • 2015

Copy of a photograph of the family, friends, and staff, outside their house, No. 8 The Crescent, Chapelfield Road, Norwich. There are two copies of the image; one is a direct copy of the original, the other has been restored to improve the image quality. Included is a list identifying the subjects. Included in the photograph is Francis. R. Steadman, a local boot and shoemaker.

Steadman family; 2015; Norwich, Norfolk

Recorded interviews and memoirs collected by Sophia Hankinson

  • AUD 89
  • Fondo
  • Aug-Sep 2013

Recorded interviews are mainly of Rachel Young. Though Rachel Young (born circa 1914) was heavily involved in the management of several heritage sites in Norwich (Strangers Hall, Bridewell and St Peter Hungate), these recordings relate to her time in the Land Army in Derbyshire and Cambridgeshire and the role she played in establishing the WEA (Workers' Education Association) in Norfolk under Hampden Jackson and Dr Lincoln Ralphs. Collection also includes recorded memoirs of Sophia Hankinson.

Sophia Hankinson; 20th century-21st century; museum curator; Norwich and King's Lynn, Norfolk

Photocopy of a redrawn copy of a map of Cockley Cley, 1722

  • FX 380
  • Fondo
  • 2013

Surveyor: not given but probably Philip Wissiter (1720-1722).
Black and white
Compass: No.
Scale: 1:2962
Cartouche: No
Fieldnames: Yes.
Acreages: No.
Tenures: Yes.
Structures: Yes.
Topographical features: All Saints Church b/w in elevation, houses. Roads and destinations. Commons. Shows lands belonging to Henry Bedingfield.

The map has been copied on top of a tithe map, a small portion of which can be seen on the right-hand side.

Richard Harbord; fl 1722; Gunton Hall, Gunton, Norfolk

Digital images and print-out copies of a volume of memoirs by Jessie Muriel Hornor (née Wainwright) of Norwich (1890-1977)

  • FX 378
  • Fondo
  • 2013

Original memoirs completed after her husband, Bassett Fardell Hornor's death in 1964. Includes many family photographs. Details her early life in Thorpe St Andrew, schooling in Eastbourne and abroad, her marriage in 1920 to Bassett Fardell Hornor, the birth and childhood of son, Samuel Hornor, her husband and son's military service in both world wars, family holidays, homes in Norwich and Horning, Samuel's marriage, grandchildren and Bassett's health problems in the early 1960s.

Jessie Muriel Hornor; 1890-1977; Norwich, Norfolk

The Raging Sea: the floods remembered

  • AUD 77
  • Fondo
  • 2013

Records created by exhibition and film show relating to the east coast floods of 1938, 1953, 1978 and 1983.

The Raging Sea: the floods remembered event; 2013; Lessingham and Hempstead with Eccles, Norfolk

Voices of Hickling

  • AUD 83
  • Fondo
  • 2013

Recorded oral history recordings relating to Hickling and the surrounding area. Both interviews were recorded using a Marantz PMD661 with two Audio Technica Pro70 lapel microphones.

Voices of Hickling; 2013-; oral history group; Hickling, Norfolk

Written memoirs of Roy Scott

  • FX 372
  • Fondo
  • May 2012

Hard copy of AUD 69/1/6. Relate to his experiences during the first Baedeker raid on Norwich during night of 27/28 April 1942. Includes three images; of Roy with his mother, Norah Scott nee Sparks, in 1943; of the Catherine Wheel public house showing where the street bomb shelter would have been; and of St Augustine Street showing where Billy Sparks's barber shop was located. The last two images were taken circa 2012.

Norwich Arts Centre; 1977-; Norwich, Norfolk

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