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Award: 1760. Map: Litcham Commons, nd, 1 inch: 6 chains, 53 by 55. Award: 1770. Surveyor: Christopher Bell of Snettisham. Award: 1854. Map: Litcham Commons, 1854, 1 inch: 3 chains, 72 by 100. Surveyor: William Beck of Mileham.


Copy, of award, 1766, made under An Act for dividing and inclosing the whole Year Lands, and Pasture Grounds, Common Fields, Half Year Inclosures, Shack Meadows and Commons, in the Parish of Snettisham, 1762 (copy undated, but c. 1800). Map not pr...


Award: 1775. Map: 1775, 1 inch: 7 chains, 66 by 76. Surveyor: James Ellis of Whetstone, Co. Middlesex.

Saham Toney

Map: photocopy of copy map, 1947 (original dated 1800), 1 inch: 18 chains. Surveyor: Samuel Davenport of Burton Overy, Co. Leics.

Stiffkey and Morston

Award: 1794. Surveyor: Samuel Davenport of Burton Overy, Co. Leics. Inserted: copy of Morston draft map, 1793. 1794 (print-out from MF/RO 544/4).

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