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Case Record of Susan Dunn

Name: Susan Dunn; Age: 66; Gender: Female; Occupation: Labourer's wife; Residence: Burnham Thorpe; Religion: Primitive Methodist; Education: ; Martial Status: Widow; No. of Children: Five; Admission Photo: ; Notes Prior to Admission: : Classification: ; Outcome: Died; Photo on Discharge: No; Notes: There is an admission photo but it's of a man

Parish Records of Mattishall

  • PD 703
  • Archief
  • nd [11th century]-2019

Comprises the following:
Parish registers, 1656-1983 (reference PD 703/1-12)
Registration papers, 1793-nd [c 2002] (reference PD 703/13-24)
Documents regarding the church and benefice, 1723-1970 (reference PD 703/25-61, 312)
Churchwardens' records, 1554-1967 (reference PD 703/62-82)
Records of the vestry, 1796-1921 (reference PD 703/83-84)
Parochial Church Council records, 1933 (reference PD 703/85)
Records of the overseers of the poor, 1696-1929 (reference PD 703/86-213), including accounts and other financial papers, 1802-1867; bills for Mattishall paupers given out-relief and relieved in Gressenhall workhouse, listing paupers' names and other details, 1824-1864; settlement papers, 1696-1849; bastardy papers, 1709-1834; apprenticeship indentures, 1699-1811; letters from paupers requesting parish assistance, 1824-1832; papers relating to the overseers' non-poor law duties, 1821-1929; and poor rate books, 1800-1866.
Records of the surveyors of the highways, 1790-1863 (reference PD 703/214-225)
Records of the constables, 1825-1844 (reference PD 703/226)
Records of Mattishall charities, 1466-1969 (reference PD 703/227-296)
Mortgage regarding Mattishall Burial Board, 1894, 1910 (reference PD 703/297)
Historical notes, 1929-nd [?1960s] (reference PD 703/298-300)
Printed and miscellaneous, nd [11th century]-nd [mid 20th century] (reference PD 703/301-311)

Mattishall All Saints Ecclesiastical Parish; ?-; Mattishall, Norfolk

Hare of Stow Bardolph Collection

  • HARE
  • Archief
  • nd [c 1100]-1952

Records of the Hundred of Clackclose.
Records of the Hundred of Freebridge.
Manorial and Estate Records and Title Deeds relating to the Hare Estate.
Norfolk: Shrievalty and Other Records.
Court of Sewers and other Drainage Records.
Estate Records.
Hare Family.
Deeds etc. relating to places in Norfolk not on the Hare Estate.
Norfolk Wills.
Non-Norfolk Wills.
Deeds etc. relating to places outside Norfolk.
Political Papers: Internal.
Political Papers: Foreign.
Legal: General.
Legal: Individual Cases.
Legal: Fees.
Ecclesiastical Miscellaneous.
Miscellaneous Family Papers.
Printed Books.
Abstracts and Schedules of Deeds.
Additional Deposits: Maps and Plans; Manor of Brancaster; Miscellaneous.
Second Deposit: Title Deeds: Norfolk; Title Deeds: Devon; Estate Records; Maps and Plans; Manorial;
Family; Printed and Miscellaneous.
Third deposit: additional maps and other estate records

Stow Hall Estate; 1086-1952

Gillingham Estate

  • GIL
  • Archief
  • 12th century-1855

The Gillingham Estate was acquired from the Everard family by Sir Nicholas Bacon, 1st Bart, of Redgrave about 1611. The present house dates from this time. The estate then went via Sir Nicholas' younger son Nicholas to the Bacon baronets of Gillingham from whom it passed by marriage in 1685 to the Bacon baronets of Mildenhall. Further marriages brought it to the Schutz family in 1755 and then through the Beresfords, Edens, Kenyons and Todhunters to the present owners. Other Bacon marriages account for the presence of records of the Butts, Weston, Rous and Crane families.

Sir Nicholas Bacon; c 1543-1624; 1st Baronet

Volumes of Townshend Title Deeds

These volumes were put together by H.L. Bradfer-Lawrence from deeds in his own collection and that of the antiquarian E.M. Beloe, and they have been translated and catalogued by Paul Rutledge. Numbers between square brackets were found pencilled on the documents and reflect an original arrangement before sorting and binding. Other deeds from these numbered sequences are to be found in BL/O [Original Series]. Some of these have seals and would not have been suitable for mounting, but it is not clear why others been excluded from the volumes as many describe similar transactions between some of the the same parties. The volumes also include a few deeds, notably in BL/MD 10, which do not relate to the Townshend estates.

Wodehouse of Kimberley Collection

  • KIM
  • Archief
  • nd [12th century]-1935

The archive is extremely rich in medieval title deeds for property in Kimberley and nearby parishes (KIM 2). There is also an extensive collection of later title deeds for estates in the same area of the county and also for the Witton area in North east Norfolk where the family acquired land on marrying into the Norris family in 1796 (KIM 3-4). There are manor court records for manors in both areas (KIM 1).

There are many records of the family's involvement in county politics (KIM 6). They include a letter book of Sir Philip Wodehouse concerning the county militia, 1599-1602 (KIM 6/2); poll book for the county election of 1700 (KIM 6/7); details of election business and expenses 1728-1893 (KIM 6/14-33); letters concerning the riots of 1830 (KIM 6/38); papers re Forehoe House of Industry, 1770-1782 (KIM 6/10); papers re the building of Carleton Bridge, 1815 (KIM 6/13).

There are some papers relating to international affairs including St Petersburg in the 1850s and the siege of Paris in 1870 (KIM 7). However the main body of the political papers of the first Earl of Kimberley is at the Bodleian Library in Oxford. (There are also smaller groups in the British Library and in the National Library of Scotland.). The family correspondence includes a very detailed series of letters written from Sheerness during the naval mutiny there in 1797 (KIM 14/5/4).

The family kept no register of leases they issued on farms that they owned but there are many hundreds of counterpart leases (KIM 11). The estate's financial records (KIM 5) are also very extensive, especially for the second half of the nineteenth century: the Kimberley estate has probably the most detailed records for this period of any large Norfolk estate.

The collection includes family letters, journals and poetry (KIM 9, 14). These include some relating to the 'Grand Tour' of Europe (KIM 9/7-10; KIM 14/5/21-22). There are papers relating to work on Kimberley Hall itself, from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries (KIM 8). The first Earl took a great interest in the history of the family and there is a large quantity of genealogical material (KIM 13).

Wodehouse family; 1415-20th century; Earl of Kimberley

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